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These Andover Hockey/Turtleboy/No McDonald’s Shirts That All The Kids Are Wearing Are The Greatest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

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Everyone in Andover is buzzing about the turtle these days because we’ve been exposing corrupt superintendent Shelley Brown on a daily basis. And someone created these shirts, which are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen:

It works on so many levels. The hockey sticks and the turtle combine to make the “No smoking” symbol, except it’s “No McDonald’s” this time. As in, the hockey does NOT stop for McDonald’s on the way home. They go to Panera Bread instead. We need one of these stat. Rumor is the hockey team is gonna be wearing them to support the coach. If you have one already take pics and send them!

20 Comment(s)
  • Jeannie T
    February 1, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    Turtle head is moderating now? Whatever happened to Turtle’s die hard stance on free speech??

    • Hmmmmm....
      February 3, 2018 at 8:21 am

      Hey “Jeannie T,” you spelled Scott Nichols wrong.

  • Nuke Em Up
    February 1, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    Dear Kim Jong Un,

    Please add everything with 10 miles of Lawrence, Ma specifically Andover, Ma to your target list, hell may as well vaporize all of Mass, nothing but Men being complete CUNTS in every possible way and women being complete whores and addicts.

    We love our sports so much because we can escape into a fantasy that isn’t filled with Massholes, Ice, Snow, Corruption, Pot Holes, Humidity, Grey Skies, Taxes, and elected royalty.

  • Archie
    February 1, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Huge Ass Lynchy, you love you some McDonalds huh?!?  You would never wear that shirt, especially because they didn’t make them in FAT FUCK size!

    I bet you wish you could hit Liberty Rost Beef but being such a piece of shit pussy, you cannot come back to Southie!

    • Hugh Jass
      February 1, 2018 at 2:49 pm

      I wouldn’t set foot in Southie without getting major vaccinations. What a cesspool.

      • Johnny Rocket
        February 1, 2018 at 5:39 pm

        He’s got a point. Southie went south fast, real fast. I am stunned how bad it is now compared to just ten years ago. Auntie Zeytouni was just the beginning !

    • Hugh Jass
      February 1, 2018 at 2:52 pm

      But I am sure Southie is good for you, Archie… snicker.

      • Archie
        February 1, 2018 at 4:42 pm

        Lynchy, you CANNOT set foot in Southie you fat fuck. 
        You can pretend you’re not who you are but you’re too stupid to fool anyone but yourself. 

        • Lynch is a mealworm
          February 2, 2018 at 8:52 pm

          Why don’t you or somebody just confront this big-mouth Lynch and talk it out like adults with a mediator. Sounds like Lynch has been running his trap for years and hiding out like a coward. Lynch won’t stop, he likes this situation. He talks shit, you or somebody else rages at him, he hides out and snickers to himself thinking he got you again, he’s a sociopath with the maturity of a 13 year old.

  • Heat Miser
    February 1, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Sorry, but I can’t. Scott Nichols is about to take Nashville by storm with his breakout hit “My America”, and Shelley is a bonafide legend in NCAA Fencing.

    • Queen Jeannie Tiechert- Just Call Me Queen Bee
      February 1, 2018 at 6:09 pm

      I happen to think Berman is a fantastic guy Heat Miser, not sure what all this fake news is about. And Scott? He’s got great music, I was with several Andover hockey parents recently cheering him on at his gig buying his CDs. We highly respect Scott, there are a handful of crazed parents who have drummed this whole internet version of Jerry Springer up because they are still holding onto grudges way back to little league days…

      • itsjustme
        February 1, 2018 at 8:44 pm

        Grudges, like the one Shelly (still cant get over that name) is holding against the coach? So much so he had to write a SIX page letter about him. I couldn’t even write a six page letter to my best friend of 30 years, or my husband of 20 if I tried. That is one guy (although that name and height scream girl) with major issues.

  • itsjustme
    February 1, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I want one too.

  • Hugh Jass
    February 1, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    It hurts when white privilege is not enough anymore, huh, TB? DeDe Delgado gave you a close up look of what the future of this country is like. People of color and people on the dole (like me) will be running the show.

    • Don't call her Didi. Call her Dumpy.
      February 1, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      The future of the country is a fat slob that refuses to work and lives off pathetic sjw’s?

  • Cracker
    February 1, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Send one to DiDi the cheesehog. That gut says she lives on McDonald’s. She’d appreciate the gesture. It means that you care enough about her health that you want her to cut it down to 40 Big Macs a day.

    • Hugh Jass
      February 1, 2018 at 1:44 pm

      DeDe craps bigger’n you, eunuch.

  • Horace Mann
    February 1, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Come on TB. His name is Berman, not Brown

  • Finn
    February 1, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Nice job.


  • Mark D
    February 1, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Best thing I’ve seen in the 1.5 years I’ve been reading TB.

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