Top 10 Towns And Cities For Every Candidate And Ever Ballot Question In Massachusetts

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As you know, Massachusetts voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. But that’s largely because democrats DOMINATE the more highly populated urban areas. Donald Trump actually won 84 of the 351 Central Mass towns and cities. And guess what? 40 of those 84 towns are in Central Massachusetts. We are by far the most balanced part of this state. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton dominated Eastern Massachusetts and pockets of Western MA. The highest percentage Trump won in any town was 61%. Hillary Clinton won 109 towns and cities by at least that much, including 89% in Cambridge!!

We are not just a deeply divided country, we are also a deeply divided state. The fact that one part of the state (Central MA) accounted for nearly half of the Trump supporting villages, proves this.

So what were the places that showed the most support for each? Let’s examine:


Top 10 Trump towns in the state:

10. Chester 

9. Douglas

8. Wales

7. North Brookfield

6. East Brookfield


4. Southwick

3. Blandford

2. Russell

1. Tolland 

Tolland, Granville, and Southwick are all in the same school district, and account for 3 of the top 5 Trump towns in the state. Safe to say that students there will NOT need a safe space counseling room this week. Now here’s the top 5 Central Mass Trump towns:

10. Warren

9. Holland

8. Brimfield

7. Charlton

6. Oakham

5. Philipston

4. Douglas

3. Wales

2. North Brookfield

1. East Brookfield

Notice they are all to the west and north of Worcester. People in this part of the state like their guns, they wanna be left alone, and they’ve had just about enough of your hippie protesting bullshit. They moved to these places to be far away from assholes. Unfortunately those who moved to Warren just ended up finding more assholes.

Now here’s the top 10 Hillary towns in the state:

10. Northampton

9. Williamstown

8. Lawrence

7. Aquinnah (AKA Gay Head)

6. Pelham 

5. Amherst

4. Somerville

3. Brookline

2. Provincetown

1. Cambridge

It’s basically a collection of hippie beach towns, hippie tree hugging towns, run down mill cities, and gentrified cities full of white people who have driven up property value and in doing so have force those who can’t afford the rent into more crime infested cities. Very progresive.

We are nothing like these people. As a matter of fact the top Central Mass town for Hillary  (Harvard) ranked 61st overall!! Didn’t even come close to the top 10. Here’s the 10 biggest Hillary towns in Central Mass:

10. Northborough

9. Bolton

8. Groton

7. Littleton

6. Marlborough

5. Southborough

4. Stow

3. Westboro

2. Worcester

1. Harvard

Notice it’s Worcester and a bunch of generally more well off towns to the east. Harvard, Southboro, Stow – these are basically expensive Eastern MA suburbs. Towns full of white people that claim to care about the plight of minorities, but intentionally live far, far away from them.

But what about the other candidates? Here’s the Top 10 Gary Johnson towns:

10. Essex

9. Ashburnham

8. Sherborn

7. Dover

6. Hubbardston

5. Holland

4. Chester 

3. Wenham

2. Monroe

1. New Ashford

Three of those are Central MA towns, four are Western MA, and three are Eastern MA. Here’s the top 10 Johnson towns in CMass:

10. Gardner

9. Townsend

8. Northbridge

7. Bolton

6. Upton

5. Ayer

4. Lancaster

3. Ashburnham

2. Hubbardston

1. Holland

Granted in Monroe a grand total of five people voted for Gary Johnson, so the numbers are a little skewed. But one thing that was interesting was that the 15 towns where Johnson did the worst were overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, 50% of the top 10 Johnson towns were places where Donald Trump won. This tells you one thing – right leaning people were much more likely to vote for Gary Johnson than democrats were. Generally Gary Johnson supporters were people who hated Hillary Clinton more than they hated Trump. Thus this third party candidate clearly helped Hillary more than he helped Trump.

Meanwhile what about Green Party candidate Jill Stein? Here’s the 10 towns where she fared the best in the entire state:

10. Warwick

9. Leverett

8. Plainfield

7. Shelburne

6. Chesterfield

5. Cummington

4. Worthington

3. Shutesbury

2. Colrain

1. Wendell

LOL, Colrain.


Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.52.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.03.43 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.52.45 PM

Guess what they all have in common? They’re all in the 413. As a matter of fact, the top 33 Jill Stein towns are all in Western MA. Because tree hugging hippies have different values from urban hippies, and they love them some Jill Stein. It’s also notable that the top 24 Jill Stein towns all voted for Hillary Clinton. In other words, Jill Stein was more likely to steal Hillary voters, just as Johnson was more likely to steal potential Trump voters.

Meanwhile in Central Mass the top Jill Stein town is only ranked 46th in the state. Here’s our top 10 Jill Steinburgs:

10. Hardwick

9. Barre

8. Berlin

7. Winchendon

6. Ashburnham

5. Wales

4. Petersham

3. Ashby

2. Holland

1. New Braintree

All to the west. In other words, rural areas tend to be hardcore progressives, and suburban areas with more affluence tend to be progressive sellouts to a candidate who was owned by big banks.

Here’s a couple interesting facts about the ballot questions:

  • Question 2 (more charter schools) got annihilated. It only passed in 15 of 351 towns and cities. All 15 places where it passed were east of 495. Every single town and city in Central and Western MA vote No on charter schools. Here’s an interesting fact though – the top 5 richest towns in Massachusetts all voted Yes on this one. These are places where the public schools are doing great. In other words, people who actually live in urban areas where charter schools are allegedly needed, vote AGAINST charter schools because they trust their public schools. It’s the people who have no clue what they’re talking about who think poor minority students in cities are trapped in failing schools.


Top 10 Yes on 2: Aquinnah, Weston, Dover, Chilmark, Gosnold, Wellesely, Nantucket, Sherborn, Lincoln, Manchester.

Top 10 No on 2: Pelham, Williamsburg, Northampton, Leverett, Amherst, Ashfield, Goshen, Shutesbury, Buckland, Easthampton.

  • Question 1 (more slot parlors) lost substantially as well. It only passed in 44 of the 351 municipalities. There was a pattern geographically. Towns that voted for this tended to be in bunched and scattered areas throughout the state. The areas around North Adams, Oxford, Methuen, Whitman, and Fall River in particular. No clue why. Maybe people there really like pissing their money away on sucker bets.

Top 10 Yes: Hinsdale, Fall River, Dracut, New Bedford, Salisbury, Winchendon, Lynn, Blackston, Templeton, Methuen.

Top 10 No: Chilmark, Leverett, Alford, Aquinnah, Ashfield, Gosnole, Carlisle, Concord, Williamsburg, Mount Washington.


  • Question 3 passed overwhelmingly (banning caged animals on farms), and is extremely divided geographically. Only 3 out of 351 towns voted No on this. The top town for No was Wendell. That’s because Wendell has the only farm in the state where this practice currently occurs. It will destroy one particular family farm and raise food prices throughout the state. As a matter of fact the 39 towns where No got the most votes were all in Western MA. This is where people farm. Clearly they know more about farming than we do, but a bunch of idiots in urban and suburban areas who have no clue what they’re talking about basically told a bunch of farmers how to do their jobs. Here’s an interesting fact – six of the top 10 towns for Yes on 3 are the six towns that make up the island of Martha’s Vineyard.


Top 10 Yes on 3: Provincetown, Aquinnah, West Tisbury, Chilmark, Tisbury, Truro, Edgartown, Great Barrington, Newburyport, Oak Bluffs.

Top 10 No on 3: Wendell, Erving, Colrain, New Salem, Hawley, Gill, Leyden, Bernardston, Northfield, Warwick.

  • Question 4 (legalize weed) was the closest. It passed with under 54%. The top 14 towns where it failed were in Eastern MA. Shrewsbury was the top Central MA town where it failed (lame-o Shrewsbury). The places where weed did the best were Western MA hippie towns and urban hippie towns like Somerville. Wendell MA was the top overall town for Yes on weed, which they’re gonna need once that poor guy’s farm goes under.


Top 10 Yes on 4: Wendell, Provincetown, Somerville, Shutesbury, Amherst, Aquinnah, Pelham, Monroe, West Tisbury, Leverett.

Top 10 No on 4: Lynnfield, Hanover, Westwood, Hingham, Wellesley, Lawrence, Chatham, Topsfield, Winchester, Duxbury.

The bottom line is it’s clear what needs to happen here – Central and Western MA need to secede from the state and form the 51st state. We obviously have nothing in common with folks who live east of 495, but since they outnumber us our voices will pretty much never be heard. People have been whining about the electoral college a lot, but all you have to do is look at our state and see how the electoral college actually works out quite well for the likes of Hillary Clinton.


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3 Comment(s)
  • Del Griffith
    November 10, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    So… California is pondering whether or not to secede from the union. Perhaps our moonbat neighbors will head off to the newest socialist utopia on the west coast. And they can drag along all the welfare cheats, illegal immigrants, basement dwelling pajama boys (whom they claim to care so much about) and Lizzie “woo-woo” Warren and all the college SJW’s with them. I’d give them one month before California crashed and burned and they’d be back hands extended palms up, looking for more handouts

    • John Galt
      November 10, 2016 at 2:11 pm

      Let them secede! We can all sneak across their border and live off their hard earned money forever! Californication.

  • fordsnharleys
    November 10, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    You also described New York where it’s not the city.

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