We Spent $500 On Boosted Posts For Our New Facebook Page, They Took Our Money And Shut Down Our Page As Well As 2 Fan Pages

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So in the last 3-4 hours we have lost the following Facebook pages:

  • Turtleboy Sports Forever – 18,300 followers
  • Turtleboy Sports – fan page not owned or operated by us with 13,400 followers
  • Massachusetts Stands with Turtleboy – fan page with only 200 followers

This is the only notification our admins received:

That’s it. Keep in mind this page has never been suspended. It has never had a single post removed. Facebook did not tell us what we did wrong. Facebook did not remove any posts for allegedly violating the terms of service. Facebook simply took our business page away because they felt like it and provided zero explanation.

In the meantime please like and follow the following pages:

Turtleboy Sports Smiles and Sunshine

Turtleboy Sports

Clarence Woods Emerson

The last one is a personal account. We’ve never tried this before. You don’t have to friend request Clarence, you can just follow him. But he’s gonna be the point man and post all Turtleboy blogs going forward. Right wing comedian Amiri King uses this model and has 1.3 million followers on his page. It’s worth a shot for now.

And we will never, ever, ever let Facebook stop us from growing and spreading the Revolution. We’ve got thousands of followers on Twitter and IG. Instagram is pretty useless but you should definitely follow us on Twitter. If you don’t have an account then create one. Twitter lets us stay up. They deserve your business more than Facebook does at this point. We also have an iTunes and SoundCloud channel, as well as an app. And every day the vast majority of people who come to our blog do so by going directly to our homepage Turtleboysports.com:

As you can see we’re averaging about 4,000 viewers every hour, and close to 100,000 a day. This is the traffic we were getting with 112,000 Facebook followers. We literally haven’t lost a beat. All we’ve done is expand to new outlets. Yes, Facebook would help and we enjoy using it the most. But we will survive and persevere regardless.

The other day we spent $500 on boosted posts. We normally don’t waste our money because our content is so good that we can pick up 3,000 followers every week organically. Our user engagement when you compare it to other similarly sized pages is astronomical.

Facebook gladly accepted our money. They boosted our posts, which might have appeared in your timeline as sponsored posts. Then they shut our page down. They never provided the guaranteed impressions that we paid for. They literally stole our money.

Imagine any other business doing something like this and getting away with it. You go to buy a car, put down $5,000, and then there’s no car. You could get that fixed by making a couple phone calls. But Facebook has no customer service. They have no phone number. No email. Nothing. They’ll gladly take your money, but then when the service is not provided they are unreachable. They are an untouchable entity that is allowed to conduct business in the United States of America.

Where’s congress on this one? Where’s the people’s Senator Liz Warren? This is a multi-billion dollar company stealing money from small businesses and working class Americans. Isn’t this what she does? And instead of, I dunno, regulating Facebook, they’re too busy trying to figure out if Facebook made me vote for Donald Trump.

Last week we broke a really big story about a Mass State Trooper having a previous life as a drug dealer. The Boston Globe and WBZ news both credited us and linked us.

Media pundits have been giving us credit on Twitter as well:

Hell, professors are teaching about us in their classes:


It’s undeniably real news. Facebook is censoring it. This is unacceptable. Send this to everyone you know. Send it to every major media outlet you follow on Twitter and Facebook. Be relentless. Make noise. They don’t get to get away with this any longer.

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  • Lt Dan
    February 28, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    You could tell me that crit with three eyes, two noses and the hair lip from the pop up ad is a photoshop or from Webster and I’d believe you

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