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  • Turtle Riders Are Getting Banned From Facebook For Sharing Our Blog On The State Police Coverup Because It’s “Spam”

    Turtle Riders Are Getting Banned From Facebook For Sharing Our Blog On The State Police Coverup Because It’s “Spam”

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    Less than an hour ago we published this blog about yet another Mass State Police coverup involving one of the same Lt. Colonel’s involved in the Alli Bibaud coverup. It involved the current head of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce/Former Lt. Governor Tim Murray, as well as several other employees making over $200,000 a year who have climbed their way to the top by doing favors, looking the other way, and being the exact opposite of transparent.

    These are the most important kind of stories we publish. Stuff that no one else gets. That’s why it’s so essential that the public be allowed to read these stories. And what better way to spread information than by using the world’s largest and most powerful social network – Facebook.

    Except this is what happens when turtle riders share our blog on Facebook:

    It gets marked as “spam.” Facebook continues to use Nazi-like techniques to censor any information that is critical of the state. Coincidentally Facebook is allowed to continue on completely unregulated by the government, despite being a monopoly that Congress believes is powerful enough to decide who gets elected President. Guess that’s what happens when you donate heavily to the right campaigns and spit out the right buzzwords.

    Oh, and the turtle rider has now been restricted from joining other groups for a week because she shared our real news story:

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    1. Ball Stompin' Ed

      Duh, they’re committing thought-crime.

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        War is peace

    2. Burt Hurtensteiner

      So one rider gets tagged and you write a blog? Did FB remove the blog from your page? What if this rider is a habitual spam forwarder? Seems like an idiosyncratic event!

    3. Ben Champagne

      Facebook is not a monopoly. This is the worst take I have ever seen from everyone who promotes it. Don’t be that guy (or girl), unless you also think that the Louvre has an abusive monopoly on the Mona Lisa. It is a unique entity, and therefore can not be a ‘monopoly’. There are many other social media platforms. Regulation is not the answer.

      1. Turtlerider2020

        Why do folks always call Facebook a monopoly? Why not Scrabble or Uno? Can someone explain?

    4. Maine vein

      Ive had two FB accounts disabled last two days, seems from posting to TBS FB comments – seriously not long after posting, one with no other posting, I got locked out of both.

    5. Wwy

      Youll do what the kikes tell you to do. This is jewmerica wake up.

      1. AgingCynic

        Nice try, Didi.

    6. tngsucks

      Are their computers composing a response to your attorney’s letter?

    7. Becky Blueline

      I really do hope your lawsuit goes somewhere because it appears that there’s some kind of “after shock” effect- if a business is mass-reported and crippled on Facebook, their patrons potentially become casualties, even though they, too, followed the terms of agreement by not posting spam.

      As a small business owner, this concerns me greatly. I now need to think twice before sharing news, despite the fact that I’m in the news industry.

    8. Neeeeeeko

      Adam Jones didn’t lie! Lupica didn’t get scammed! Get it through your heads people!!

      Neeko poopycakos
      Woburn, MA

    9. She has a dog filter

      Her account doesn’t matter anyway

    10. Kegger

      A rat is a rat , a stool pigeon , I’m not sure what good anyone thinks can come of the dissemination of “information ” on alleged past acts . Human nature dictates their will be those who suffer from envy and wish ill of those with success . It’s a character flaw . A rat is a rat .

    11. Independent Thinker

      All part of the bigger picture. By controlling what we say, how we say it, and what we read, they will soon control and dominate our lives.

      Stop using facebook and they will go away and the owner’s money will evaporate over night.

    12. Lala

      I’m gonna keep posting and sharing turtleboy.

    13. Hugh Jass

      TB you should admit defeat and pack it in. You are embarrassing yourself now. A once mildly entertaining site has descended into so much… drek.

      1. Chuck spears

        Funny. I find this site amusing. But it’s a bit hypocritical to call others out for their bullying tactics. Weren’t readers here at least partially responsible for closing down a business recently due to the manager’s beliefs? Can’t have it both ways.

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