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  • The Weymouth Wenchstain Who Pissed In High School Elevator Says It’s OK Because She Was Drunk, Called The Cops, Went At It With Desk Girl, Filled Out Blog Removal Form

    The Weymouth Wenchstain Who Pissed In High School Elevator Says It’s OK Because She Was Drunk, Called The Cops, Went At It With Desk Girl, Filled Out Blog Removal Form

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    Yesterday we published this blog about a Weymouth High School student who got expelled after videotaping herself taking a leak in a school elevator, which was then uploaded to social media for the masses to enjoy.

    Her name is Vanessa Regan, and this wenchstain shockingly has mastered the art of the duck faced selfie:

    Well, she apparently read the blog and didn’t care too much for it. So she messaged the Turtleboy Refugees page and aired her grievances with Desk Girl:

    “You don’t know me.” 

    Newsflash Vanessa – we don’t have to know you to cast judgement on you. You pissed in your high school’s elevator and the video was uploaded to social media BY YOU. That’s literally all we need to know before casting judgement. Normal people don’t do that. Ever.

    Good point. It’s totally “not fair” to blog about this. You are not allowed to say rude things about girls who drop trow in the elevator and drain the swamp on video. We don’t know her reasoning, and obviously there are a lot of perfectly valid reasons to do this.

    Wait….it wasn’t you? But I thought you suggested that you had good reasoning for it. Either way, I’m sure the cops will take her complaint seriously. VERY seriously!!

    There it is. The ol “You’re gonna cause a suicide by highlighting vile and disgusting ratchet behavior” line. Never fails. You can literally not say anything mean about terrible people doing terrible things because the possibility exists that they might kill themselves, or at least threaten to kill themselves until you take the blog down.

    There’s only one way to get a blog removed on Turtleboy though….

    The form. But of course Deskie did what she always does – got sidetracked with her stories about her cooter:

    Wait….what? You were drunk while in school? Oh yea, that makes this way better. Oh, and her sister was sexually “assisted” in the high school, so naturally her only recourse was to unleash a golden shower in an elevator and record it while drunk before having it uploaded to Snapface. Deskie has a lot of experience with being sexually assisted. Mostly it involves cucumbers and Redtube though…..

    Time for the form……

    Shortly after being sent the Weymouth Wenchstain turned it in completed:

    Thank you Vanessa. The Turtleboy Executive Board has reached a decision:

    Based on the evidence provided by the plaintiff, we have determined that she is correct in that the blog was hurtful and caused a sad face emoji. However, since the blogger never mentioned her reasoning for doing it, it is not pertinent to the facts what her reasoning was. For that reason we have denied the Weymouth Wenchbeast’s appeal to have the blog removed, and have decided to dock Deskie’s pay for badmouthing the company to ratchets who appeared in our blogs. We are also sending the blogger responsible to mandatory sensitivity training in order to avoid hurt feelz in the future. 

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    1. Lolajack

      She needs to repeat middle school. Preferably in diapers.

      1. Fifi

        lolajack you need to get fucked in the ass until you have to wear a diaper for life. you are a disgusting piece of shit that needs to be shot

        1. Screw PC

          So how many thousand times did you get fucked in the ass before you had to wear a diaper for life and feel that you have to warn other people about the perils of getting fucked in the ass too much?

          Fuck off, twat.

          1. Turd Reversalist

            Let me go on the record as an expert on this subject matter by saying that I have had zero interaction with Fifi and can therefore neither confirm or deny the condition and retentive capabilities of said individual’s nether region and more specifically, her turdcutter.
            I do share the personal suspicion that the aforementioned mud ring resembles something less than the appearance of a balloon knot than it does a busted ravioli.

          2. Lolajack

            If that’s Kevy, I’m sure he’s an expert in that “area.”

        2. Lolajack

          Fifi, are you a poodle? I don’t like poodles much. I think they’re pretty useless and stupid. Names fits. 🙂

    2. Uncle Randy


    3. Johnny5

      1000% would

    4. Talisman

      Which one of you assholes is going to beat deskie with a sack o’ nuts?

      1. Local real local

        Desk or is taking too many liberties and needs to be severely punished.

        1. gfldgadfly

          Just take the toilet seats out of the ladies room and let her soak her butt in the tiki mug. Everyone else can crap at Dunks with the rest of us who have bowel control.

    5. ElJefe72

      The twisted logic and reasoning that ratchets use to justify their actions never cease to amaze me. They never take responsibility for their actions; always a victim of society, racism, misogyny, the “disease”, etc.

      1. Local real local

        What is wrong with this girl? In the first part, she states the sister was allegedly sexually assaulted. Did the parents file a criminal complaint? Did they consult with a lawyer? Did they go to the papers and report the story? Then in the second part, she states she was leaving the school? So leave with urinating in the schools elevator is sufficient retaliation? What kind of logic is that?

        Can TB answer this? Do you have to “censor” her trim, even though she posted it to the Internet? Are you allowed to repost her trim, even though she is a minor and self posted?

        1. Wtf

          It’s child porn no matter
          who posts it. I have heard of police going after kids for posting and reposting teenage titty shots of themselves.

          1. hey now...

            only if the person is a child. many people at that place are of legal age

        2. gfldgadfly

          Good points. But I’ll bet the parents are just as turtleworthy as the kid. They might as well stand on the lawn and raise the white flag of surrender to dcf. They either won’t acknowledge, don’t care, or are aware on some level that they fucked up hard. If I were her legal guardian, I’d be shitting myself Abi style right now.

        3. john

          it was all over the news. her sister was raped a week before this happened. he was arrested. you don’t know anything about her situation, life, or family.

    6. Chip Striker

      Can’t wait to see the video of her taking a shit in the Quincy College stairwell next year!!

      1. Turd Reversalist

        Nope, not Quincy.
        Massatoilet CC.

    7. niousdfn

      You made her type out “ratchet ginger”…fucking hilarious!

      1. Local real local

        Deskie is taking too many liberties and needs to be severely punished.

    8. Bill

      Cut that girl a break, she is dropdead gorgeous

      1. Lele

        So that makes it okay? Go rub one out and fix your thought process

      2. Vagitarian X-Fitter

        She had a job as a crotch critter rancher, but lost the gig when she shaved it when I dated her… I only eat organic hair free clam burger.

      3. gfldgadfly

        She won’t age well. She’ll be crawling with self inflicted diseases by the time she’s old enough to buy her own Boones Farm. The only question is, which will come first, VD or tracks? Calling my bookie now to check on the odds

        1. Wcxbufnyr

          If you’ve seen her mother this statement is true.

    9. Tater

      All the lolz at the form hahahaha

    10. watersports

      She is a ginger woman, no further questions.

    11. hi

      if turtlewife is pleading with you to take the vid down as well,

      just in case she is, for the sake of scrubbing page for lawsuit,

      while it is a highly entertaining piss video,

      i would listen to her.

      1. a friend

        i was only writing that to HELP you win the lawsuit, not to mock you.

        i know you are sensitive and paranoid right now but it’s no reason to turn on people trying to help you.

        1. Rick Shaw

          Hahaha. This sperm dumpster is the lowest common denominator. She’s a waste of oxygen. One can only hope the next time she needs Narcan, they can’t get it to her quick enough.

          1. i tried

            agreed. i was just piping up for the sake of the lawsuits success

            fuck it

      2. Screw PC

        Shut your hole, you cunt.

        That’s both of you, “hi” and “a friend”. You are the same cunt, after all.

        So shut your hole, you cunt.

        1. duh i am the same person, i even said so

          okay cunty only after you stop running around the blog insulting everyone

        2. duh i am the same person, i even said so

          ps you’re active sensitive too, and paranoid.. i guess a lawsuit will do that to a community, tear it apart when we should be coming together and helping out

          1. Screw PC

            Get stuffed, you stupid twat. You talk like an idiot.

            1. less cunty than you

              I’ll take that as a no, then?

              did you take some bad insult spam uppers?

    12. Wendy Whoppers

      Asians make this festival seem acceptable in USA it would be degenerate perv fest. Asians could make peeing on elevator not gross or insane. This chick clearly needs help, probably a minor, not even being a ginger fully splains this behavior at this age. Get her some counseling a good handful of warm soothing antidepressants to take the edge off, yummy so much better now. Cause today I found my friend-they’re in my head ya ya ya.

      1. THIS IS ALL SUCK IT's FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        fuck Suck It for asking you quit spamming us with shitty videos!!!!

    13. Some of it is Chrissy's fault for talking about her 34ggg's

      This is not spam this is important video. Spam is delicious pork treat.

      1. no, it's ALL Suck It's fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

        you may be a grown man if you listen to Nirvana,

        but your sense of humor never left sixth grade

    14. Pete Wiggins

      The girl is 18

    15. Pete Wiggins

      The girl is 18 and has given multiple colleagues of mine the clap

      1. gfldgadfly

        If they have been promoted from ‘buddies’ to ‘colleagues ‘, they hopefully have also learned enough life skills by now to spot a dirty bird from the other side of the hen house. Might be time for a demotion. Just sayin.

    16. johnnyb

      It feels like some people just crave being TB Famous..”Hey, that’s the chick that pissed in the elevator” Said every person who looks at her resume for the next 25 years..

    17. Grammar Counts!

      They’re. Their. THERE.

    18. WSHS '84

      This would never have happened if it was still Weymouth South High School.
      North, yes but South, no way.
      She must be from down around the Wessagusset area or something.
      Maybe Lake St.

    19. Dick Hertz from Holden

      This kind of thing would never happen in Holden, I can tell you that

    20. Golden Showers

      Sometimes I wish I was an elevator floor.

    21. TheCureForHope

      Deskie, you ROCK!

    22. LOL

      Always “other’s fault” … never take responsability.

      1. Vicxh

        I would let her water my lawn if she can cut down on the stream pressure to a gentle sprinkle

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