All-Star Criminals WTF

This Slimy Crotch Crustacean Got Arrested For Choking & Beating His 11 Year Old Daughter Because She Had Snapchat

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Sean Nguyen is a walking dumpster and he can sit back and deny beating the tar out of his daughter but I’m not buying it. Not for one second.

Sean was arrested earlier this week on allegations that he put hands on his 11 year old daughter because he found out she had Snapchat on her phone.. Because normal, healthy parenting involves beating your kid over an app, right?


Actually, people who beat their kids can eat dog shit and die choking on it  (and I’m not talking about spanking here, folks.)

Sean’s daughter goes to dads for a weekend visit. He finds out she has Snapchat on her phone, freaks the fuck out, pulls her by her hair, chokes her and then makes her lay on the bed while he whips her with a leather belt.

Sean’s sister, Michele, goes on the news and in one statement admits that she heard her niece screaming from DOWNSTAIRS, went up, removed her from the situation and was the one who brought her to the police station.

But… Then his sister claimed that she saw him with a belt in his hand but “as far as beating her with it.. I dunno, we stopped all that before any of it happened.”

Yeah, I’m gonna stop right here and call bullshit. If nothing happened, why did she bring her niece to the police station? Sounds like a whole lot of backpedalling after realizing that her brother was actually going to get his ass handed to him in court.. Plus, I don’t know how much faith I put it a Peabody chick who sports neck tattoos and gas station sunglasses. Just sayin’.

Then there’s Sean’s yam-faced girlfriend.

Meet Kiana Gamble:

Kiana went on the news to defend her bae’s honor and called him a “good father”, that the situation got “a little out of hand”, that he was “disciplining her which is what a father should do” and that he “gave her a whack on the ass.” but not with a belt..

Kiana is a 20 year old, baby-ratchling nightmare. Her Facebook profile is not only 100% public but has a plethora of white trash rambling concerning the matter.

She’s throwing it all out there in ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW SHE MEANS BUSINESS.

The news is to blame because they “bubarded” all of them..

“None knowing nothing asssss” You can see where this is going..

Oh okay. So because these underwear lice got the crap kicked out of them it’s totally fine to whip an 11 year old. After all, their childhood beatdowns did them a world of good. Got it.

This is where my brain started oozing out of my ears because the comments were so indecipherable. I probably should have saved myself some time and stuck my entire head inside a microwave instead. I don’t know who Nae Kidd is but she’s all “imma fuck his ass up” when it comes to parenting her kid and then claims that white people aren’t hard enough on “they kids”.

Yeah, let me know how your kid turns out after you’re done with him. I’m sure he’ll be attending Harvard and saving the planet by the time he’s 21 because his mom abused him into perfection.

But this is what you get when you let someone like Kiana have the spotlight for a few minutes in between rippin’ butts on her stoop. Her opinion matters, let me tell ya.

We should all value her opinion on the situation because she’s clearly level-headed and her intellect is staggering.

Oh the irony.

I had to stop there because I would rather give myself a half dozen enemas of straight Sriracha, corrode my bowels and bleed to death out of my asshole than read another word.

Also, let’s not forget about Sean’s track record. He’s a stand-up dude, right?


Warrants, warrants, drug posession, warrants…Let’s get real. This guy is a festering bucket of smashed pig scrotum. His family members said he snapped. They said they heard his daughter screaming. They saw him with a belt in his hand. THEY BROUGHT HER TO THE POLICE STATION. Even when they tried to backtrack they admitted he was being a psycho.

But nothing happened guys. This dude was just trying to be a good dad. He was deeply concerned about his daughter being exposed to perverts on Snapchat so out of love and devotion he lashed her with a belt.

Get the fuck outta here. This guy shows the restraint of a wild animal and there’s not a doubt in my mind that he lost his shit and took it out on an 11 year old. His defense lawyer made it out to be no big deal because the allegations didn’t come from a witness and only came from his daughter… Nice.

Hopefully the court sees through Sean and his army of idiots because his behavior is unacceptable and if I had the pleasure of seeing him face to face I’d mayyyybe take a pair of pruning shears to his face.

He’ll be back in court on Friday.



6 Comment(s)
  • Wabbitt
    June 24, 2017 at 5:08 am

    Jimmy Jay was the only person talking sense. Bit he was wrong on one thing – it was battery, not assault. Assault is (legally) the threat of violence. Battery is the actual act of violence. Hence the charge of assault and battery; not the same, but they go hand in hand.

  • beryda
    June 23, 2017 at 7:46 am

    real talk though
    that 11yo girl has some terrible DNA and will probably be a turtleboy subject in a few years

  • Kermit the Frog
    June 22, 2017 at 11:52 am

    I bet this dad would have choked the shit out of that little jerk that killed the seagull with rocks.

    “pulls her by her hair, chokes her and then makes her lay on the bed while he whips her with a leather belt”

    Hmm……. makes her lay on the bed…. and whips her with a belt. Did he take off his belt to use as the whip? But that’s none of my business, just old Kermit here enjoying some tea.

    Couldn’t help but notice his gal-pal is a ginger.

  • That's a Woman?
    June 22, 2017 at 10:22 am

    The picture of ‘the woman(?)” with the neck tattoos and sunglasses: That’s a woman? Are you sure?

  • The Executioner
    June 22, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Some superb parenting skills there! At 11 years of age, you are not yet beyond hope to set up a relationship with your child of mutual respect where you can reasonably explain your concerns about snapchat, convince them of the dangers and then define boundaries for using not just that app but others as well. When you don’t act like an adult and throw a hissy fit, beating the shit out of your 11 year old, is when you instill fear and breakdown any trust so that your kid hides everything from you and is on their own, without any parental guidance. You have scarred your child and your relationship forever. Hopefully she doesn’t end up on heroin living at MCI Framingham. Douche.

    • June 22, 2017 at 10:23 am

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Everyone was like “well she shouldn’t have snapchat!” It’s not an 11 year olds responsibility to set boundaries for herself. Her having access to a smartphone unmonitored is problem #1 and that falls entirely on the parents. You cant give your child internet access and then flip out on her for using it. Guy’s a scum.

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