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    Two things we miss the most about not having our primary Facebook page:

    1. Waking up every day and reading hilarious turtle rider commentary
    2. Turtleboy Live

    Luckily Turtleboy Live is officially back. We did a test run last night on the Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook page and it went swimmingly. Had a couple thousand turtle riders on there and that was just with a couple minutes warning.

    So we’re here to tell you that we will be back on the Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook page Saturday night at 10 PM with a guest to be announced, and then again at halftime of the Super Bowl with Dr. Stevenson and whoever has consumed the most Keystone Light at the Turtleboy Super Bowl party. If you recall last year we went live at halftime while down 21-3 guaranteeing we would come back and win that game, and banishing anyone who doubted that would happen.

    And of course it happened like we said it would because God loves us more. You are turtle riders. You are Patriots fans. You are special.

    See you Saturday night.

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    1. Twat Tickler

      Turtleboy why do you love quoting Angeline Bishop so much? She’s the biggest coke head in Northbridge and got fired from Wal-Mart

      1. Uncle Randy

        Still would though.

    2. alex delarge

      Lets hope Mule Teeth Delfatso and convicted murder kevin limp dick dont catch wind.

    3. Brian Albrecht


      1. Brian’s papa

        That was a good one. Funny how you took the time to download the app. 

        1. Brian albrecht

          You think I have the app you fucking retard? GOD YOU WESTERN MASS IDIOTS ARE AS DUMB AS YOU LOOK

          1. Brian licks hughs ass

            First off, it must be that the comments on the website go onto the app. I’m on the app you fucking retard, and i saw your comment on the app fucking retard. Either way you still take time to go to the website and read the blogs. Stop being a clown. You spend more time commenting on here than you do collecting unemployment or raising your unborn child you will never have.

    4. Bret

      Poor baby,,,,, I bet you’re all grumpy from going through cock withdrawal huh shitdick?

      1. Brian’s papa

        Eat a rich white boys dick

    5. Improve Yourself! If you think you can!

      Who The Fuck Cares?

      You’re old news! Same old repetitive nonsense!

      This hoodrat did this! This gutterslug did that!

      We’re tired of it! You used to be good! Now, you’re a pathetic excuse for “news” (an extreme shadow of your former self!)!

      1. Z

        Fist fuck your father’s asshole, you douchebag punk.

      2. Your mom

        Who’s “we”?  Speak for yourself fuckwad!  You don’t care about it, yet here you are…on the page…reading…and commenting!  Lolol, gtfoh!

      3. Your Mother

        Who’s “we”?  Speak for yourself fuckwad!  You don’t care about it, yet here you are…on the page…reading…and commenting!  Lolol, gtfoh!

        1. Brian Albrecht

          shut the fuck up you pussy ass bitch

      4. Blanco Mandingo

        Suck a dinky 

    6. Hugh Jass

      You know that DeDe will decimate you yet again, TB. She is smarter, tougher, and has better reach than you do. Her SJWs are legendary. You poked the bear, and the beat ran you over, mate. Snicker.

      1. Blanco Mandingo


      2. DeDewee

        Is that going to be before or after her panhandling shift on the corner, or her internet begging?

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