Toolbag Dude Who Was Rejected In Fenway Park Marriage Proposal Deserves To Be Embarrassed For Proposing Before She Made Him

Toolbag Dude Who Was Rejected In Fenway Park Marriage Proposal Deserves To Be Embarrassed For Proposing Before She Made Him

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Well known Asian porn connoisseur Pete Abraham tweeted out during yesterday’s Red Sox game that some guy proposed to his girlfriend on the jumbotron, and things got really awkward when it didn’t go as planned:

Ahh yes, the crowd groaned. Much like the groaning that Pete Abes makes every time he pleasures himself to a nice Asian ghetto booty.

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The proposal itself was not caught on video, but the aftermath sure was:

From the MSMWhile the Red Sox successfully downed the Cubs at Fenway Sunday night, others in the stadium reportedly witnessed the opposite of success. A man unsuccessfully attempted to propose marriage to his girlfriend. According to a witness in the bleacher section, the proposal failed and the camera man awkwardly walked away.  “It was too sad,” Red Sox fan Emily Wade told Boston 25. “The whole section just kind of stared at them.”  She said the couple stood there for about 10 more minutes talking, “then the girl get on her phone and then they were both escorted away.”  While there isn’t video of what people say transpired on the giant scoreboard, one twitter user shared a video of the alleged couple (unclear if that’s still accurate) arguing afterward. Fans in attendance reported chants of “she said no” rising from the crowd surrounding the incident. 

Ouch!! Looks like someone’s not getting a third date!

Not gonna lie, I have ZERO sympathy for this guy. He totally deserved it. First of all, if you’re gonna propose to your girlfriend, you better know that there is a 1,000% chance she’s gonna say yes. Proposals aren’t something you take a chance on. You only propose to a chick if you and her have already discussed that you do intend on marrying one another. It’s 2017. Women don’t just cross their fingers and hope guys propose to them. They discuss it like adults, they plan it out, they generally know if a proposal is coming soon, and most importantly both parties consent that the proposal can go forward. Marriage proposals are NOT actually proposals, because proposals by definition often get rejected. Marriage proposals are simply a formality after both the guy and the girl agree that marriage is a good idea.

Secondly, if you’re a guy, and your girlfriend isn’t pressuring you get married, and you propose to her anyway, you should have your man card revoked for life. Do you understand how many guys would kill to have a girlfriend in her late 20’s who doesn’t wanna marry the first thing that comes along with a pulse because all her friends are sharing baby pictures on Instaface? Guys only propose to girls when girls tell them they need to put a ring on it or she’s moving on. Any guy who proposes to his girlfriend without her giving an ultimatum or having a bun in the oven should never be allowed to date again.

Thirdly, you DO NOT propose to a chick at a sporting event unless you are 10,000% sure she will say yes. Just take everything I wrote in the previous two paragraphs and multiply it by 10 if you do this at Fenway Park. If you’re not sure that she will say yes, then do it at home instead of in front of 36,000 people and Pete Abraham. Plus, there’s something very narcissistic and white trashy about pulling a stunt like this at Fenway. I’m not TOTALLY against it, but I am secretly judging the guy, especially since she obviously didn’t consent to it. 

Fourthly, that’s gotta be the most awkward ride home ever. What do you do after something like this happens? Keep dating and pretend it didn’t happen? Hope she says yes the next time? Can’t do it. Marriage proposals are a one time deal. Everyone knows that.

Anyway, Pete Abraham was probably behind this whole thing. His thoughts on wedding proposals at Fenway are well documented.

We’d tweet at him to remind him that although this guy thoroughly embarrassed himself, Pete continues to be the poster child for embarrassing behavior, but he finally added Turtleboy to his blocked list. Feel free to tell him for us though.


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4 Comment(s)
  • Joe Schmucatelli
    May 1, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Quit picking on me Turtleboy! She said yes, she just made me ask again while I wasn’t wearing a Carl Crawford shirt and not in front of a sold out crowd.

    She didn’t ask for my man card in exchange either, I already gave that to her when she made me give her my nuts in a mason jar when we first started dating.

    Joe Schmucatelli

  • Herb Pease
    May 1, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Why would any guy want to buy the cow when you can milk it for free? Made that mistake 38 years ago, regret it every fucking day. Dear Lord, take me home!

    • Frank
      May 1, 2017 at 9:11 pm

      I’m with Herb. 31 years and my prayers are that the good Lord strike me dead as soon as possible. And I don’t care what happens to the sh*t I leave behind. If the Lord doesn’t help me soon, I may jump ship and see if the devil will help instead.

  • Madcow not Rachel
    May 1, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Leave it to a dork like Pete Abraham to find the only double wide ass gook on this earth to jerk off over.

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