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  • Worcester Hoodboogers Do The Mogadishu Mambo After Ignoring Stop Sign On Bicycle At Dangerous Intersection

    Worcester Hoodboogers Do The Mogadishu Mambo After Ignoring Stop Sign On Bicycle At Dangerous Intersection

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    Yesterday we published this blog about the epidemic in Worcester of litters of junior hoodrats riding around on bikes, swerving into oncoming vehicles, and often doing so on the yellow OFO bikes that City Manager Ed Augustus thought would be a good idea to bring to Worcester. For further proof on why it’s a bad idea to give these little gutterslugs bicycles, we present to you video footage from the intersection of Mason and Parker Street as evidence of why Worcester can’t have nice things:

    Boom! Right in the kisser!

    So here we have two winners riding on a bicycle that odds are originated somewhere near Tatnuck Square. They’re riding traditional slum clown style with one riding on the pegs while the other focuses on the road in front of them. Notice they are going downhill:

    There is a stop sign that you can’t see in the video because it is obstructed by the bush on the right, but from their angle they can clearly see it. They can also see cars driving down Mason Street and not stopping because they do not have a stop sign:

    Nevertheless they decided that using their breaks is for wack ass bitches and they did the Mogadishu Mambo directly into an oncoming NAPA truck:

    Oh yea, that’ll leave a mark.

    Here’s another video of another moron deciding that stop signs are for pussies at the same intersection a couple weeks later:

    And that is how you make a Main South pancake.

    Wicked smart.

    And these are the adults. You can imagine the much more rational and level headed decisions that 13 year olds make. Because everyone knows that teenagers are known for their intuition and reasoning.

    In fairness, minivans have had a similar fate at this intersection:

    Minivans lol. Those things were all the rage for soccer Moms on the West Side back in the 90’s. Then they moved onto Suburbans and Honda Pilots and the minivans all made their way to the hood.

    This is the same neighborhood from that car insurance scam story we broke back in February:

    It’s a place where junkboxes have zero problem shooting up in broad daylight:

    Where neighborhood children on bikes come to throw their family’s trash on the sidewalk:

    This of course is Sarai Rivera’s district, where everything gets worse while she’s cutting ribbons, making money off her fake churches, turning Worcester into a sanctuary city, and blaming Worcester’s problems on Turleboy. She has made zero effort to fix this problem, and now that the Gaffney’s are skipping town it will continue to be neglected. Sad.

    Anyway, some people think that the Mason and Parker Street intersection should be a four way stop. As a freedom lover I generally oppose the addition of any more stop signs. There should be no four way stops unless you’re in a town. Cities shouldn’t have them. Either have a light, a rotary, or a two way stop. One street gets designated as the busier street and they don’t get the stop sign. If you’re not smart enough to stop at the stop sign then you get creamed. It’s not our job to put up stop signs which inconvenience the rest of us because you’re too stupid to figure out how not to get yourself creampied by a NAPA truck.



    We urge you to support the following local businesses. They provide terrific services for the community!

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    Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 8.48.23 PM

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    1. Homonym

      The word is “brakes” not “breaks”.

      1. MJS

        Thank you for taking the time to point out such an agregious mistake. Today, you are my hero!

        1. Homonym

          The word is “egregious “.

      2. ElJefe72

        Who are you callin’ a homo?!?

    2. Wtf

      I really hope this video was sent to police so that Napa driver doesn’t get in trouble AND doesn’t need therapy forever. Without video he/she would totally be responsible and have no way to prove that the shitstains on the bike blew the sign. Idiots.

      1. 5HourEnergy'd

        I was thinking the same thing (along with hoping more videos of these tardos are posted because these were the funniest videos I’ve seen all week… especially when the one kid drags himself to the other kid at the end on the NAPA video.). People complain about security cameras violating privacy, but quite frankly I believe the biggest complainers are the ones who are getting caught doing stupid crap like blowing stop signs while riding bikes (without helmets, no less).

    3. Worcester Wangster

      Scary how many people can’t even see/obey a stop sign.
      Just be lucky these people don’t drive!

      1. King Richard

        On Mason street, cars drive literally 90 MPH.

    4. Rethuglycon

      What is “mogadishu mambo” supposed to imply?

      1. DJ Trump

        The “mogadishu mambo” is the stupid shit Africans do while high on “Jenkum”

        1. DJ Trump

          Jenkem whatever.

    5. Jack

      Junkies shooting up in broad daylight. At least they used to hide doing it in the seventies. Now, just another day in the famous yellow bike city.

    6. whatevuh

      LMAO Darwin approves . . . .

    7. Charisma Beauty

      When I was kid in Worcester I once told my father that Worcester was a filthy city. He quickly corrected me and said that a city is not able to be filthy; a city becomes filthy because filthy people live there. Those fucking pigs who dump their trash on the street are living proof that my dad was correct.

    8. Dick Hertz from Holden

      “mogadishu mambo” now that is friggin funny hope it’s a dump truck full of gravel next time, that will teach these little assholes a lesson go back to Somalia

    9. DJ Trump

      10 points each?
      20 pointer right there!!!
      Not bad for not even trying!

    10. They call me Ponch

      I could watch videos like that all day.

      If I didn’t have a job that is.

      Funny as hell

    11. itsmeagain

      You mentioned “Gaffneys”.

      Rhymes with “Pussys”.

      Turtleboy, get a conscience. Please.

    12. Ryan

      Run ’em over and fill in some potholes!

    13. take back the welfare and you take back the streets

      Can we organize a night race down this hill for woostah criminals 8 to 80? ….. while a stream of triaxles with county and wing plows, cross in a train. The random few that squeak between the trucks and make it to the bottom win a chance to do it again.

    14. a friend

      i would remove this one for the lawsuit or be a target for accusations of racism

      1. sorry, dudes

        nvm I’m sorry for my posts i was trying to help but just making things worse i fear

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