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  • Sperm Sponge And Fam Go “Free My Baby Daddy” For Career Criminal Shot By Providence PD Despite Video Of Him Ramming Into Innocent People On Highway

    Sperm Sponge And Fam Go “Free My Baby Daddy” For Career Criminal Shot By Providence PD Despite Video Of Him Ramming Into Innocent People On Highway

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    The shooting that happened in broad daylight on I-95 in Providence the other day, which we blogged about here, was pretty intense:

    But we didn’t see anything that preceded it, so the free my boi patrol has been out in full force, claiming the perp wasn’t endangering anyone when he was killed:

    And in order to shut the food stamp fucksticks up the cops did a play by play of what led up to the shooting of career criminal Joseph “Joey” Santos, to show just how much destruction he caused:

    This was like the OJ chase on steroids, except they were actually driving fast, weaving in and out of traffic, and they didn’t shut down the highway for him:

    Driving in the breakdown lane:

    Before finally running out of room and rear ending the car in front of him:

    This is when the cops got out, told him to exit the vehicle, and he started to back into the car behind him

    Before once again hitting the gas and ramming into the poor woman’s driver side door in front of him:

    This selfish waste of oxygen easily could’ve killed this innocent woman had police not unloaded hell into his useless brain:

    And just to be a douche at the end he started spinning out his tires like he was the bachelor of the year at the Spencer Fair:

    Nevertheless the dindu nuffin patrol is still defending him, starting with his sister Justine Santos:

    “He was a good person that was scared, and not the person trying to hurt people that they’re trying to say he was,” said Justine Santos, the sister of Joseph “Joey” Santos, the man shot and killed by police after the truck he was driving wouldn’t stop.

    Santos said her brother was trying to straighten out his life when police took it away too soon.

    “He was just about to turn his life around.” – family members of every ratchet who has ever existed.

    Let me guess Justine, after that he was planning on opening up the barber shop right? I believe that’s how the hoodrat hopes and dreams story usually plays out in theory.

    She apparently thinks the cops were excessive:

    “What they chose to do was use live ammunition — in excess of 40 rounds — to stop an almost completely stopped car. My brother was wrong for not stopping and they were incredibly wrong for using the amount of force to stop a man who was actually innocent and scared.”

    Live ammunition? As opposed to what? Tranquilizer darts? But yea, the cops were wrong to use 40 rounds to take down your saint of a brother because he was “innocent.” I’m sure the woman in this vehicle he was ramming into agrees:

    Or the cops he tried to run over several times. Or the countless innocent civilians he clearly showed he had no problem killing as he led the police on a high speed chase on a crowded highway.

    Innocent. Very innocent.

    Oh, and this:

    She acknowledged that her brother has a criminal record. He had a suspended license and was driving an unregistered vehicle when he saw police attempt to pull him over.

    Yup, lots of good people with extensive criminal records drive around with a suspended license in an unregistered vehicle. He was scared to go to jail, therefore he should be allowed to endanger everyone else. His life is more important after all.

    Good thing Justine works at the Worcester Recover Center:

    Because according to her, Joey’s “mistake” shouldn’t have “cost a live,” and he’s actually an “amazing” person:

    Yup, just a bad decision. We all make bad decisions. Some of us forget to put a dryer sheet in with the laundry, others lead police on high speed chases and ram into innocent people. Same thing.

    Oh, and according to his Facebook page, he just got out of jail less than three months ago, something he proudly shows to the world:

    Here’s a fact. The world is a better place without this bootleg Eric Matthews right here:

    A MUCH better place. He served no purpose. He had a 0.0% chance of ever being a contributing member of society. And the only thing he could ever do is cause destruction and death to innocent people. Rhode Island is a safer and better place without him.

    Meanwhile, Baby Momma is leading the “fuck the police” he dindu nuffin brigade on her Facebook page:

    Mistaken identity? Pretty sure that was him driving a car and ramming into innocent people. But yea, I’ll tell your kids that they have no Dad. Because they never really had a “dad” in the first place. They had a sperm donor. But I do feel bad for them that they had to be fired out of your baby cannon, and not a normal woman who doesn’t get knocked up by a career criminal with a 0.0% chance of every being a real father.

    Nevertheless, she’s gonna “fight for him”:

    Because he was “unarmed”:

    A truck could never be considered a weapon. It’s not like terrorists regularly use trucks to kill innocent civilians or anything like that. Definitely “unarmed.”

    Let me guess Stacey – you’re a fan of the dog filter:

    Never saw that one coming.

    I guess I can see what she saw in him. After all, he had a lot of offer:

    Do you have a functional cervix scraper and a GED? Congratulations, you can now apply to be Stacey’s newest baby daddy after the recent vacancy!!!

    Although I’m sure her Facebook friends were glad to see she was taking a break from her usual routine of trying to get them to sign onto the pyramid scheme she fell for:

    That and the standard ratchet rant about how her kid’s teachers aren’t keeping her kid safe at school:

    And pictures of her with the newest womb broom who’s taking her to pound town in their matching “Bone” shirts:

    The ratchet express echo chamber agreed with her:

    Yea, he was blocked in and couldn’t go anywhere, therefore he wasn’t a danger to anyone else:


    According to others they were “dehumanizing” him by not releasing his name initially:

    Hey Trashley, you can’t dehumazine someone who is barely a human being to begin with. Just sayin.

    Then there was Jennifer Lee Pease:

    Jennifer Pease? Bitch please.

    Yea, you’re right, if the passenger was really innocent it would be sad that she was collateral damage. Perhaps she shouldn’t choose to exchange love juices with a career criminal next time she’s on HoodratsOnly.com. Ya know, play the odds. But please, tell me more about how sure you are that he “could have been stopped another way besides deadly force.” After all, you’re the expert on police tactics and the appropriate time to use deadly force. Perhaps the next time a terrorist tries to kill a bunch of innocent people we can ask him nicely to reconsider and bake him a cake instead.

    Jennifer’s commentary was brilliant, as you would imagine. According to her it was OK for him to flea the police because he feared them:

    Ya know who doesn’t fear the police? People who aren’t breaking the law. Might wanna give that a try in the next life.

    In the least surprising news ever Jennifer celebrated “overdose awareness day”

    That’s a thing that exists and people are proud of apparently. Perfectly normal.

    Not to be outdone was Julie Marie Bell, a crotchrocket extraordinaire who offered these nuggets of wisdom:

    Yup, it’s the cop’s fault because they aren’t trained right. So says the Pawtucket village cheesehog:

    Who naturally enjoys the dog filter

    Graveyard selfies

    And blowing kisses to the “haters”

    Julie has really mastered the English language like none other:

    And although she hates the hustle, she really struggles with it because the hustle loves her:

    Classic spunktrumpet conflict.

    I guess today there was some sort of “Justice for Joseph Santos” rally:

    Which seems rather unnecessary since he already received the justice he earned.

    Anyway, as terrible as these enablers are, the only people who are worse are the MSM frauds, particularly Fox 25 News, for putting out headlines like this:

    “Search ends with a different man dead.”

    In other words, they’re trying to make it seem like the cops killed the wrong guy, since they were looking for a guy who stole a police car around the same time. They want you to believe you’re living in an episode of Reno 911, because they’re just “real news” like that. I guess this is why they always wait for us to break a story first. Because they can’t help but fuck it up when they do it on their own.

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    1. mike

      i saw that video yesterday and it looked bad, but had the police not kept the truck from leaving other people could have gotten hurt. shooting out the tires wouldn’t have done it.

      1. Chris

        Anybody that thinks the cops did not stop an assault and battery, possible attempted murder in progress while he was ramming that car should have their head examined.

        1. mike

          you want to examine my penis?

          1. Buck Farack

            What? Is it even visible?

      2. Brian

        So you think this loser would not have driven on rims and taken out a dozen school children if he could have?? The cops did nothing wrong. This man was endangering the lives of contributing members of society trying to live their lives. Fuck him he should not in hell.

        1. mike

          take your medication

        2. Smh

          Read it again.. he said shooting out the tires WOULDN’T have done it.

      3. Just Saying

        What, shoot out the tires! You’ve been watching much tv.

        1. mike

          just porn videos of your mom

        2. Smh

          Read it again.. he said shooting out the tires WOULDN’T have done it.

      4. JR

        Shooting out the tires?
        In case you don’t know much about ballistics, meet Mr. Rick O’Shea

        That shit only works in Hollywood. It would be like shooting the knife out of someones hands, or just shooting someone in the leg.

        1. mike

          lol, its not your fault you’re stupid.

        2. Smh

          How hard is it to actually read? Go back and read It again. Wouldn’t!!! The dam key word is wouldn’t. Lmfao

    2. Stan the man

      A full ratchet pageant in pictures.
      Like a hall of fame.

    3. Heck yeah

      The only thing I took away from this blog is that I’d like to show Justine Santos my crank bait!

    4. BH

      The most surprising part of this whole thing is that Santos and his sister have the same last name. Otherwise there’s literally nothing unique about any of it.

      1. Dave

        BH… that’s the funniest f’n thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for the humor!!! Ill be laughing on and off the rest of the day with that comment. love the humor

    5. Seargent Slaughter

      The truth of the matter is the cops could probably shoot up any car in Providence at any given time and hit a criminal. It just so happened that it was this guy. Providence is a shithole.

    6. Wwy

      Happy Veterans Day to all who fought against Jewish communists. Let’s hope no more Jew wars fought by Americans.

      1. kevi packs a mean 9 iron

        fuck you you small dicked asshole.

      2. Kegger

        You want to post antis-emetic shit then use your real name so. We know who you are you ignorant fuck

      3. mike

        he’s right tho.
        ever hear of leon trotsky?
        aka leon braunstein of manhatten.
        The first thing the commies did was outlaw religion( russians are christian).
        The revolution was bankrolled by the federal reserve, and you know what they did to the tsar and his children right? They murdered them, and then chopped them up.
        So who’s ignorant?

        1. mike

          killing children, it dont get any more jewish than that!

    7. Turtleiride

      Any arrest record?

      1. Stuart P

        Lengthy. The article mentions he was released from prison recently. Providence Journal had an article on him today- mostly theft and drugs.

    8. Sloppy

      This thread is like a bunch of yearbook photos of all the people who hang out at the welfare office in Pawtucket on the 1st of every month.
      And what in the fuck is the meaning of the back-of-the-hand sideways peace sign thing every single shiftless layabout loser ratchet male poses with in photos?

    9. Stuart P

      I love the logic of these turds. What’s the difference between this guy and the other drivers of the white pickups that got pulled over that morning. 1. They stopped when the police pulled the over. That is all.

      This clown stops and he gets arrested on his warrants, probably is eating KFC with his side piece Friday night. And baby momma would be bitching about all the child support she’s not receiving instead of pretending she cares about his death.

    10. bigdaddy

      when you post these screnshots of these ratchets you need to have closed captioning to translate it from ghetto to english

    11. Chip Striker

      Glad he’s dead, too bad people had to be inconvenienced with traffic though.Thats the real tragedy here.

    12. Hillary Duffs Snatch

      What about that poor truck!

      First the douche bag crashes it into everything then the cops shoot it up.

    13. Daisy Mae

      Jesus, I thought the fupaslugs from Fall River were nasty as fuck…..these things might actually top them.
      Oh, and dude went all using a truck as a deadly weapon because he was driving without a license and no insurance. Dude should of just went back to his boys in the slammah! Instead. He decided to play like a moron, and got his. Sorry, not sorry.

    14. Dirt nap time

      If one wants to drive dangerously with a truck, which can and is used as a deadly weapon. This is what one gets, deserves it too. He’s better off exiting the planet, because guaranteed he would have been creating more future havoc.

    15. Ran Dather

      If Kim Jong Un was able to get a warhead on a ballistic missile and aim it anywhere, why not Providence? Would anyone care? Would anyone know? Shitty city, shitty zoo, shitty airport and looks like none of the citizens are literate and certainly none should be allowed to breed. Fallout would go to Brockton.

      I cannot see any negatives in the idea.

    16. Self

      Note to self. Do not drive white pickup truck in Providence today.

    17. The Vorlon

      The Darwin winner brought a truck to a gun fight.

    18. Justice for All

      Hey….He was cornered, told to get out, but proceeded to try to ram his way out, putting the police AND a civilian in danger. FOLKS….THUGS….CRIMINALS….THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO NOT OBEY THE ORDER OF A POLICE OFFICER WHILE TRYING TO CAUSE HARM. THEY FUCKING SHOOT YOU. (And when you have these gangsta’ blacked out windows, they have no idea who you are or what the fuck you are going to do.) Why do you think it would happen any other way? Lives were endangered. It’s unfortunate, but that’s they way it goes. People need to stop thinking they have these inalienable rights to do whatever the fuck they want. To be quite frank, I am not surprised by this thug’s actions, or the unfortunate consequences. When the police tell you to do something, YOU DO IT. If you have been wronged, you take it up after. But in the moment, do as you are told. I don’t care what fucking race you are (because they WILL make this a race thing since there are sooooo many hispanics who choose crime over a career in criminal justice.) They HAVE that authority. Sorry!

    19. Barack Obama

      I wish this man was one of the “could have been my son” type guys. Me and my people would have a field day with this one. I could have caused more burning than the California wild fires.

    20. Rosie ODonnells fat roll

      I smell a protest coming.

      1. Justice for All

        They’re too lazy to protest. Protesters have to get up before noon.

    21. Steve O

      All of this on a bride. That made everything more dangerous and quick decisions more important. Civilians were in danger

    22. Steve O

      All of this on a bridge That made everything more dangerous and quick decisions more important. Civilians were in danger

    23. DJ Trump

      The whole smoking the tires things was probably involuntary, most likely due to a spastic nervous system while it was shutting down after this shithead took a headshot to his fusebox. Ole Santos most likely pissed and shit the truck seat up too. Nice mag-dump officers!

    24. Common Man

      Appropriate that the shitbag takes a selfie in front of a bunch of Porta Potties……..

    25. Common Man

      Appropriate that the shitbag takes a selfie in front of a bunch of Porta Potties……..

    26. Kevin Lynch

      Not surprisingly that I know a few who liked this story. It is so insanely hypocritical though. The same group talks about being so street tough, so loyal and not a rat, loyal to mobsters in Boston and working in liqueur stores and other $13 and other jobs at the age of 42.
      And others from Fitchburg whom I know sold food stamps, stole and went without paying the landlord.
      Both groups out here pointing fingers at ithers,lmao.
      A couple even were part of a youth gang in the 80s that called them selves Bulls and wore Chicago bulls hats.
      The hypocrisy is off the charts on TBS.
      Some have scored a job say at a hospital that had job security and they feel that they are the only ones who ever worked.

      1. Hospital Security

        …and we wait patiently for your fat bloated corpse in our hospital morgue too. We have plans for you fatboy.

    27. […] we published this blog about the baby momma of Joseph Santos, who was killed by Providence police after leading them on a […]

    28. Stunt Penis

      Those are some of the ugliest broads I’ve seen in a long time.

    29. Publius

      Santos go t what he wanted. He will not RIP.

    30. don

      I lost a few IQ points from just reading her friends posts. What is it that people can not spell these days? Maybe too busy on the backs making more babies to get that check.

    31. The Executioner

      At first I thought it was a bit of excessive force…until I saw the video and him ramming other cars. The police did exactly what they were supposed to do when lives of the public are in imminent danger. I wish they hadn’t taken the risks with their own lives and instead just tomahawked the vehicle with a drone…killing the driver and any ratchet close enough to be associated with him. Another POS like Zambrano. Rest in Hell asshole.

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