• Uxbridge SJW Accuses Local Businesses With “Locally Owned And Operated” Signs Of Being Racist Code For “Make Blackstone Valley White Again”

    Uxbridge SJW Accuses Local Businesses With “Locally Owned And Operated” Signs Of Being Racist Code For “Make Blackstone Valley White Again”

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    Did you know that it’s racist when store owners hang signs that say things like, “locally owned and operated”? If you answered yes to that question, then congratulations because you are officially woke. If you answered no, then you’re a bigot who is in desperate need of diversity training. At least according to this white chick from Uxbridge, who is none too pleased about the racism she’s been seeing in the Whitinsville/Uxbridge area.

    It started when a local man posted about the closing of another local business:

    That somehow turned into this:

    Amazing. I honestly don’t know how they come up with this stuff sometimes. I mean, you gotta really, really try to find racism in that. And even then it’s the greatest stretch I’ve ever seen.

    Yea, “locally owned and operated” is racist. Didn’t you know that? Local business is code for “no brown people allowed.” Might as well put up a cross and start burning it. No difference.

    And don’t you dare tell her that you’re proud to be an American either. That’s a great way to lose her business. She has no interest in any racists who have pride in their country:

    Oh I see, it’s not racism anymore, it’s just nationalism. And nationalism is a bad thing. Because being proud of where you come from is racist. Unless you’re a foreigner who comes to America and wants to continue to practice your culture here. Then we should embrace you and resist the urge to assimilate into our society. Stupid Americans!!

    And don’t even get her started with Hellen’s!! Them and their “veiled racism” that she can see right through. They sure thought they were being slick with their whole, “locally owned and operated” sign. But she knows exactly what that means – you’re trying to make the Blackstone Valley white again! Busted!!

    Of course in reality “locally owned and operated” means that locals own the business and thus they pay local taxes which fund the local schools and local roads. Without local businesses towns and cities have to increase property taxes to pick up the slack. These signs basically are put up to let people know that you’re supporting someone in your community, instead of dumping cash into a billion dollar corporation that manufactures it’s products in overseas sweatshops.

    But that’s not what it means any longer. Now that Donald Trump is President, SJWs have finally unmasked these phrases for what they really are – nationalist racism!! And thanks to this local woman, who purposely chose to live in a community that is primarily white, everyone knows just how bigoted these businesses really are.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – white people are the worst. They really are. There’s nothing more sad and pathetic than a white guilt consumed, “I’m still with her” middle aged woman from the white suburbs. We’re talking about people who intentionally moved far away from minorities, and now pretend to champion them by calling other white people racist. And they get 99.9% of their news from the perfectly sane people who run the Occupy Democrats Facebook page.

    Anyway, this woman might seem harmless, but people like her are not harmless. They’re the primary reason we have racial problems in America today. By creating the illusion that racism is everywhere it increase tensions between people who would normally get along. Calling someone a racist is one of the worst accusations you could make about a person. And when it’s not true it can cause a lot of long term damage to an innocent person. People like Michelle Borrusso should be mocked and ridiculed when they stupid, divisive shit like this, because THEY are the real racists. And they are the ones who cause 99% of the problems in our country today.

    P.S. Michelle – better take this one down. The last thing you wanna do is be seen supporting the cops. That’s like, the most racist thing you can possibly do.


    We urge you to support the following local businesses. They provide terrific services for the community!


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    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.14.48 AM

    Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.17.19 PM


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    Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 8.48.23 PM

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    1. wabbitt

      She must take yoga to be able to make a stretch like that.

    2. johnnyb

      None of these places will miss you Michelle. P.S. They aren’t really replacing the tanks at Crystal Gas…They just don’t want Your business bitch..

    3. phong

      I blame the modern male for women like this. If they got their asses pounded properly and regularly, they wouldn’t be so miserable.

      1. wabbitt

        It’s all the beta males who are scared to eat pussy. They’re creating unsatisfied women and genetically weak children with soft heads.

    4. Niwi

      Locally owned and operate means it’s not part of a nationally chain and the profits stay locally and are spend locally. Race has nothing to do with it. Business owners can be white, black, hispanic, Asian etc. so when a Nigerian Business owner hangs a locally owned and operated sign does that make him racist? WTF is wrong with people. Get a fucking life lady!

    5. Just wow

      Is it sad that my husband and I purposely bought a house in Sturbridge, to escape worcester? I was born and raised in worcester and wish my kids could have the benefit of meeting all kinds of people from varying backgrounds. I can’t and won’t allow my kids to feel guilty for being white and coming from a good family. We work our asses off and own a construction company that nobody’s “daddy” or anyone else helped with. We pay taxes and contribute to the community. this white guilt is going to cause more of a racial separation than anything and it’s disgusting. I Feel awful for the kids of thes SJW’s could you imagine if your white kid and their friends who where not white all did the same dumb thing and all needed to be punished and your kid came home and told you their friends didn’t get in trouble but they did. How would i explain that to them? I hope the people of Worcester vote Gaffney, I truly do for the sake of all innocent children who are quite literally screwed.

    6. whatevuh

      Something tells me Michelle drives a Prius with a COEXIST bumper sticker on it. She’s one of those overweight, less than attractive females that really, really needs to get laid badly. I’m sure the owner of that business won’t miss your fat ass anyway . . . . go away, and stay away . . . if that’s what makes you happy

      1. Locally Owner

        Exactly, overfed & under fucked.

      2. Bertha Von Nation

        I take offense to that. I happen to be overweight, and less than attractive, and do not drive a Prius. I get laid a lot though, so maybe that’s why I’m not an asshole.

    7. Ralph

      What an idiot she is. What the hell are those scabs on her legs in the picture with the dog?

      1. Maggie the Cat

        We can all hope that the scabs on her legs are skin cancer!

    8. Dawn Marshall

      On behalf of Central Tavern and all employees, we want to make everyone aware that Michelle Borrouso is no longer an employee with us, and was immediately terminated from Central Tavern after we were made aware of her post. None of us here at Central share tge same veiws or beliefs, and love all of our customers regardless of race or national origin.

      1. juror seven esq.

        Dawn Marshall, if you are on the level, thank you for giving this person a wake up call. She is more than likely speechless that what goes around comes around.

        I also wondered about the scabs on the legs. Then I wondered if that dog was getting a chubby and dry humping it’s master. And if the dog is a female, well it’s just two of a kind.

      2. Lt Dan


      3. John Galt

        Now that is Social Justice!

    9. They call me Ponch

      She must be a goddess in her echo chamber .

      Wait that’s a pretty misogy statement.

      Shit, I said pretty. That’s not kosher either.

      Fuck, i mistakenly appropriated another’s heritage.

      Was is deliberate? Must have been. I’m so confused.

      Fuck this wench.

    10. Barry

      That dog is so full from licking peanut butter that it won’t even eat the cheetos under the couch

    11. Peckerwood

      Like making blackstone valley white again would be such a bad thing?

    12. Stunt Penis

      She’s a ginger. Of course she’s nuts.

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