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Turtleboy Sports 2014 Naughty List Christmas Special

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The Turtleboy Sports Revolution is officially one year old. It’s been one hell of a year. We started off as a blog with a couple dudes who just wanted a place to vent their frustrations with the ridiculous things that happen in sports, entertainment, and the news every day. The Turtleboy brand has given the common people of this world a place where they can rest assured knowing that there are still people out there that aren’t complete morons.

As we’ve continued to blog and pick up new bloggers we’ve grown. In the past year we’ve published over 600 blogs about pretty much anything and everything. Someone emailed us with the idea to put them all in a book, and that’s exactly what we’ve done for the Christmas season. We’ve published our first Turtleboy book, entitled, “Turtleboy Sports 2014 Naughty List Christmas Special.”


This book chronicles the 60 naughtiest people we’ve chronicled the shenanigans of for the past year. What better stocking stuffer is there than a book full of hot naughty takes? Get one for your wife, mom, grandma, brother, aunt, cousin, brother, sister or whoever else matters most to you in life so they can stay warm with the hot takes all winter long. After all, Turtleboy Sports is a family blog.

We’ve gotten 200 of them for this order, and if we sell out we’ll get more. Hurry because they’re going fast. If you’re interested we’re selling them for $10 or 3 for $25. Since we are our own distributor we’ll take care of the shipping and handling for you. All you need to do is mail a check made out to Turtleboy Sports Digital Marketing and give us a return address. You’ll get your official Christmas Naughty List in the mail in a day or two. Email us at or message us on Facebook to reserve the greatest gift someone can receive this Christmas. Hurry because Christmas will be here before you know it!!

In case you were wondering we’ve analyzed and provided our commentary for everyone on our list. Here are the chosen ones:

60. Johnny Manziel

59. Aushwitz Selfie Girl

58. Kaitlin Pearson – Fitchburg Teacher/Model

57. Naadir Tharpe

56. Luis Suarez

55. Al Dente – legend

54. Jameis Winston

53. Tony Marinaro – Montreal media yahoo

52. People who complain about the Little League World Series

51. Greg Lewis – serial rapist/kidnapper

50. Bill Cosby

49. Sam Monson – Tom Brady “not top 5 quarterback” author

48. Donald Sterling/Vee Stiviano

47. UConn fans from Massachusetts

46. Brandeis University

45. The Department of Housing and Urban Development

44. The Remy family

43. Marc “the Beetle” Bertrand

42. Jurgen Klinsman, USA Soccer

41. Deadspin/Erin Andrews

40. Margee Pesikov

39. Roger Goodell

38. Abigail Hernandez

37. Pomona College

36. LeBron James

35. Brandon Spikes

34. Kevin Gorman – moron writer from Pittsburgh Tribune

33. The Boston Globe

32. UMass Women’s Lacrosse

31. People who sing Sweet Caroline

30. Derek Jeter lovers

29. Miley Cyrus

28. Westboro Baptist Church

27. David Masciotra – writer who shit on veterans on Veteran’s Day

26. Andrew Rector the fat Yankees sleeping fan

25. Lunenburg race-baiting parents

24. Boston University Women’s Basketball

23. Obama Worcester Tech graduation Facebook commenters

22. Ebola

21. Hannah Gordon/St. Bonaventure fans

20. Jonny Gomes fans

19. Rachel Canning – suing parents for private school tuition

18. Matt Walsh – shit on Robin Williams

17. Melody Hensley – got PTSD from Twitter

16. UMass Administrators

15. Chris Kluwe – unemployed punter

14. Ashley Cooper – sued Holy Cross coach Bill Gibbons for being mean

13. Sonya Conner – professional police protester

12. Angry Super Chinese Buffet lady

11. Tsarnaev Family

10. Andrea Crete/Westminster Board of Health

9. Buffalo Bills fans


7. Jon Gugala

6. Erika Murray

5. Montreal race-baiting media

4. Apple Daddy

3. Ferguson protesters

2. The Big E lovers

1. Busgate parents

Merry Christmas!!

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