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Turtleboy Live Featuring Bret Killoran and Dr. Turtleboy Broadcasting At 10 PM From Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook Page

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Turtleboy Live is back tonight, and we will be broadcasting live from the Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook page here.  Show starts at 10 PM. This page is shadow banned so it probably won’t show up in your news feed, and you’ll have to go directly to it. Make sure to share it, comment on it, like it, and respond with 100 and fire emojis so that more people in your news feed can see it and come back to Daddy Turtle. Cohosts tonight are Dr. Turtleboy and Bret Killoran. (Should we rename the show The Bret and Uncle Turtle show?)

Here’s the agenda…..

See ya there turtles!!

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  • Harold P. Francis
    April 29, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Gots to play the Billy Baggz diss track announcement! Just gots to, that’s TBS intro song-clip gold there.

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