• You’re Not Special Just Because You Stand Up To Imaginary Nazis The Media Lied To You About While Holding Signs

    You’re Not Special Just Because You Stand Up To Imaginary Nazis The Media Lied To You About While Holding Signs

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    The Nazis and white supremacists at the “free speech” rally were out of control today. All 12 of them.

    And yes, that’s right – a white supremacist rally was being led by a brown guy with a megaphone running for Senate. That guy’s name is Shiva. He’s an Indian immigrant and he’s gonna be a guest on Turtleboy Live tomorrow night to talk about the rally, since no one could hear a word of what was said in that Gazebo. Ya know, because Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh completely disregarded the First Amendment today and banned the media from filming the speeches that took place in there. No big deal. It’s just the first civil liberty the Founding Fathers thought of when they drafted the Bill of Rights.

    The SJWs at Barstool were calling out the imaginary Nazis for not showing up:

    It’s almost as if they don’t exist. It’s almost as if the media lied to us that this was a white nationalist rally. It’s almost as if they’ve intentionally given us the impression that Nazis are taking over the country when they’re not. It’s almost as if Barstool just wanted to sell more overpriced shirts to gullible 19 year olds with their father’s credit cards.

    The Nostrildamus himself, DJ Bean, was VERY upset that no Nazis showed up:

    Because how can they run with their “Boston is a racist city,” and “Nazis are everywhere because of Trump” narrative without any actual Nazis to shame?

    Oh, and on that note, this completely destroys the “Boston is a racist city” narrative, right? Think about it. The KKK basically had an open invitation to come to town today. You saw them in Charlottesville, they don’t give a fuck. These cretins have no shame. Tens of thousands of counter protesters showed up but not a SINGLE white supremacist or Nazi could be bothered? Where were all the people who had NO PROBLEM calling Adam Jones the n word in front of thousands of people at Fenway Park? It’s almost like that whole thing was made up too.


    With that said, anyone who went to the counter-protest today only did so because they wanted to pat themselves on the back, feel good about themselves, and convince themselves they stood up to Nazis. The signs say it all:

    Whoa!!! You guys are against Nazis?? That’s such a radical and dangerous position to take. I mean, I saw a lot of “Lesbians FOR the Nazis and the Klan” signs, but it’s easy to take that stance. It’s hard to be AGAINST the Nazis and Klan when you’re a lesbian. VERY hard!!

    Then there was this:

    Hate cannot drive out hate? Ummmmm…..pretty sure the whole point of this rally was to drive out “hate” with your own hate. Because it’s OK to be hateful so long as the people you are hating are also “hateful.” But yea, you guys are really making a difference with your signs.

    This tweet of course from the feminist blogger who doesn’t shave her pits and brags about having herpes, and got an interview with Red Sox management in which she guilted them into disassociating themselves with WEEI because of their “racism.” She was also not happy about the white people who just wanted to spend their Saturday getting lunch:

    Yea, how dare you people just kind of…..go on with your lives. White silence is violence!! Didn’t you see the sign?

    The bottom line is this protest today proved that the KKK is the imaginary bogeyman who has been created by the fake news media so they can make money on clicks. The fact of the matter is that pretty much everyone agrees Nazis are terrible people. And there’s nothing brave about making a sign about how much you hate Nazis, joining a mob of 50,000 like minded people, and berating the 20 people in the crowd who voted for the guy you don’t like.


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    1. Sexual Chocolate

      Antifa are a bunch of cop hating, troublemaking cunts

      1. Thank God 2 Amendment

        I’m by no means a supporter or could careless about Antifa .At least there not violent.protesters masked at least 33 arrested.

    2. Brian

      The police should not allow anyone at these protests that have their face covered period. I am sure they tried but the Pathetic Marty Walsh probably said it would be offensive to make them have to do that.

      1. Worcestrite

        At least he didn’t tell the police to “back off” like the loser mayor in Charlottesville told
        police. Boston cops are tough and don’t play around. They all did a great job today
        for sure and deserve the most thanks, considering many had to dress in full gear
        in 85 degree weather. Good job BPD!

      2. Hughbo Mont

        So I take it you are against the 1st ammendent? They wear masks because there’s a good chance you’d recognize them at protests around the country if they didn’t. Many of these ass clowns are bussed around the country and are paid to be in protests, etc.

        In an article I read this morning in the WSJ they quoted one person in the “counter protest” and he was from fucking Detroit!! LOL

    3. Maggie the Cat

      This was a brilliant move by the Free Speech people. They blew their dog whistle and walked away, allowing antifa and the like to demonstrate their real personalities. Antifa was set up and fell into the trap. Free Speech 1, Antifa 0! Bunch of idiots.

    4. ClamHeadNS

      Quite the “diverse” crowd you all had there… Lots of European White Christians, , not so many black (get back), brown (stick around) protesting for the rights of orientals (like Kim Jung) or Slovaks, or what about Russian Lives Matter?

    5. Mary

      Funny story here in Providence…. the place I work at takes in a ton of EBT on Saturday’s (East Side area) I have smile and be pleasant to all these people in BLM shirts and I have no gender shirts all day on Saturday Who mind you look at me like shit because I’m serving them on a Saturday. Well low and behold yesterday we barely took in any EBT !
      All of the young tattooed lib yuppie have the Gov take care of me people were not around.
      I think if your able to do what these rioters are doing they can work on Saturday to !
      Mind you I love tattoos ( if I’m not paying for your) and these are all white people who walk around like they are the shit / better than everyone else .
      I just wanted to share the correlation between the EBT intake for the day and the protesting it’s kinda ironic
      We should get there names an ban them from ever getting another tax dollar

      1. Jack Mehoff

        EBT should be abolished. You need money? Go to a welfare office every week, explain why you aren’t working, get some. Staff the Welfare offices with alt right people who know how to say NO. Don’t like it, go to hell. Elderly, disabled always need to be taken care of but 28 year old grandmothers need to work, get sterilized or starve to death.

    6. Chuck Stuart

      People really need to find something constructive to do with their lives. Work perhaps, or volunteering somewhere.

      Nope, instead they decide to throw bottles of urine around Boston on a beautiful summer day.

      Britni and her herpes infected vag are so gross, Dianne Williamson wouldn’t go down on her after a drunken bender.

      Charlie Baker is the David Souter of governors.

    7. I would be a lesbian for Tina Fey!

      While these people were making signs and “protesting”, I was eating a sheetcake!

      BTW… why is it the thing for people to attach sexual orientation to every aspect of life? Do we care more that you are against the “nazis” because you are a lesbian?

      1. J-Dub

        That’s because of the very same identity politics that mandates we have 35 “genders.”

    8. SueWhitey

      SUE em! Use that Ancetera DNA database to find which ones of you descended from slave owners and make you pay for your fair share of white privilege. Jury Trial, nobody on one will vote No, cuz they’ll be tarred, Feathered and doxxed as a racist. Them whites owe you, why should their families enjoy the steaks, while yours gets a soup bone?

    9. Finn

      “It’s jarring to walk by Stephi’s on Tremont while the march goes by & white folks eat leisurely on the patio.”

      Jarring? I’ve landed with a “jarring” thud, I’ve awoken to the “jarring” sound of an alarm — but to walk past people eating lunch is anything but jarring.

      #drama #victim #whosayswhitefolksanymore?

    10. obama.

      antifa and all these paid ‘protesters’ got chumped. There was never going to be kkk or Nazis or white supremacist rally in Boston. The MSM whipped up this story and all these fools believed it. I would like to know how all these assholes got the day off work to protest.

    11. Antifa SJW

      Yesterday we were able to defeat an army of 10,000.00 Nazis and Klan with our bottles of piss and some banners ! only 1 one lady was harmed, We defeated fee speech!!!

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