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  • The Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter Facebook Page Was Unpublished With No Explanation, Like And Follow Turtleboy Refugees And Our Other Pages

    The Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter Facebook Page Was Unpublished With No Explanation, Like And Follow Turtleboy Refugees And Our Other Pages

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    The Turtleboy Sports Facebook page, the Lost Boys of Turtle, AND the Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter have been unpublished. While we fight to get them back please make sure to like and follow the Turtleboy Refugees Page page by clicking on the image above, as well as our other backup pages the Turtleboy Sports Safe Space, and Turtleboy Smiles And Sunshine.






    The Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter Facebook page has been unpublished:

    As you can see, no explanation was given except that “recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Page Terms. It does not say what recent activity or posting that was. We hit the appeal button and all you get is this:

    We didn’t even have the option of explaining ourselves.

    The page was about to surpass 25,000 followers and is the fifth Turtleboy page that has been unpublished. On the bright side the last two pages that were shut down by Facebook, (Turtleboy Refugees and Turtleboy Safe Space) were both restored days later after hitting the appeal button.

    Obviously we did nothing wrong, as our posts were intentionally over the top nice. Stuff like this:

    We do this so that when Facebook tells us a post was pulled down they look ridiculous. Guess they caught onto that and have decided to unpublish our pages with ZERO EXPLANATION and ZERO RECOURSE instead.

    Oh well, this is just how things work now. We won’t stop making pages, we document everything, and we need you all to keep liking them all. We’re currently locked out of both the Turtleboy Sports Safe Space and the Turtleboy Smiles and Sunshine pages, and won’t be able to post on there for four more days.

    That’s why you need to stop what you are doing and like the Turtleboy Refugees page. Then tell 10 of your friends to do the same. We can keep playing this game while the lawsuit gets rolling.

    Oh and like and follow the We Support Turtleboy pageIt’s unaffiliated with us, which means it’s less likely to be pulled down. It’s just some ride or die turtle riders posting our blogs like we normally do.

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    1. Lolajack

      I saw that. Pissed about it. Ridiculous how some can get a free pass and others get taken down without so much as a by your leave. Hope you get it back soon.

    2. Facebook sucks

      FB just doesn’t love the turtle. FB hosts terrorist pages and batshit crazy pages of horror but has to pick on the turtle due to the complaints filed by criminals tb has exposed. Imagine if the criminals could get the Boston Globe blocked… errr um, forgot the Globe already gives passes to criminals it agrees with.

    3. fuck

      “That’s why you need to stop what you are doing and like the Turtleboy Refugees page”

      okay but that means i have to suffer the gag reflex of signing into that place

      1. fuck

        (fb, that is)

        1. Suck

          I’m with you, hate fakebook!!

          1. Burt Hurtensteiner


    4. B

      That’s because you fucked with the wrong person. You do not have the right to speak Ill of people and harass and stalk people. You will get yours and it will be ugly.

      1. kthx

        kthx buy nao

      2. Lolajack

        B., Is this the part when you say “Bet you won’t say that to my face?” Hahahaha. The people written about on this blog deserve what they get. Too bad you like censorship.

        1. Ellen

          Are you a fucking idiot!?? These shitbags go above and beyond to stalk people. They will be prosecuted

          1. Lolajack

            How will you prosecute them? Just curious. Saying nasty things on social media? Of course, dear. Wait, are you one of those people who call the police because of what TB writes? LMAO. Arrest me, then. After all, I post frequently. I’ll wait.

            1. LOLA YOU MONSTER!!!

              Lola, you e-stalk the shit out of everyone and tell them all to drink bleach

              oh wait, nvm, that’s not us, that’s everyone online BUT us

            2. Lolajack

              Lola, You Monster, might I suggest hemlock then? Works much faster.

          2. Oh Ellen

            Hey, Ellen are you a fucking idiot? Or are you just salty cause you we’re blogged about? Your man? Or is that just the left over taste in your mouth from all the cum guzzled last night? You should probably drink some bleach to clear up that taste in your mouth. Lmao.. and Lolajack, have a wonderful Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!

        2. Lolajack

          Oh, Ellen, the same to you!

      3. DJ Trump

        And we will be coming through the woods for you.
        Soon, you’ll have nowhere to hide.

      4. A..B, C your ass out of here

        Oh shut up. If people don’t want to be on TB blog then they shouldn’t post their dirty laundry all over the place.

        1. YES!

          “If people don’t want to be on TB blog then they shouldn’t post their dirty laundry all over the place.”

          this should be posted at an entry point to the blog as a warning!!! this plus something to the effect of:

          “beware, you splash your ugliness all over the Internet,
          we will find you and blog your shame!”

          so people quit their complainin!!!!

      5. Burt Hurtensteiner

        I must admit, there is something “poetic justice-y” about what TBS is going through. Almost feels karma-ish. No?

    5. Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

    6. Independent Thinker

      Facebook is a monopoly than needs to be broken up. Everywhere you go, you see the “f” logo on the door. No matter what you read or watch on TV, you see the “f” logo, along with the phrase, “Like us on Facebook.” People and businesses have been somehow brainwashed into using facebook for just about everything, including using it for their news. Now that they have the people hooked, they think they can arbitrarily decide who can and cannot “play.” If everyone were to boycott facebook they would have no product. They would go out of business, and you will see the billionaire owners become homeless overnight.

      1. AMEN

        THIS is the soapbox i enjoy you on
        SO tired of the “kill all dealers” one

      2. Pam

        2 for 1 deal replying to yourself again old man.

    7. BlackandWhite

      I’m wondering when FB will implode. That would be glorious. Fok FB and their asinine algorithms.

    8. I’ll be back, maybe

      When your posts are of quality again and not just half assed pieces shoved between reshares from previous blogs I’ll like your page and tell fifty of my turtle loving friends to do the same… but for now… I give up, you guys lost your touch

      1. Don’t come back

        Please do all of us a favor and don’t bother coming back. You either with us or against us. Always! Not only win it fits your agenda for the day. I highly doubt anyone will miss you anyway. There are plenty of true turtle riders. We don’t need any phony’s

        1. Don’t come back

          *when, my apologies.~

      2. Burt Hurtensteiner


        TBS has been exibiting severe Burt Hurt lately.

        Signed Burt Hurtensteiner

    9. Marathon Man

      The trouble is that if a Turtle Rider can reach a given FB page, so can TB’s enemies.

      1. truce!

        that’s why i wrote a post about truce on the Lex United article

      2. Burt Hurtensteiner

        Issa ploblem becuz?

        1. Marathon Man

          Not sure if it’s a problem, but it does mean that setting up backup FB pages is an exercise in futility. TB’s enemies will find each one and get them closed down.

    10. Lolajack

      What does any of this have to do with that spear chucking jigaboo Destinee being almost as attractive as an average white girl?

      1. Lolajack

        Can’t think of your own moniker? Fail.

      2. What ever you want to name me

        Get your own name stupid, your not Lolajack, your not Finn. Your a fkn wanna be. And all your doing is making yourself look dumb.

    11. Burt Hurtensteiner

      TBS should setup a GFM for $20k to sue Facebook 🙂

    12. Word

      I guess Facebook hasn’t ever heard the term ‘Don’t poke the Turtle’ lol.
      We know there are no blacks on the Turtleboy staff but there is obviously a lot of whiny fags.

      1. SVU

        Turtle boy writers are very diverse. Not all white. Not all men. Just people who tell it like it is. We need more like them in this world.

    13. Burt Hurtensteiner

      TBS surrender.

      Just apologize to Didi, end the civil war, and get back to writing high quality stuff, pre June 2017 type stuff 🙂

    14. The Great Dolemite

      A very Merry Christmas to all my Niggaz!

    15. A fly on the wall

      No explanation was given? Do you really need one? You fucked with the wrong people.

      Merry Fucking Christmas. Hope it’s your last.

      1. ha

        ooooh.. scawyyy Internet hardo

        1. Gffgr

          Who are the “wrong people”

          Which autism-ridden jigaboos are you referring to?

    16. TurtleBook

      Facebook is for imbeciles, and so is Turtleboy lately, since most of its stories are copy-and-paste jobs from imbecile’s facebook pages. So, I’m torn on this. Part of me thinks it’s funny, while the other part of me simply doesn’t care.

    17. Word

      Facebook didn’t just poke the turtle they finger fucked it to death lol.

    18. Proud Turtlerider

      TBS can still come back. We just need more blogs devoted to that nigalicous Destinee Morris and less blogs crying about Facebook!

    19. Finn

      Okay we’ve already established that Facebook is for losers. The question is how big of a loser do you have to be to have multiple Facebook pages?

    20. Cold Water

      Don’t stay where you’re not wanted. F ’em. Facebook should have a guy in the mail room sorting and mailing trays of checks payable to TBS. They don’t know what’s good for ’em, for Christs’ sake even freshman mobsters learn in Mob-101,, “it’s just business”

    21. festivus

      people, all of the people commenting, especially the Butthurt dude, you need to read the blog explaining why tbs business depends on its over 100k fb audience before you blow off the need for fb

      you keep asking why all The Whining, well read the original blogs first to get the reason.

      1. festivus

        *MOST of the people commenting don’t read the blogs about it they just comment to whine, without context, about how tbs is whining about fb

    22. Kevsta

      It is a race. Will Turtleboy Refugees be shut down/unpublished before Turtleboy sports safe space??
      Taking all the action on this one. It is close. TBS lost when they began to openly tell all their followers to make fake pages and hand them over. GAME OVER for TBS. I have made a video for TBS and it is on Youtube, I even sing in the video.
      This could of all been settled if you didnt fuck with me. You harassed, stalked and threatened to rape the minor children in my family. Aiden Kearney is a little bitch who may now have to find a real job. Aiden is a sissy who hides behind fake facebook sites;LMAO.
      Aiden, grab your two little marbles and squeeze you POS. I heard your wife gives good head from a blogger out here; is that true? Oh, you wouldnt know as she doesnt have time for you and the guy who she sees on the side.

    23. […] Four days ago the Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter, which had 25,000 followers, was unpublished because of this: […]

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