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  • Trump Just Destroyed Our Food Stamp Friday Blogs Wit His Harvest Box Plan

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    Bad news for Turtleboy’s business model:

    The government is taking the idea of food subscriptions like Blue Apron and putting its own twist on it. When Budget Director Mick Mulvaney described the transformation of the food stamp program,  it appeared to be quite similar to delivery programs like Blue Apron. 

    “USDA America’s Harvest Box is a bold, innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families — and all of it is homegrown by American farmers and producers,” said Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in a statement. “It maintains the same level of food value as SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] participants currently receive, provides states flexibility in administering the program, and is responsible to the taxpayers.”

    The new Harvest Box would affect households that receive at least $90 a month in food stamps, reports CNN Money. Instead of receiving all of the money on their preloaded debit card, households would have a box of food with items like as shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, canned meat, poultry or fish and canned fruits and vegetables. Families would have to pick it up; the box would be valued at about half of the SNAP recipient’s monthly benefit, said CNN Money. The remainder of their benefits would be available on the debit card. 

    The Trump administration says it would save $130 billion over 10 years and reduce the possibility of fraud. 

    Oh fuck off Trump!! What about Turtleboy? What about food stamp Fridays? Did you even think about the effect this trickle down ghettonomics would have on the little man? What are we supposed to do now? Powdered Milk Mondays? Tunafish Tuesdays? White rice Wednesdays? Those all suck.

    In all seriousness though, who would disagree with this? You still get half the points on your card, and instead of letting people waste our tax dollars on steaks and lobster it will at least guarantee that our tax dollars are actually paying for healthy meals for people in need. Who would ever have a problem with people in need getting free meals?

    “However, critics question the possibility of the proposed savings and are concerned over families not knowing in advance of what they would receive or having difficulty picking it up if they don’t have a car.”

    Oh for fuck’s sake. There is simply no end to the excuses. If you can’t figure out how to get to the store and get your box full of taxpayer funded food, then you don’t deserve taxpayer funded food.

    But of course the fact of the matter is that anyone who opposes this WANTS food stamp fraud. They want people to treat food stamps like a lifestyle, instead of using it as the crutch to self sufficiency that it was intended to be. That way they can keep them tracked in cycles of poverty and throw free shit at them in exchange for votes.

    So what now? There has to be a way around this. If and when this program comes to fruition I give it no less than a month before we see one of these Harvest Boxes on a Haverhill yard sale page or the Brockton Hub.

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    1. Well, No Shit

      I like it.

      To the critics worrying about how recipients would get to the store to pick up their food, I ask, “How in the fuck do they get there now to use their EBT card?”

      Like the article stated, the naysayers are pissing all over this, because they see their primary method of keeping poor people under control slipping away.

    2. GraftonHillGirl

      While I welcome the reform – this isn’t going to be healthy food at all. He’ll sell this off to a private company (Kelloggs or someone else) that will stock everyone full of gross food that is full of salt and crap.

      Didn’t the government learn from government cheese and peanut butter?

      And honestly – who the hell is going to pay for all of this transport? The Trump Administration couldn’t even get the companies it contracted for Puerto Rico food relief to do the job they contracted them for.

      1. FFS

        Sure. We can also have Congress take turns driving to the houses of layabout welfare recipients and have half-naked cheerleaders give them blowjobs along with their daily filet mignons and lobster tails.

        What the fuck. They’re poor, and it most likely was a result of their fucking up something somehow. They’ll learn to like it or fuck themselves.

      2. Rochambeau

        Meh. SNAP should have just been limited to WIC approved foods. WIC is harder to abuse and doesn’t lend itself to a lifestyle.

        I was reading the Dept of Agriculture’s fact sheet on SNAP and their statistics wildly diverge from what the NY times recently reported for 2015 and what SNAP reported for 2016.

      3. ?

        I know right! Rice and grains and healthy high protein legumes!!! Like OMG how dare Trump force this on people! They should give them 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew, Cheese Puffs and Ho Ho’s like they’re “buying” now with their taxpayer errrr EBT cards!

        Transport? Maybe some small never heard of company like Amazon who already ships millions of packages a day at a discount per Uncle Sam contracts.

      4. Imrubberyoureglue

        Umm that was the politicians in puerto rico that refused to allow the food to be passed out as it was in the full containers behind her 

        Get your facts straight they weren’t passed out until Trump sent our people to do it

      5. DickMonkey

        I imagine they’ll pay the grocery stores to provide the boxes and have certain standards for the products and content inside. This may end peer-to-peer fraud but it doesn’t address store stamp fraud.

    3. KJDS

      I’ve seen people bitching about how this doesn’t take into account food allergies and stuff. Of course, these are the same people who don’t know what gender they are, so . . . I don’t actually care what they say.

    4. T

      Its a good idea but won’t happen

    5. Kanacke Hasser

      If MREs are good enough for soldiers risking life and limb for this country, then this is damn well good enough for people who are getting something for nothing.

      1. Heebie Peterson

        …And these look WAYYY better than MREs.

        1. Well, No Shit

          No way! The chilimac MRE was the SHIT! 😉

          Plus, the giant crackers and cheese spread could be used as currency when things got lean. A couple of smokes, or a pinch of dip for crackers and cheese.

          I loved MREs!

          1. Rochambeau

            Jalepeno cheese!

      2. #wouldbeagreatprogram

        Shit MREs are expensive, my kids think they are awesome, but they are full of something that makes it sonyou dont shit for a week, just eating 1-2, so that’s not a healthy option. This would be a great option, and they really could have a delivery option with the money saved, taking into account worse neighborhoods and people assuming free shit is being passed out and trucks being jacked by hordes of somailian “refugees”, delivery would even be a part of the original proposed budget. Unless disabled and homebound, you get x amount of deliveries, then you must pick up the box, then after x amount of months they cut that in half, etc, until cut off since most of these jack wagons are driving escalades and wearing $200 Jordan’s, they’d have to figure out which means more to them, street cred or feeding your family. But I’m a nobody, I have real solutions so my opinion doesn’t count. 

        1. Lisa

          Jesus, you’re right that they are expensive. I would have thought they would have been the same cost as emergency freeze dried food that I admit I have a nice supply of because I have no faith in humanity. Coincidentally that is also a reason why I like Turtleboy so much.

    6. Arthur Mustat

      I hope the food sucks and it’s of the lowest quality, the good food should be for the ones who buy it with their own money.

      1. Community service/self reliance

        It’s not he children’s fault their parents suck. Sorry if it offends you Mr. snowflake but I genuinely believe elderly people don’t deserve to have to eat “the lowest quality” food. People who are young, and don’t work should have to get their butt to a soup kitchen every day. Get a hot, healthy meal and a box of leftovers for dinner. They would likely waste the box of food without knowing what to do with it. Also require X amount of hours community service for their daily meals. I bet most people wouldn’t want to work for free/for food they would have a job rather quickly and if not everyone wins. Mothers on welfare should have to attend classes on shopping and cooking and have a mentor go over their recipts and help them shop for healthy food. Less fraud would be possible this way and many jobs would be created. Make these mothers attend so many classes that they learn it’s better to work and have independence, than to suckle the government teat. I do like where this is going but better ideas are available. Delivery, packaging, distribution, etc. shouldn’t cost much extra if they do it right and require recipients to participate in everything as a form of community service.

    7. Rich

      I love when Trump throws these ideas out. If nothing else, it drives the moonbats crazy!!! It’s fun to watch.

      1. Craig 'O

        True story!

    8. Wouldn’t you like to know

      Trump will have that shit laced with contraceptives like Reagan did with KFC and grape soda. No way are we falling for that again.

    9. juror seven esq.

      Give the responsibility for distribution to Amazon. They, along with the delivery companies, UPS, FEDEX, the Post Office would do just fine.

    10. Whataboutthechildren

      I think it is a great idea. But would families be able to select substitute items for those with food allergies? 

      1. Imrubberyoureglue

        They get HALF ON THEIR CARD UGH learnto read

        1. Dumb dumb

          Learn to rationalize! If they lose half of their food stamps and get a box with food they can’t feen their kids then what’s the point? I know using your brain can be real hard, try not to hurt yourself.

    11. TJB

      Something has to be done. I am sick of watching brown Trollops pushing two or three carts of all top of the line foods and paying with EBT. At the very least the EBT card should have a photo of the deadbeat. And if the mug at the register doesn’t match… the card should be cut in half, right there.

    12. Concerned Reader

      Last year NY Times put out an article saying the #1 category that people spend their SNAP benefits on is sugary drinks like soda. They were bemoaning how unhealthy it is. Now since Trump suggested it, for the first time liberals are against making people eat healthier.

      1. Imrubberyoureglue

        Oh then they sell it from their houses. No lie they buy all this soda, chips, candy and sell em out of their window for twice what they got em for but less than the corner bodega

    13. Sad

      I think it sucks for people who don’t abuse the system. The people who stretch that 300$ all month for a family of 4 will not benefit from this. I think it’s a necessary evil at this point but feel like it should be more of a punishment. If your caught using someone else’s stamps, selling yours, and worst of all saving them up, you lose half and get a box of food, do it again you only get the box of food. If they cracked down most people would still end up with the box. I wish they would limit what you could bumpy with your card, meat under 2$ a pound, no candy, or soda etc. It’s not fair to little old lady’s who buy a can of soup, crackers, and a banana to eat every day (true story) what are they going to do with this box of food if they can barely open their can of soup. Simple they will have to buy a meal every other day.

      1. Imrubberyoureglue

        They still get half on their card and they will be able to choose from different boxes 

        1. Community service/self reliance

          And the woman who lives next to my father in the elderly complex will instead buy her soup every other day maybe leaving out the banana completely. She’s terrified to run out of money, that they will take away all of he runs benefits. She was abused by her husband until he passed away a few years ago. She earned what she gets, she worked and contributed to society and this should be the most peaceful time of her life. Her hands hurt too much to cook so any box likely won’t help her much. I agree it makes sense for some people to get this box but not everyone. Without some type of instruction young parents will probably feed their kids pasta or rice with butter every night. The cans of vegetables will sit collecting dust. Especially the kids have become accustomed to eating a certain way and this needs to be addressed. Give them he box and when they pick it up make me take a cooking class to learn what to do with their food.

          My mom put remembers when she was little and my grandfather was laid off from woman Gordon’s in grafton. Her mother was a teacher and picked up another job at spagd to make ends meet. My grandfather took any odd job he could, and was a proud veteran. My mom remembers how hard her mother worked to make delicious meals out of the government rations. She said her dad made the best powdered milk and government cheese scrambled eggs with spinach from their garden that she’s had to this day. People don’t have that anymore, the ability to take what little they have and turn it into something great. Without teaching these people to be better we are doing the next generations a great disservice.

          Did you know you can buy fruit and vegetable seeds and plants with food stamps? Stop complaining about what other people “get for free” and let’s fight to change it. If you don’t work you damn well can cook all day and have a garden.

    14. Piss up a rope

      I remember getting food stamps when I was younger. Going to one store in Chicopee and getting chicken and peanut butter in a can (yes, chicken in a can). Powdered milk that my mother mixed with regular milk so we wouldn’t puke, and that damned government cheese. Ya know what, I’m not dead.

      1. Well, No Shit

        I remember the gubmint cheese, too. Shit was an unsliced, solid, orange block in a brown cardboard box. Peanut butter that could double as spackle, and that shitty powdered milk. Nasty. 

        Funny enough, I’m still breathing, too. 

        1. Pathetic Shit!

          So what you are saying is that you sucked off the government teat and now you are complaining? I paid for your damn government cheese and peanut butter! Stop your fuckin’ bitchin’ you pathetic shit! Fuck You!

          1. Dumb dumb

            I think their parents are the ones who where on benefits a long time ago. You must be pretty dim to think they where complaining. Both said they survived government cheese and powdered milk, that it wast great but if got them by. Sounds pretty grateful to me. You sir are everything wrong with the world. Worse than the government leeches, you hate everyone and everything, you think you deserve some sort of pat on the back for doing what your supposed to do. Keep being so grumpy, it’s very entertaining.

          2. Well, No Shit

            Unless you’re about 60-70 years old, you didn’t pay for a fucking thing that I ate when I was a kid, so, please, go hang yourself. 

            No one was complaining, you mentally-deficient cockhole. We were reminiscing about the days of surviving on what our parents were provided, and coming through just fine on the other side. So, fuck you for making your incorrect assumptions, you throbbing cock. 

            Now, go kill yourself. 

      2. Craig 'O

        me too, no more obese people on EBT food stamps

      3. GroundHog

        Funny you mentioned Chicken in a can. I’m catching up on a SyFy show on Amazon called “The Expanse”. Yesterday there was a sleazeball on Ganymede (a moon of Jupiter) that would track down missing people if you paid by food. You went to the head of the line if you paid with chicken in a can.

    15. A worthless sub-human nigger

      aw damn i want dem foo stamms!

    16. Charlton Heston

      Five them soylent green I say

    17. Squirtleboy

      Canned meat and fruits and vegetables.  Yum

    18. Gimpy Mcgee

      I’m currently a gangsta card holder(ebt) Bad accident last year, several surgerys on ankle and knee. I wonder why they don’t just have government food stores? Put health meats and vegetables and that’s that. Would prevent people from buying nothing but crap food and soda. Most people on stamps are also on MA health… you eat better you will be healthier. Less money spent on health care after asshole eat themselves to diabetes. Snap now has a healthy incentives program, when you buy from local farmstands you will receive a credit equivalent on your card. It disgusts me how scum take advantage of food assistance. I hate pulling out my card to pay knowing someone may assume I’m some mooching dickhead. Candy bars chips and soda should banned from eBt

    19. Chip Striker

      Throw in some Cliff bars and Red Bull perhaps it will get these lazy retards off their asses.

    20. B

      I like this idea. In the report that I read it said it would save money by doing this but they didn’t factor in the shipping of boxes. That needs to be figured out. I also wondered about fresh fruit and meat instead of processed foods. Then I went to the store yesterday and was behind somebody with a bunch of crap food in their cart, nothing fresh about what they were buying, and they were using an EBT card. I guess if they don’t care, why should I!!

    21. Amy Fitzwater

      its crazy I say people should be able to eat what they want to eat and plus a food box is not going to last someone that’s got kids and hungry for food I say people will starve and it would make this world fight over food if trump done this I like my food stamps and ill rather keep my food stamps so that I wouldn’t starve I don’t want to beat someone up over a bag of chip of something that I want its my body and ill eat what I want if im hungry so I think its a dam shame and i think people should be able to eat what they want too it dosnt matter if he send people the food box they will take there money and buy what they want to eat anyways

    22. Auda

      As a person with a disability, I am on food stamps. Because of this disability, my diet is extremely limited. I’m all for them trying to make fraud harder, but to give someone ready Mac and canned spam and expect them to be grateful is a joke. If this included fresh fruits and vegetables, and was actually “healthy” I would be all for it. But it’s nothing but cans, jars, and boxes of preserved crap. Malnutrition hasn’t been an issue since the Great Depression, but it will be again if this is how they are planning to treat people trying to get back on their feet.

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