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  • Michelle DuBois Says She’s Getting A Restraining Order From The Press, Started GoFundMe For Sympathy Cash After Facebook Page Invaded By Rabid Fox News Crowd

    Michelle DuBois Says She’s Getting A Restraining Order From The Press, Started GoFundMe For Sympathy Cash After Facebook Page Invaded By Rabid Fox News Crowd

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    Looks like Michelle DuBois did this whole “announce an ICE raid” for a reason:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.02.51 PM

    Yup, she’s having a fundraiser an account of the fact that she’s being “attacked” by the “alt-right.” In other words, sensible people disagreed with her radical, criminal, and dangerous Facebook post, and they dared to voice their concerns on her Facebook page. Now give me pity money!!


    Unfortunately for her, this happened:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.41.33 PM

    Game over. Once Fox News covers it, your digital footprint is forever ruined. We were first on Google searches yesterday for Michelle DuBois. Now we’re ninth, but at least still on the front page. Once Breitbart covers it, it’s a wrap. Now her page is getting flooded with hundreds of comments every few minutes, and most of them aren’t very nice:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.08.32 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.08.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.08.02 PM

    It’s actually a genius marketing move on her part. I’d never heard of this chick before today, and I live an hour from her. Now everyone in the country knows who she is. You just know there’s some democrats with deep pockets out there who are lining up to throw some cash in the DuBois basket. Alex Morse, Joe Curtatone, Liz Warren, and Jim McGovern are all sitting there today thinking, “why didn’t I do that?” EASY cash grab situation. SJW 101 stuff.


    Michelle DuBois is also accusing the media of “harassing her“:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.06.48 PM

    Yup, she just said that. She just told the media that she was going to get a restraining order against them for asking her questions about her outrageous Facebook post. This woman can’t be real. Except she is. And she votes on laws and decides how our tax dollars will be distributed. Scary.

    Her Facebook page, and her campaign Facebook page, are both INSANE right now. She’s trending on Facebook and Twitter. She’s attracted a mob of right-wingers, many of whom are not as dignified and profound as turtle riders. She’s getting EXACTLY the reaction she wanted to get, and now she can play victim and beg for sympathy money from the DNC.

    But this chick is completely insane and a huge hypocrite. For instance, she want to outlaw beef:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.42.52 PM

    Look, you can tip off gang bangers that ICE is coming and I’ll survive. But if you try to take away junior bacon cheeseburgers, Turtleboy will choke a bitch. Just sayin.

    Here’s the ultimate contradiction:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.43.05 PM

    But, but, but, but……she’s supporting the police!! They’re in law enforcement – just like ICE!! And everyone knows that cops are triggering to black children. It’s why Northampton had to cancel high five Fridays!!

    It’s confusing being a shit for brains SJW.


    Anyway, she actually came to her senses and appears to have taken down her post. But unfortunately for her, the Internet is forever.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.02.26 AM



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    1. Cry baby

      Digs her own hole, blames others for her own stupidity.

      1. Strata

        Exactly !!! she has now been caught in lies, after the controversy she created. Her trying to re-spin and backtrack has been entertaining. I’m sure her motive for the original facebook post was to solidify her minority & legal immigrant constituent votes , but she just pissed off the overwhelming majority of voters (and many Dems too). I’m glad her actions will live on in “internet world” forever. Clueless idiot doesn’t deserve to be in office, as she’s not representing the true law abiding taxpaying citizens !

    2. ZephyrCat

      Now that’s a true politician. Never fail to take advantage of any situation to turn it into a fundraiser for yourself while proclaiming to be doing it for all with no voice. ANYBODY that actually gives her money for this should be locked away in an insane asylum. They still have those, right?

    3. Rochambeau

      It must be hard to cultivate her message when she can’t delete comments.

      If her constituents are illegal then we need voter ID laws. I crunched the numbers and the Commonwealth could provide free voter IDs for every eligible voter at a cost of $2 charged as a fee every 5 years for all the licensed drivers in the state. Instead of $50 dollar renewal fee every five years, it would cost $52. There. No disenfranchised citizens. I fucking solved it.

    4. KJDS

      I’ve heard EVERYONE talking about her today – even Rush Limbaugh mentioned her!

    5. Carlo's Daddy

      Even more striking to me, she’s Facebook friends with John Mahoney!!!

      Mahoney needs to be the next Worcester politician to join the TB Graveyard!!


      I love her go find me page. Begging for money under her own name in the third party. Oh yeh. When she gets her restraining order and someone says nasties to her. Who is she gonna call??? The ACLU? No, she’s gonna call the cops to protect her. You know, the folks she tried to screw over

    7. Turd Burglestein

      I like her. Mmmm, I can imagine her dog walking me. I’m on all fours with just black leather underwear and a spiked dog collar. She’s got a dominatrix outfit with her spiked heel jammed into my ass. Mmmm, doggy’s been bad, mommy. Spank me! Hold on, come to think of it I do have a photo of myself like that. I’ll look for it and try to post it later.

    8. Fed

      Ashy would she need money for her votes to ” fight?” She always follows orders and votes as she is told. Pig at the trough much?

    9. KayD

      Does PayPal still do that thing where they charge the recipient for transactions of less than $1?

    10. Sick and Tired of TRAITORS

      She is a traitor and should be thrown out of the state house, then arrested for obstruction and treason. If any illegal is convicted after her warning, arrest her as an accomplice. Lock her up with all her “friends”.

    11. MrSmiley

      Yea she’s doing a bang up job for her district. Some of the safest most productive places in MA. Newton can’t hold a candle to…. Brockton??? We’lll see if she gets re-elected.

    12. dave

      nothing but a skank.

    13. LivesinWebster

      So here’s the problem NOW. She wants everyone to post to her page. There is about 1% who support her. The other 99% is against her. Here’s what she’s doing: She deletes all the posters who are aren’t attacking her, are making sense and are somewhat civil, but totally disagree with her. She keeps the posts that call her a cunt, fucking bitch, and those who want to beat her upside down. She also has her friends post like crazy, saying how wonderful she is, the great work she’s doing, etc. Now, she can scream: “HATE”, “HARASSMENT”, “I FEAR FOR MY OWN SAFETY”. In other words, playing the victim. Oh, I don’t see a good ending…

      Can you imagine all the people that are going to donate to this IDIOT???

      1. LivesinWebster

        AND BLOCKS!

    14. Mike Untstinks

      What a fat lesbian cunt. I’m talking about you turtle boy. Oh and this fat lesbian cunt Dubois!!

    15. Juan jose Gomez

      She can swallow my taco sauce anytime. OOchie capalia!

    16. BlackandWhite

      Karma is a bitch

    17. WTF

      Two words come to mind………….Crazy and cunt.

    18. Mello

      These twatwaffles fail to realize that we ARE the majority. We don’t need marches or pussy fucking hats. We just sir back with our Jiffy Pop and watch you dig your own graves.

    19. NeilnBob

      She’ll be a staunch republican after she takes a ride on my Johnny Longrod!

    20. joe

      stupid fucking cunt …I hope an illegal rapes her goofy ass … but she’d probably tell them it was the best sex she ever had so as not 2 hurt their feelings

      1. joe

        on second thought who’d want 2 tap that fat ass ,lol…… machelle’s a big girl

    21. joe

      crazy cunt ,lol…… no wonder they are called demoRATS

    22. joe


    23. turtlefan

      Kim and VB have discussing on their morning show. Finally they get something to talk about!

    24. Mirror Mirror

      Another attention whore politician whose innate SJW narcissism prompts her to appeal to her equally delusional and/or illegal voter base. These liberal twats and twits don’t care that they are subverting the Rule of Law, which is what has allowed the US to become the greatest country on Earth. The ends justify the means with these traitors – just like their totalitarian brethren in Russia, North Korea, etc. This nonsense needs to stop, and if locking up these seditious lib and RINO pols is what it takes I’ll gladly pay more taxes in order to do it.

    25. MG

      Does this dip understand that most of the population she’s warning can’t vote? Does anyone, think before they open their holes and prove to the world that they should get a redound on a college degree? But dips like her explain the kardashian clan they’re both equally ignorant

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