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  • Worcester Drug Dealer/Business Owner Kevin Perry Facing Life In Prison Gives One Final Fuck You To His Wife On Facebook Because He Says She’s Cheating Already 

    Worcester Drug Dealer/Business Owner Kevin Perry Facing Life In Prison Gives One Final Fuck You To His Wife On Facebook Because He Says She’s Cheating Already

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    A couple months back Kevin Perry, the owner of The Usual and The Blackstone Tap in Worcester, was arrested for all sorts of fentanyl distribution. Dude was running around spending millions of dollars on property after being released from prison in 2008 for drug dealing. Basically he was asking to get caught. This week he plead guilty and faces potentially life in prison.

    He’ll be sentenced in January, but evidently he’s out on bail until then, because he posted this rant yesterday on his Facebook page, indicating that his wife will not be sticking by his side while he’s making tummy pancakes in a cell:


    Alright, so just so I have this straight. The drug dealing peace of shit says

    • His wife told the feds that she was having a sexual affair with another dude, less than 2 months after he was arrested.
    • The affair began when a guy asked her to have sex with another woman in the back of his drug front business, presumably so he could watch.
    • But the guy couldn’t help himself and stuck his digits where they didn’t belong, deep inside Kevin’s wife’s meat wallet.
    • The other girl told him to get the fuck out, but his wife wasn’t willing to continue scissoring her without his magical digits exploring her penis fly trap.
    • His wife continued to be propositioned by the dude, but she turned him down.
    • Eventually she gave in because she was “in a bad spot emotionally” and admitted to the feds that he “bent her over” on a desk four times.
    • His wife elected to give access to $430K of Kevin’s drug money to the digital diddler that was gonna be forfeited to the government.
    • Because of this money now being gone he is getting extra years and is losing his business and house.

    Yea sorry, but I take everything drug dealers post on Facebook with a grain of salt. It’s just insane that he’s even out on bail. How is that possible? He plead guilty to a crime that could land him in prison for life. He’s guilty. And the first thing he does when he gets let out is update his Facebook page to smear his wife and some other dude. I don’t even care if it’s true, when you’re going to prison for that long it’s a given that your wife is gonna cheat on you. Everyone knows the deal. After all, a badunkadunk like this is a terrible thing to waste:

    Plus this dude is a weirdo. This is his cover photo:

    That’s actually him and his wife. Perfectly normal engagement photos.

    But seriously, I kind of hope it’s true. If his wife handed over $430K in drug money to a dude with magical fingers, just to make sure her husband stays in jail for longer, I can’t help but respect that move. On the other hand there’s just no fucking way she didn’t know he was a major fentanyl dealer. How do you not know where your ex-con spouse is getting all this cash from? She was his front chick for the license commission. Either way, I feel like we should let all prisoners use Facebook, just because it would be so entertaining.


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    1. JoeClam

      She’d be huge fun, lubing her butt up and giving her the ride of my lifetime…Two little fried eggs for tots and I’ll do her like a superstar…Mr. Hubs…. he dropped the soap… OMG can you imagine Rufus-T-LeRoy ploughing his 10″ of negro telephone pole in your hiney, you’ll feel like you just ate Mexico, the amount of burning crap you deposited in the toilet in the am..

      1. ChrisInShrewsbury


        Usually I’m with you man, she’s pretty fucking hot. In this case, no thanks. She knew Perry’s history, marries him anyways. So gross.

        Google this guy Kevin Perry, and it’s pure gold. He’s got more CONVICTIONS than you can count. Wow.

        Stacey is clearly complicit with these crimes, and it boggles my mind that the Feds haven’t indicted her yet. Was she a cooperating witness? Is she a rat? If so, I give her a year.

    2. Rochambeau

      This isn’t how money laundering works. Dude could have set up the most non-profitable church in Main South. Nice trophy wife… I wonder why she suddenly lacked any integrity. Weird.

    3. Bill Clinton

      Kevin’s wife looks lonely. I can help cheer her up. No fingers for me… just a cigar. What’s her number?

    4. Local Real Local

      She is way, way out of his league. He should’ve had his lips permanently sewn to her ass and thanked her everyday for just being in the house, never mind married.

      She must be in a bad place emotionally, the fact that she didn’t leave him is testament to the fact that she must have been abused in the relationship. What f*cking douche bag takes a photograph of his semi-clothed wife and posts it for all to see?

      He will not get life in prison. The deal is already worked out and he will get 10 years. As a reminder, under US Bureau of Prison standards, federal inmates get credit for “good behavior”. I believe (dont quote me) they must serve 86% of the original sentence to be eligible for parole.
      He should be required

    5. The People are Watching

      Apparently, that complete asshole Nick Moudious, Esq. of the Worcester Housing Court was involved in some of the Perry’s conveyancing transactions, namely representing the Seller when Perry purchased Woodford Street. Metzger’s office represented Perry’s financier, BayState Savings Bank in that transaction.

      I hope the DOJ/FBI goes after all of them and makes them purge back what they received. I hope the DOJ seizes all of the property and everyone of these greedy cocksuckers, takes it in the ass.

    6. Sloppy

      He’ll be cheating on her again when he gets to MCI Concord and takes brown anaconda up his colon while he’s playing the rusty trombone.

    7. Chuck

      She had to know about his drug dealing. Low life.

    8. Stunt Penis

      A bit heavy in the ass, but absolutely beautiful tits. Really good job there. I wonder who the surgeon was and how much they cost.

      1. wabbitt

        Dude, the ass is perfect. If anything she could use a little more meat down there.

        And I don’t mean mine. 😉

    9. Tony

      He has a 19 y.o. mentality going on Facebook. It shows how out there he is and could hurt him too. Really dumb move.

    10. ?

      Why is this turd out free on bail? The incompetent who granted right for bail should be removed from his-her position as a prosecutor.

      1. Craig

        My first thought too, not a flight risk ?

      2. ChrisInShrewsbury

        Ummm… Judge sets Bail, not the prosecutor.

        Unless, you’re extremely versed in the Bail Reform of 1984, and then there’s some specific guidance around how the Gov’t Attorney can influence this. Specifically with drug charges (and many violent crimes), it truly is surprising. Defense Attorney > USDA, go figure!


        1. ?

          @Chris: Even though 99% of time you’re correct in fact that a judge sets the bail, something tells me of this being different here. There must be some influence peddling here, especially if he’s free for now, acknowledging it’s nearly 3 months before being sentenced.

    11. G. Rundle

      My favorite part of this is how you left some of the names uncovered so we all can know exactly who else was involved.

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