• Webster Knobcheese Selling Used Sex Swing For $80 Was Previously Turtleboy Famous After Door To Door Pie Scam For Diabetic Child

    Webster Knobcheese Selling Used Sex Swing For $80 Was Previously Turtleboy Famous After Door To Door Pie Scam For Diabetic Child

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    Anyone in the market for a used adult sex swing? Because if so, I know a guy:

    And it’s only been used 69 times. Dog not included. Although the dog has more than likely been included previously. Just sayin.

    Pretty bold move selling a used sex swing though. I’m sure she’s cleaned it pretty thoroughly, as can be seen from the pristine condition of the bedroom. Then again, who could resist the urge to rub up against four year old splooge stains from this Webster orgasm machine:


    The best part about this picture is how she didn’t even bother cleaning up the room first. So many questions unanswered:

    • Why is there a bag of trash hanging from the closet door?
    • Is that a spunk stain on the floor?
    • Does shoving all your dirty clothes underneath the bed count as cleaning? (In Webster, the answer of course is yes)
    • If I buy the adult swing does the leopard skin covering come with it, or is that extra?
    • Do I need my own pulley system?
    • Why is there a coffee maker in the bedroom?

    If Rachel Renaud’s face looks familiar, it’s because that’s because it turns out we blogged about her in December, back when she was going door to door selling pies that were allegedly for a school fundraiser, and then pocketed the cash:






    So just to sum this up. This lady shows up at doors, selling pies for her son’s school (Bartlett High School) fundraiser. She says he can’t come because he has diabetes and can’t handle the walk. Turns out the son does in fact have diabetes, but she’s not actually selling pies. She’s just using his disability to pocket the cash and never deliver the food. She also did her homework and found out that Mary Fisher Elementary School in Thompson was in fact having a pie fundraiser at this time, selling them for the same exact price with the same exact dropoff date. So she made it seem legit if anyone looked into it.

    Obviously she’s got a collection of Google Courthouse Trophies:


    And she’s got a bunch of GoFundMe scams too:


    After we exposed her she deactivated her Facebook page and laid low for a while. But it was really only a matter of time until she came back. We just didn’t know how she’d come back. Should’ve figured it would be to sell a used sex swing.


    We urge you to support the following local businesses.


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    1. Stunt Penis

      Is her hair red in that first photo?

      Would explain quite a bit…


      Hey older men! The next time she comes selling apple pie for $17 my bet is she will give up the peach pie for $20. Just sayin

    3. Simmons Fuller

      haha. great article…..looks like there is a mini fridge and microwave in there too….so its a bedroom/kitchen/romper room call combined.

    4. Publius

      Gross on so many levels. The room too.



    6. Lisa flood

      NO KITTY THATS MY PIEEEEEEE!! Starvin’ MARVIN’ that’s my Pieeeeeeee !!!

    7. #shesgotcrotchrot

      I bet the ass strap smells like the gusset of her underwear, wet gym bag sprinkled with rotted tuna guts. This bitch looks like she’s got crotch rot. I’m surprised there’s not a reflection of her or her tub o lard beau naked in the background.

      1. I'm rubber you're glue

        Ok you just made me throw up a little in my mouth ugh

      2. I'm rubber you're glue

        Imagine this is your mom? I feel awful for the boy. But looking at that room she apparently rents i highly doubt she has custody much less visitation. Omg just the thought of the poor kid visiting mommy and playing on that swing not knowing what its truly for.

    8. Lt Dan

      4/10 but I’d fuck her in the swing. Alcoholism is a disease btw. Don’t judge me.

    9. The Vorlon

      Now for the eternal question: Is there enough bleach in the world?

      I didn’t think so…

    10. Devils Mouthpiece

      Call the hazmat team to dispose of that disgusting contraption. Then burn the swing too.

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