• Truck Driver Makes Tummy Pancakes In Cab In Broad Daylight On Stafford Street, Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Filmed, Goes Back To Work After Money Shot

    Truck Driver Makes Tummy Pancakes In Cab In Broad Daylight On Stafford Street, Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Filmed, Goes Back To Work After Money Shot

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    Here’s a fun video of a truck driver taking a pit stop on Stafford Street to make some tummy pancakes, but apparently he didn’t realize someone would find this disturbing enough to tape:

    Just another day in the Woo!! In fairness, he might’ve just misunderstood when his boss told him that he had a large load that needed to be dropped off.

    Look, I understand we all get the urge sometime, and as a truck driver your opportunities to unleash the beast are probably limited. But there’s a time and a place to to diddle yourself in public. And that place and time is Webster at 3 AM. You don’t do it across the street from Moe’s in broad daylight. It violates the spanker’s code.

    Dude was punishing himself like his bologna baton owed him money:

    No way this was a quick one either. Dude must’ve taken his time. After all, he was doing it long enough to catch the cameraman’s attention. And he started just in time to get the money shot:

    Cleanup in aisle 3!!!

    He kept his headphones on the whole time too, which was wicked smart in case some small children walked by. It’s not like Webster Square is a high traffic area or anything like that.

    After that it was time to pull out and continue on the journey:

    Next time this guy is in need someone should probably give him a helping hand so we can avoid situations like this moving forward. Just sayin.


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    1. Mom's Basement

      Stopping the truck was a rookie move

      1. What a wanker

        The company is Ross Express. Maybe he’s Ross.

    2. me

      I wanna know what the fuck made him so horny that he couldn’t wait

      1. Barry

        He probably just got confused when dispatch told him to drop his load

      2. Troll McTrollsky

        Well, he had his headphones on. Maybe he was “chatting” with his girl back home, and she was verbally “giving him a hand”, so to speak.

    3. Roy

      Turtleboy. Where do you come up with these sayings. Your a riot

    4. Transplant

      He wasn’t wanking. He was shaking his smoothie.

    5. #notmyhubby

      Dickheads like this give trucking a bad name, my hubby is a trucker and wouldn’t ever spank it in day cab, you can only do that if you drive a long haul truck, with the bed and curtain you can pull. That truck gets driven 8-10 hours then parked so he can go home, so he’s a dirty slime ball for doing it. It’s probably an auto too and he could’ve kept going instead of stopping and doing it, rookie.

      1. Spanky

        Because jerking & driving is safe?

    6. Spanking Peter

      When you need to nut, I guess you just need to nut. S’long as he wasn’t watching little kiddies. Lol Gross.

    7. Spanking Peter

      At 1:17 did he smell his fingers? Going to be sick…

      1. They call me Ponch

        Smells like bleach in heeyah

        Don’t go out with a loaded gun. Stopping is whack though.

    8. Troll McTrollsky

      As I started reading this, I totally expected it would be about this trucker getting an $11.99 blowjob from a crack ho… Am I the only one??

      1. Bastidface

        I thought he was gonna get out and take a shit when I first read the headline.

    9. Stunt Penis

      Apparently Renee is still in New Bedford and not back in Worcester.

    10. Independent Thinker

      What’s sad is the fact that we are constantly being photographed or videotaped. No matter where one goes, you are either under surveillance cameras or being photographed by someone with an iphone. Can’t even go into a bar without being videotaped. Sometimes I wonder what they do with all of these pictures?

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