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  • Town Drunk Destroys The Wrong Burger King After Asking For A Punani Sandwich, Gets Beaten By Employees With Tasers And Fists Of Fury

    Town Drunk Destroys The Wrong Burger King After Asking For A Punani Sandwich, Gets Beaten By Employees With Tasers And Fists Of Fury

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    What better way to start off the week than watching some gutterslug get his ass beat and maced by a Burger King employee after he ordered a pussy sandwich and tried to start a riot?

    When having it your way goes wrong.

    So I guess this happened at A Houston Burger King. Not that it matters really, because any time you go into a Burger King anywhere you’re taking a big risk. Of the Big 3 fast food burger chains (Wendys, BK, McD’s) Burger King easily attracts the grimiest crowd and it’s not even close. It’s too bad because pound for pound they have the best burgers. You just can’t trust anything you eat at a Burger King.

    I’ll tell you one thing though – this mother fucker chose the wrong BK to act a fool. He thought he could pull the “I’m a crazy dude who lost his marbles in NAM, so I can get away with anything” card. But once he pushed over the register:

    It was on like Donkey Schlong.

    First this guy came to the other side of the counter to read him the riot act and kick him out:

    But once Aircast Jordan pushed him

    It was game over. Started with a nice punch to the face:

    Then the manager, who looks like he had packed his bag and was heading home, did what any normal manager would do in a situation like this – stand on the ragamuffin’s windpipe:

    Until one of his other employees, who naturally brought her taser to work that day, came over to electrocute this nudnik into submission.

    She might wanna put some new batteries in that thing because this guy clearly was not phazed. Thus he needed to slapped around a little more

    And the chick had to get her kicks in too

    But the dude, who apparently is a Starbucks fan, still wanted a piece

    Eventually he was corralled outside like cattle and he got back in his wheelchair that he probably stole from the ER and went back to his tent in the woods.

    And yea, I know it was a little rough and the employees could’ve called the police. But sometimes you just have to handle your business. More importantly the word is out on the streets with the rest of the junkie mafia – if you wanna start flipping over registers and demanding pussy sandwiches, take that shit to Wendy’s.


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    1. Jennifer

      That is how we handle shit in Texas. At least no guns were waved and no one was asked to hold a beer.

    2. Semen Cannon

      Sad thing is, BK corporate policies will probably get those two employees fired.

    3. Mr. T

      He should have used the drive up window.

    4. Steven Stover

      I like how she was branding him. USDA Grade A Asshole.

    5. Turd Burglestein

      That slap upside his head was so solid it almost vibrated my tablet out of my hands.

    6. Big Raymond

      Back on the corner with a cardboard homeless vet sign. Yeah got these tazer marks back in the service! Can’t remember if it was Seal training or top-gun school.

    7. They call me Ponch

      I just laughed out loud seeing that taser pic!!!
      Good stuff

    8. Mayor Morse

      Lol! My kinda place…

    9. Savage Squaw Bitch

      If those employees had been white doing and saying the same shit to this crazy dude, you better believe they would have been fired. But since they are black they were allowed to go overboard with the cussing, name calling, unprofessionalism, and physical attacks against the nutjob. Seriously? Stun guns? Like, really?! The guy was already pretty much subdued and they went and brought out the stun guns. Even though I think this guy was totlly crzy and definitely not doing any good whatsoever, I think it is pretty gay that black people can act like this while all other people have to practice good conduct, even in these situations.

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