• We Were Wrong For Using The Term “Stillborn” In Our Hatchimals Blog

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    The other day we published this blog about Hatchimals that weren’t hatching, and others that appeared to be in heat while panting “fuck me.” However, in our title we referred to the broken ones as stillborn Hatchimals, after that term started trending on Twitter:

    A few loyal turtle riders on Facebook mentioned how disappointed they were to see this term used in a satirical blog about Hatchimals, because of the pain and trauma that comes along with giving birth to a stillborn baby. And they’re 100% right, and we were in the wrong for using that term. As someone who has never experienced this, it is insensitive to people who have experienced it. And as you know, we are usually the last people on earth to admit when something is insensitive. The term “triggering” is thrown around loosely in our society, but this is one case where it’s perfectly acceptable to say it. You don’t come to Turtleboy to be reminded of a tragedy you experienced.

    We trust our readers, and we know they would never come forward with gripes unless they’re legitimate. We are not above admitting when we fucked up. If you think we’ve crossed a line about anything, feel free to let us know. As long as it’s legit, we will always hear you out. Thank you for your understanding.



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    1. whodunit

      Omg your turning into pussies at turtle boy

    2. This TB is really a SJW

      If people get triggered by words not directed at them, fuck them, they’re nothing but a snowflake. There’s nothing wrong with saying stillborn hatchimals. This is what’s wrong with the fucked up PC nonsense in our country. Stop catering to wimps.

      1. KJDS

        Ever lost a baby? Shut up.

        1. whodunit

          Nope but I’ve lost plenty of people. Dead babies should be happy they didn’t have to live in this fucked up world

          1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

            Yeah – having poseur morons like you in it makes it sooo much better.

        2. This TB is really a SJW

          We be better off outlawing showing babies in public so mothers who lost babies won’t be reminded. What happens more often, seeing babies in public or seeing the word “stillborn”? Moron.

        3. Jack Mehoff

          Yes, we did. 1984. I read The whole article, I wasn’t triggered. If the comment was directed at me and meant to inflict hurt I would respond accordingly but when it’s said innocently, stop being so offended.

          I could provide a list of my personal opinions of people who should never have been born (lots of politicians and celebrities) but they have families who love them. Saying someone is a load that should have been swallowed is offensive but taken in the proper context, amusing and innocent.

    3. GFY

      The stillborn comment was the glue holding together a weak blog. Don’t apologize for it. The turtle is gonna turtle! It was trending for a reason, because it’s funny. If we can’t joke about babies, what’s next? No rape jokes? Ridiculous

      1. Dzazah

        I’d barely call it trending. And yeah dude, no fucking rape jokes. Stillbirth and rape are both traumatic events that hold long term mental implications for the person that was subjected to it, which are primarily women. You joke about it because you can not empathize, because you cannot experience it. You clearly lack the intelligence to be funny/find humor without incorporating ~risky~ And blatantly offensive punchlines. Looks like you’re the real snowflake here.

        1. whodunit

          Long term mental issues like turning someone toward addiction. Making them a drunk or junkie

    4. Fatfingr Lou

      Isn’t Stilbjorn a character in the History Channel’s Vikings series?

    5. BobnMic

      Great story about stuffed animals in eggs. I like your writing choices and style! Do you want to hook up in a private chatroom sometime?

    6. Make America great again

      Better delete the words “abortion and miscarriage ” trigger words Fuck off, it’s satire

    7. CM

      There is no such thing as satire with the word stillborn. Until you have been through it and dealt with the devastation it causes to not only you, but your entire family, you cannot possibly understand. To that i call you lucky beyond your wildest dreams, and can somewhat understand your ignorance to pound your chest against PC and SJW everywhere by writing write “fuck off” (the common thread between us all)… but let me tell you, until you have been there you have ZERO right to an opinion on this subject, and this has absolutely nothing to do with political correctness. As much as I would love to smack ANYONE upside the head with a wrench that has the balls to call someone that had experienced a stillborn a snowflake (just by the sight of the word), I would never be as cruel to wish it on them. I wasnt going to stop reading TB because of it, or protest shit, i can deal with things that I don’t agree with, at least he is man enough to admit when he may have crossed a line…. can’t wait to listen to you LUCKY PEOPLE slam this.

      1. JP

        What is 12 inches long, stiff, and makes my wife scream?…..her stillborn

        1. Dgaf


    8. Wwy

      Yea stillborn is very real and not anyone’s fault,aborted would of been better they actually murder their child knowingly. A SJW never admits they were wrong TB has more guts than any newspaper and those writers are always wrong.

    9. Ryan

      Oh my god, the fucking sensitive sallys make me vomit.

    10. april

      That was very cool of Turtleboy.

    11. Wtf

      I understand people got upset over the use of the word stillborn , however as a women who has had a full term stillbirth i did not take offense. There is no comparison between a toy and a child. But it is a word and In the realm of satire, comedy or turtle comedy its all meant to be funny statements. I do not truly believe a normal person would use the term to be hurtful , but since we now live in a pansy world creative writing and satire are considered negative or better yet bullying. That word best suited what was occurring with the stupid useles toy and should not have been take. Any other way. If you are that sensitive about your experience then thats a YOU issue not a turtle issue. Its too bad that freedom of speech and comedic rants on any level are now dissected by those among us that get butt hurt over everything.
      Just my opinion , which i am free to express as well as others. But if you are likely to take offense to things the turtle may say , then dont read things here. Find somewhere else to ponder the world and the morons that live in it. This is why i still so confused by “cyber bullying ” also , no one is forcing a person to be on the internet or facebook or where ever this said “bullying” takes place. Its a button , push it , and find something better to do. It really really is that easy. But since we now have an entire generation of whiners and Pansy’s i think that concept is just out of the grasp of their fancy , entitled , un-callused , manicured “dont hurt my feelings fingers.
      Thanks this is my
      Rant of the day.

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