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  • High IQ Sludge Puppy Attempts To Rob A Bank By Writing His Demands On One Of His Personal Checks; Spoiler Alert, He Got Caught

    High IQ Sludge Puppy Attempts To Rob A Bank By Writing His Demands On One Of His Personal Checks; Spoiler Alert, He Got Caught

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    Virginia Pilot: Six robberies. Six escapes. But it was all undone by one starter check. Rashad D. Harris, 26, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one felony. He is set to be sentenced Oct. 30 in U.S. District Court in Norfolk. Assistant U.S. Attorney William Muhr declined to comment on the case, as did Harris’ public defender, Rodolfo Cejas II. According to court documents, Harris was one of three people who participated in a crime spree that stretched from Jan. 2 through Jan. 14 and netted more than $12,000 .

    In Portsmouth, the robbers hit the Title Max located at 2552 Airline Blvd., the Advance America Cash Advance at 3929 Victory Blvd. and the Title Max at 1943 Victory Blvd., which was robbed twice. In Chesapeake, they robbed the BB&T bank at 3113 Western Branch Blvd. and the Wells Fargo at 3936 Portsmouth Blvd. Investigators caught a break during the last robbery, which happened at the Wells Fargo. Harris walked in and handed the teller a note that demanded money and later left it behind when he got some cash.

    A bank employee noticed it was written on a Wells Fargo starter check. The employee ran the account number through the bank’s database and determined it was issued to Rashad Harris, documents said. The employee then went on Facebook, found Harris’ account and determined he was the man who had robbed the place and contacted police, documents said.

    First of all, i find it hilarious they nabbed him through his Facebook page, after he wrote his demands, on his OWN personal check. Imagine being on your high horse after a robbery, and then your Facebook page/personal check was the way the bank & police identified you? Devastating.

    Another thing that needs to be pointed out, he robbed a bank THREE times in January, and only managed to get $12,000??? I’m not an expert on bank robberies, i guess this guy is, but i feel like he should of snagged way more, he’s a lightweight…

    6 for 6 is one hell of a streak though. I guess he is the Michael Jordan of Virginia bank robberies. But, he got way too cocky. This is like the 2007 Patriots, it was a glorious ride until it all came crashing down in a matter of hours. You can tell this is one hell of a fall, just by looking at his mugshot, have you ever seen a more depressed person?? Lol.

    The first couple times robbing the bank is when he must have been more vigilant. When he got a couple down successfully, he took his foot off the gas, can’t do that. This idiot just basically snitched on himself.

    As you could probably imagine, his Facebook page is a place of knowledge and higher learning.

    IRONY! When he is in jail, someone should have to sit by his cell every morning and read his Facebook posts out loud. That would be an incredible torture tactic if they needed it….


    FREE MY BOI!!!! Lol, of course this guy is an Eagles fan. There are two fan bases in football that symbolize stupidity, Eagles fans, and Bills fans. No surprise an Eagles fan writes his demands on his own personal check. Hey, even with that blunder, Harris is still better at robbing banks than the Eagles are at football, so he’s got that going for him.

    According to court documents, Harris was one of three people who participated in a crime spree that stretched from Jan. 2 through Jan. 14 and netted more than $12,000. 

    Notice the dates on the Facebook posts above? In case his Facebook fans didn’t know, these “motivational” posts were aimed at the grind of robbing banks.

    I have to give it to him, he sticks to his guns, “Erbody not meant to get out the game.” College commencement speakers will be quoting that line next May.

    Could you imagine being the professor that had to grade his papers… Sheesh.


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    1. Barry

      If it wasn’t the check then he would have given it away by depositing the exact amount that was stolen to his personal account the next day.

    2. wabbitt

      He might not be the stupidest criminal ever, but he definitely qualifies for the Stupid Criminal Hall of Fame.

    3. They call me Ponch

      This is the system working people.

      Into the stockade.


    4. Dindoo Nuffin

      Itz awl wite peepul racist shit. He needed muny fo his 19 chilren u ashole. Doz bangks guts lots o green too shar. Shut up.

      1. All Black People Have AIDS

        What black guy pays for his children? GTFOH troll

    5. FatFingr Lou

      Someone should hand him a cocked revolver and tell him it’s a lolly pop.

    6. Me.

      Interns gotta go. Why are they only blogging about shit that happens in other states? Thats not what TB has ever been about before and I hope it doesn’t continue so often. One of the best things about TB is that the stories are all local!

      1. The guy above me is a child molester

        Shut the fuck up

    7. Theo

      All I can say is it’s just Manny being Manny…

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