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  • Video Of Providence Police And RI State Troopers Lighting Up Some Asshole On I-95 In Broad Daylight Is Insane

    Video Of Providence Police And RI State Troopers Lighting Up Some Asshole On I-95 In Broad Daylight Is Insane

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    So there was a shootout on I-95 in downtown Providence today, and it was INSANE. Here’s the video:

    And in case that Facebook Live video gets taken down, here’s our backup:

    Just another day in Providence – the most overrated city in America. A perpetual dumpster fire that people think is some hidden gem because they have a mall and water fires.

    There were two people in the truck – a man and a woman. The man’s dead, and the woman’s in the hospital. You can see her in the standup doggy position, something she’s likely very familiar with, being excavated from the truck:

    But make no doubt about it, they earned what they got. Internet reporters say he was armed, and after the cops started lighting up the truck the driver began to spin out the tires, trying to smoke his way out of it:

    And as you can see, the truck was riddled with bullet holes:

    It was rumored that the people driving this truck were involved in a stolen police cruiser earlier in the day, but according to the Providence Journal, this wasn’t the same ratchets. Further proving that Providence is filled with scumbags who do terrible things on a daily basis. Luckily no one who mattered ended up getting hurt and we have one less shithead sucking up tax payer resources.

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    1. Mark D

      I didn’t even know Providence was rated

    2. Low Morals

      NICE! Let this be a warning to all you boys and girls, always renew your inspection sticker on time or face the consequences!

      1. Johnny5

        unlike Roy Halladay, he deserved to die

    3. Johnny Rocket.

      By the looks of those bullet holes in the door jam someone needs to go to the gun range a bit more often !

      1. ChrisInShrewsbury

        Seriously. The average cop gets 1 day of weapon training a year, and doesn’t visit the range in the interim. That’s a fucking fact.

        We gotta incent (pay) cops to visit range monthly+, or we’ll continue to get fucking abortions like this.

    4. Low Morals

      The driver of this truck was not quoted as saying to a trooper “my dad is a judge!”.

    5. YoPro

      Over/Under on how many EBT cards were in the truck?

    6. Angel

      The smoke is from him applying pressure to his foot on the pedal, he was shot for God’s sake!

      1. Angel

        He slumped over immediately after being shot, you can see his body over slumped over the wheel, him applying the gas, was more than likely not intentional.

      2. La Perra

        LOL I thought the same thing. How does a dead (or dying) guy think to spin his tires to create smoke in order to hinder police? Fucking always making shit up to fill in the gaps of missing information.

      3. tootin

        I agree, he wasnt roasting the tires. The smoke was from the motor burning itself up from his limp leg. No brake lights appear to be on.

    7. Angel

      Do you think there’s enough fucking cops there? This is police brutality gone way to far and I hope they all lose their fucking badges!

      1. Mike

        Tell me Angel, how many cops do YOU feel is the appropriate number? And what exactly did you see that would lead you to believe that this is a case of “police brutality…”, or is it just that it involves a cop and anything that involves a cop automatically is police brutality?

      2. God

        You were supposed to be watching over him not dicking around on the internet now get your ass back to work

        1. chrissy


    8. Angel

      Seriously all of this over an expired inspection sticker. There had to be more to it than that I’m guessing.

    9. Turtle Rider

      It’s funny that the guy recording the video was apparently very sorry for the criminals. He was saying (in Spanish) “the police killed that poor gentleman! Jesus have mercy! Jesus have mercy!” LOL

    10. Pop some caps

      There is a chance now that this was a case of mistaken identity but so fucking what.
      There is most likely a 100% chance that this person was a scum bag also so it’s a good start.

    11. officer barbrady

      If 10 cops fire 250 bullets and only 3 bullets hit the intended target is anyone surprised?

      1. Pop some caps

        Not when he has a truck for a shield. Plus it depends on where he grew up, if he grew up in Chicago he was used to being shot at and dodging bullets daily by his homies!

    12. La Perra

      Stellar videography. Who the fuck is the crying spaniard you hear in the video? For fuck’s sake.

    13. Publius

      sounds like the deceased was ramming innocent civilians. Might think twice about dropping someone at TF Green. The internet sharpshooters should stick to video games or paper targets!

    14. whatevuh

      Another waste of my oxygen, who cares if he’s dead, I’m happy about it. Good job Providence PD

    15. Pablo

      The real crime here is not recording in landscape, you asshole.

    16. Stunt Penis

      Providence cops are trigger-happy yahoos.

      Even more rachet, though, is apparently the baby-momma for the deceased immediately took to facebook to profess his death (joseph santos was his name, apparently, and stacey lee tessier is the baby momma)… see facebook page ‘john depetro show’ for details.

    17. Blindman

      Any update on what DID happen here? I saw another video where there were at least two dozen police vehicles pursuing the truck. Some were marked cars, others were not. Guy must have done something serious to get that kind of police response.

    18. DJ Trump

      Glad they could sort that shithead out. I bet that headshot really fucked his day up. Too bad his old lady couldn’t join him.

    19. Provaintsobad

      Well he wasn’t armed. You pushed this editorial out faster than you probably bust a nut. I usually enjoy your well thought out stories where you take the time to research and push out a good story. But the girl didn’t deserve to get shot regardless of what the turd behind the wheel was doing. Smh…hold this L Turtlebih

    20. […] that happened in broad daylight on I-95 in Providence the other day, which we blogged about here, was pretty […]

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