• Turtleboy Called Hopedale PD, Turns Out Crazy Cat Lady Was Lying About Jahna Walsh Having One Of Her Kittens And They Made Her Take Down Her Post

    Turtleboy Called Hopedale PD, Turns Out Crazy Cat Lady Was Lying About Jahna Walsh Having One Of Her Kittens And They Made Her Take Down Her Post

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    Update on Kittengate – we called the Hopedale PD, and they have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. They also confirmed when we asked that the one missing kitten is NOT with Jahna Walsh. When they arrived at her house after all hell broke loose on the Odd Cats Sanctuary Facebook page, two of the kittens ran out the door when they opened it. They found one, and they’re looking for the other. So no, unlike what these mob-inciting idiots posted at 2 AM last night, Jahna Walsh does NOT have the last kitten. We do not know why Jahna was at home with the cats, when this was not what she signed up to do. There could be a number of reasons, and since we are responsible adults we will wait until the police investigate before jumping to conclusions.

    This is in direct contrast to what the Odd Cat Sanctuary posted on Facebook last night. According to them, “Jahna still has one of our cats”:

    Except she didn’t. There was no hostage situation. Obviously. We are dealing with pathological LIARS here.

    We also have been told that the cops are indeed investigating Jahna Walsh. For what we do not know. She was told to bring the cats to Lynnfield and she didn’t do that. We have people messaging us who know her and are telling us that her phone died, so she stopped at home to charge it. And rather than leave the cats in the car, she brought them inside. Once she got power back on her phone she found out an online mob had descended on every aspect of her life. So she started blocking people, and deactivated social media. Once again, this is their side of the story. Hearing both sides of a story are important. So is letting the cops do their job.

    When we called the cops we told them that the Odd Cats Sanctuary page was still inciting vigilante justice against a woman who was not arrested for anything. Check out some of these lonely gravy dumpsters:

    “She’s a sick fuck who should be skinned herself.” And quite frankly from the looks of her, Sidnie Jean looks like the kid of cheesehog who’s skinned a bitch or two in her lifetime:

    Just sayin.

    Hopedal PD also told us that they thought she updated the page, which they did – 8 hours after the Hopedale PD had resolved the situation. However, we informed them that the original post, which had been shared over 10,000 times, was still getting hundreds of comments every hour. They were shocked, and shortly after we called them the post was taken down. Obviously they called these idiots and told them to cut the shit.

    Not according to Internet lawyer Victoria Lynne though.

    According to her the police MADE them keep it up because a team of lawyers and detectives was reviewing the thousands and thousands of comments that were left on the post:

    These people are the stupidest bitches on earth, but they really, truly believe they know what they’re talking about. It’s fascinating to watch.

    Oh yea, and the cover up continues on the part of the non-profit’s only board member – Tara Kawczynski. Let’s look at the edit history from last night’s update. Here’s her original post:

    “Sorry for the delay, I just got out of work.”

    Well we revealed that Tara works in telecommunications, which is not a job that would keep her at work until 2 AM on a Friday. So after we exposed her LinkedIn page:

    She changed the post:

    “Sorry for the delay, busy dealing with all of this.”

    So she was never at work. She lied. Tara is a liar. Tara is a manipulator. Tara is a cat lady in her late 30’s, leading a mob of pscyho cat ladies who keep throwing money in her three open GoFundMe’s:

    This is not a caricature:

    This is how an actual human being chooses to present herself to the world. She seems normal. If you closed your eyes and asked yourself, what does the average triggered SJW crazy cat lady look like? You’d see that face.

    These people continue to donate despite the fact that this nonprofit’s income last year was $77,783:

    That’s after costs. Some have suggested that it doesn’t prove that she gets all that. But yet according to the Secretary of State’s website, she is the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President:

    Ya got that? She’s the only one on the payroll. So who else is that $77K going to? Oh yea, no one. As the treasurer she controls all funds. She cuts corners by finding people who will work for free. She doesn’t vet them at all, which is why she let Jahna Walsh take a littler of kittens, despite having no idea who she was. She doesn’t care so long as the labor is free.

    Now that all these facts have been presented about her money making nonprofit scheme, Tara has begun the process of banning anyone who points it out or asks ANY questions. Then came the “Turtleboy isn’t real news” patrol:

    Doug Bellows. Defending the great wall of Turtle like you read about. My man.

    He’s right too. Solely because of our blog we got a buttload of people arrested this week, including a grown man upskirting 9 year old girls in Yarmouth. But please, tell me more about how we are not a “fact based news source” Barbara. Because it appears as if we were the only ones waiting for actual facts to become public. It’s why we were voted Worcester’s Top News Outlet by the people of Worcester County.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.05.46 PM

    And for the record, we weren’t defending Jahna Walsh. We were defending the basic fundamental right of due process under the law. We were combatting vigilante justice and death threats of someone who might be completely innocent. And we were fighting self important crazy cat ladies who were tying up the phone lines for the HPD and MSP. Turtleboy continues to be the voice of reason in a sea of madness. 

    The bottom line is either this woman did something nefarious or it was a misunderstanding. If she was planning on doing something shady then she’s one of the dumbest criminals we’ve ever encountered, since she gave them her real name and contact information. If the story is true that she went home to charge her dead phone battery, and as a result her legitimate business was harmed irreparably, her parents and boyfriend were harassed, her life was threatened, and her employer was attacked for something that had nothing to do with them. And I’m pretty sure that’s actual grounds for a deformation lawsuit. Paging Attorney Dick N. Vulva.








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    1. Coach

      Coach just blew a bit of frosty beer through his nose reading the last line….”deformation lawsuit”…..brilliant!

    2. Hysterical Woman

      Let me start off by saying, I am redhead you featured in this blog. nice backpedaling. thanks for the article you wrote about people not having all the facts before you had all the facts! truly a voice of reason and not at all a dumbfuck assuming that a group of women that is emotional about something are by definition all stupid and wrong and LOL OMG look at the ugly ones! V. responsible, v. adult.

      1. Pussy Galore

        LOL wut?

      2. Somewhat Sane Cat Lady

        Yes, and the women who are calling for a lynch mob, the ones who want to hang Jahna and skin her, they’re being reasonable? No one is defending her. Normal people want to know what happened before attacking someone who might be innocent. That’s kind of how the justice system in this country works. You know, that whole “innocent until proven guilty thing?” Where’s the proof of guilt? So far you have a bunch of women going ape on the word of a few people who don’t know the whole story, as it’s still being investigated.

        1. Sonny's Mom

          Because the Founders knew there’d be days iike this, right?

          Truly hope they catch that last itty-bitty kitty. In the meantime, maybe some of Ms Communications Professional’s adopters and volunteers need to stage an intervention and teach Madame President how to do simple internet research, LMFAO!

        2. S

          Turtleboy where did you say your journalism degree was from? Oh …that’s right..you do not have one. So clearly you believed you are correctly putting the facts out there ..but now that Jahna’s motive has been called into question, you want to wait until all the facts are in. Well Jahna is being charged. I think that says it all. Stop pedaling trash and calling it news. What a dumbass you are and you demostrate it every day with these hokey stories you posts! You better hope you don’t end up with a lawsuit about the trash you spread. If it were me, I would make sure your site was shut down and you never worked in journalism again.

          1. KJDS

            Because people with actual journalism degrees are to be revered and worshiped?

            May I present Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Jim Acosta, Andrea Mitchell, the entire staff of The New York Times and the Washington Post (and the list goes on and on and on . . .)

      3. Stunt Penis

        “I am redhead”

        I stopped reading there, that explains everything.

        This entire charade proves estrogen fucks up your head.

      4. gqqser2

        If you are the one with red glasses then you need fucking help. Bat shit crazy cat woman SJW. Your face is exactly what comes to mind when someone says the phrase SJW. Douchenozzle.

        1. S

          My my aren’t we angry..must be that non-existant penis you have.

      5. Seriously?

        Aiofe is the definition of overly emotional cat lady!

    3. Kitkat

      Was she the one who worked for Zoo Creatures? They’ve got pretty bad online reviews dating back some time…about snakes and such being kept in tiny confines and filthy conditions and rare exotic pets that they shouldn’t have. Many of the animals they sell…looks like her “art”.

      1. Somewhat Sane Cat Lady

        Snakes prefer “tiny confines.” And Zoo Creatures doesn’t keep anything they aren’t licensed for.

        For Gods sake has it ever occurred to anyone that just because someone has an interest in taxidermy doesn’t mean they don’t respect living creatures? It’s not like they’re buying them to kill them for art, that’s a waste of money. And it’s pointless to steal them, as that usually leads to police involvement. Most of the taxidermy artists I’ve seen have connections with animal breeders, or they collect roadkill, or other humane means. Whether you’re interested in it or not, it’s not difficult to use common sense to figure this out.

        1. Kitkat

          Wonder what kind of art the emaciated dog she posted on her online profile fits into?

        2. Not a cat lady.

          This article isn’t about the taxidermists you’ve seen, is it? This woman had jars of kittens on her Etsy page. I think it’s quite rational for people to be a bit panicky when she failed to meet up to drop off the cats. People scam for animals ALL THE TIME on Craigslist and other platforms, and they do so for nefarious purposes. Realizing the woman sells dead kittens in jars after she fails to drop a mom cat and her kittens off is good cause for alarm. The dead phone crap is just an excuse now that this has blown up. Remember when people met their obligations long before cell phones were invented? That’s common sense. Call cat people out for being insane, I think we can all get that, but don’t sit there and act like there was nothing for people to be concerned about. That’s incredibly naive.

          1. dog person

            I’ll fully admit i’m deathly allergic to cats and I still think this stinks like bullshit

    4. "Redhead"

      at first I thought it was funny that turtleboy changed my comment to add a sentence saying I was the redhead… but seeing how people actually respond to it makes me realize like yall on a whole other fucking level of gaslighting… funny and scary at the same time

    5. still not redheaded

      like legit creating your own reality to fit in with your personal prejudices. fucking fascinating. should be a case study

    6. Sonny's Mom

      Now, now. That really wasn’t very nice, WAS IT, Turtleboy? Calling all these menopausal bottle-blondes “gravy dumpsters”? ‘Cause we all know they’re really MILITANT VEGANS! /sarc

    7. Cooper

      Do the carpets match the drapes.

    8. Eve

      You’re missing one important point: Jahna Walsh had a side business making “art” out of animal taxidermy and skeletons. She has since taken down her Instagram, but at the time of the post, there were pictures of her pieces with raccoon heads, birds, squirrels, and all sorts of reptiles…and evidence of a former Etsy site that was selling a preserved cat head in a jar. So you should be able to understand why people jumped to those conclusions. Why didn’t you include that in your “investigation”?

      1. ShutUpSitDown

        The fact that she had a side business of making “art” out of cat heads in jars was conveniently glossed over by the writer. Oh, it was addressed though, by dismissively attributing it a link to some obscure French website that seemed sketchy to the writer. Other posters easily found elsewhere the petition to ban her questionable store from etsy, which was a big part of the frenzy of this whole situation. Seems that the French website was attributing their post to that. If this blog wants to keep true to its mission of reporting all the facts, then by all means do so and don’t omit the ones that are pertinent to the story, especially a relevant one that would explain the root of the uproar. Of course it made it that much more sensational to attribute everyone’s distress to the accused being a “taxidermist.”

        If you are going to feature pictures of the supporters of the rescue in an unflattering light, by all means please run a follow up article featuring the worst possible ones you can find of the alleged catnapper and her defenders as well, so we can all jump to our own conclusions. Also feature as many ad hominem descriptions of them as possible. It seemed disheartening for your site to find that the founder of this rescue was not some shut-in, homely churchmouse, but an attractive, outgoing, and smart blonde lady. This site is quick to point out those who do not work and live off of benefits, but you seem to relish that she, gasp, does bartending work. Because I’m pretty sure most of your readership never drinks or goes to out to bars and would never be seen in one. Also featured was some snarky asides for one of the rescue’s supporters who made a comment on the situation– a picture of a pretty, smiling woman with a nice-looking man. According to this site, she looked like the epitome of a stalky, clingy girlfriend (or implications to that effect.) Because “crazy cat ladies” could never possibly be pretty or have nice-looking men interested in them.

        Sorry, but you dropped the ball on this. You’re not doing any favors to your credibility by downplaying the cat-head-in-the jar aspect. A lot of your readers may not be be crazy or female or cat lovers, but many are pet (of all types) owners who cherish their animals, and are skeeved by it. I thought I was reading a headline from the Daily Mail, except they would have mentioned the whole cat head/jar concept. And even they would be creeped out by it.

    9. Herb Pease

      As a member of Turtleboy Nation I am highly offended that these cunts call all of us “misogynists”. Rather than expressing their opinons on Facebook they should be washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning their homes.

      I demand an apology.

    10. Let me up, I've had enough

      Victoria Lynne. Crazy cat lady or not. I’d throw at least one in her.

    11. Carole

      Thank you for your article. I am hoping that her phone did die, and that it will all be worked out. I have done transports before, and the communication piece with the other drivers is very important. My questions at this point are: if her phone died, then couldn’t she borrow someone’s phone to call the lead on the transport ?; why doesn’t she have a car charger for her phone?
      Either way, thank you for your article.

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