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  • Quincy Savages Viciously Beat Defenseless Milton Kids On Marina Bay Pier As They Attempt To Run Away

    Quincy Savages Viciously Beat Defenseless Milton Kids On Marina Bay Pier As They Attempt To Run Away

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    What you’re about to watch is one of the more disturbing videos you’ll see. It involves a group of white teenagers from Milton hanging out at a pier in Quincy, when they are surrounded and then savagely attacked by a group of thugs from Quincy. While beating them the kids from Quincy repeatedly call them the n word. I don’t wanna hear any BULLSHIT about how it’s OK to use that word because so and so was a certain skin pigmentation. If you use that word when you’re savagely attacking a defenseless human being, it is a hate crime. Make no doubt about it – if the roles were reversed this would be a hate crime and the DOJ would be in Quincy tomorrow holding seminars on diversity training.

    Unfortunately a video like this will likely spark racial tensions. It’s inevitable that ignorant people will use this as an opportunity to say ignorant things. Not much we can do about that. There’s plenty of racists out there who don’t know when to shut the fuck up. We just wanna make it perfectly clear that in no way, shape, or form do we believe the assholes in this video are at all representative of the community as a whole. Ascribing characteristics or behaviors to an entire race of people based on the actions of a few is the definition of racism. We reject that philosophy completely.

    With that said, you’ve been warned:

    Savages. That video is enraging. Most of the time when we share hoodrat fight videos it’s at least amusing. This is just disgusting. Perhaps that is because usually both parties are willingly involved in the fight. In this case the white kids clearly want no part of this, tried to leave several times, and were savagely beaten by a group of wild ANIMALS who will all spend a significant amount of their adult lives incarcerated.

    And make no doubt about it – this was a racially motivated attack. This is why it’s such BULLSHIT every time some SJW lectures you about how white people can’t be the victims of racism. Show them this shit. If those four kids were more urban looking those punks would NOT have gone after them. They targeted these children because they looked like suburban white kids who wouldn’t fight back. Every single kid who participated in that fight is a gutless pussy, too afraid to fight someone who is willing to fight back.

    Let’s review what happened….

    First you have the four kids surrounded, as the savage in the pony tail, who is clearly bigger and older than them, leads the mob. First he spits on the kid in the red:

    Then he makes it clear that they are not allowed to leave. Also known as kidnapping.

    The kid in the blue and white hat gets separated from the group, which makes the kid in the red shirt an easy target for attack:

    And the penis-less sack of shit who hit him then runs away like the bitch that he is:

    That’s when three or four of them turn their attention to the kid in the white and black hat, because he is by himself and the easiest target of them all:

    The pony tailed savage then sucker punches him in the face

    The he’s punched in the face again from the other side

    As he clings to the pier for dear life the shirtless black kid comes from behind grabs him and violently slams him to the ground

    But that wasn’t enough. Then they had to come over and start punching him while he was down

    Then pony tail came over and kicked him a few times

    Then he started punching him repeatedly as the kid on the ground held his head for dear life

    All the kids wanted to do was leave. And they saw an opportunity to get out of there. But instead of just letting them go these wild animals picked off the last one in line as he attempted to jump off the pier in a vain attempt to escape them

    He was quickly dragged to the ground and pummeled as well

    Then the shirtless black kid went all American History X and stomped the kid’s face in as hard as he could

    Then the fat kid, who gutlessly punched the kid in the red shirt at the beginning of the video, began to punch him in the face some more

    He could’ve just fought the kid one on one. But that would require a penis. And clearly this child was born without a penis.

    Finally the kid in the Colorado Avalanche shirt decided enough was enough and he started screaming at them to let his friend go

    It worked, but on the way out pony tail once again sucker punched the victim when he wasn’t looking

    Knocking him to the ground

    There were several kids, including these two, who did nothing and egged them on throughout the vicious beating

    They should be arrested too. Their mere presence there made it impossible for the kids to leave. They did nothing to stop it and even encouraged it while it was going on. They are worthless human beings, regardless of age.

    Of course the worst people in the world are the parents who raised them. They have completely FAILED in their one and only job – teach your kids not to be animals. Chances are that our tax dollars have been heavily invested in these kids’ upbringing, and this is the return we get on our investment.

    Let’s look at some dumb things people are saying on the private Quincy is Everything Facebook page:

    A high school fight? During a fight both parties fight. This was a savage beating that clearly only one part consented to. The white kids were essentially held hostage. Oh yea, and the moron who made this comment – he’s a doctor:

    How anyone can ever trust this asshat to care for them is beyond me. He is without compassion, and seems to think this video is a normal occurrence for a high school student

    Then there’s this hardo:

    Oh man, you’re grizzled dude!! Back in my day we used to get jumped till the cows came home!! And let me get this straight. What just happened in this video happened to you when you were in high school back in the 90’s, therefore it’s OK. Makes sense.

    Oh, and he reproduced and he’s going to train his kids to be “townie bruisers” who will “always throw the first punch.”

    Someone call DCF. The fact that people who think like this are allowed to raise children is scary.

    Then there’s this chick, who doesn’t seem to think race had anything to do with it:

    Newsflash – those kids were targeted because they were white, and their attackers assumed they probably haven’t been in many fights before. If it were four puerto rican kids their size it never would’ve happened. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t living in reality.

    I felt the pain of these kids while watching this video. I went to an elementary school in Worcester that was probably 75-80% white. There was diversity there that was representative of the overall population. But the second I stepped foot in Sullivan Middle School I was immediately a minority for the first time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But as a small white kid I was immediately a target. I’ve been where these kids have been before. The only difference is that in the 90’s kids didn’t have cell phones and social media wasn’t a thing. Had those things existed back then I have no doubt that the shitheads at Sullivan Middle School would’ve posted it on the Internet, just like these morons did.

    The bottom line is four or five of those kids need to be arrested and charged as adults. They need to go to jail because wild animals need to be caged. I’m sure we’ll be finding out more about this as time passes.


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    1. cream rises assholes sink

      Milton kids will have the last laugh when they grow up and have education, jobs, safe neighborhood. These Quincy kids are already on their way to a rendezvous with narcan, couldn’t save him. “He lit up the room, had some problems but was just starting to turn his life around”.

      1. nonyabeezwax


        1. Sonny's Mom

          IMO Ponytail Dude looks more like Mooch-elle’s side of the family. Especially the shoulders.

        2. SPQR70AD

          nope the big pussies were the white kids who cant fight. they were as helpless as new born fawns

          1. Sandra

            You sound as uneducated as they are!

      2. Rob Ponzio

        MIlton kids will be selected to college based on merit. These sons of obama will be given college base on liberal ideology. The ape with the failing grade will be celebrated and the white with straight A grades will be rejected. Diversity is our strength.

    2. FA

      Anywhere with a lot of nonwhites is bound to have violence.

      Or am I not allowed to say that?

      1. Tis'true

        Keeping their hands to themselves is a very difficult task for them.

      2. Jerry

        Yeah well Quincy is Majority White mostly Irish American. Second largest group there are Asians… very few African-Americans, Quincy kids fight back! Milton kids… not so much

        1. Andy Griffith

          Quincy Irish kids??? Not one of those Quincy kids needs SPF 100, they aint Irish or didn’t you notice? Quincy has changed and the economy has changed, being a tough Irish kid is all well and good but save that for the athletics.

          I love Irish people from any town and would advise any parent Irish or not, to raise their kids to get 4.0’s or the best they can do. Embrace education, if my son or daughter were even on that dock watching that attack. There would be no more dock for the Summer! Just being there is enough to get accused or caught up in a life changing situation for the worse.

          Take chemistry and AP Calculus, accounting, literature, hire a tutor, if you continue the old ideals of violence, your children with have little future and you become an obstacle to their future success and happiness. Make sure your kid knows at least 2 programming languages and look forward to school. Help them with their homework, get them excited about learning, don’t tell them stupid war-stories promoting ignorance. The days of good jobs in manufacturing for the ignorant brawlers are long gone.

          The only possible Irish kids I see are a couple of the Milton kids, “flock of seagulls” and maybe his buddy or the squirt.

          1. SPQR70AD

            it is idiots like you that produced those white kids who were like girls or worse. there is nothing wrong with knowing how to fight and you can still be a smart person in school

      3. nonyabeezwax


      4. Savage Squaw Bitch

        You’re allowed to say it, but non-whites and white guilters will get butthurt. Fuck it and fuck them. There needs to be serious consequences for this type of shit. After watching this country get to this point, I’m starting to understand the case in favor of segregation. But that’s just my emotions getting to me.

        If black people really wanted to end the stereotype, they would be teaching their children better. It is sad, though, that they want to continue the “blacks are victims narratives. It really goes to show how low on the IQ scale they really are (this is according to studies, not me being a black hater). They are the ones continuing the problems for blacks as a whole, so I no longer have sympathy.

    3. emperor has no clothes

      Blatant hate crime, stomping on somebody’s face in an unprovoked attack. Placing people in such fear that they try to escape by jumping from an ocean pier into the water.

      These white-knight liberals excusing this violence and prejudging it as unimportant “just kids being kids” are the definition of ignorance. These adults might sing a different tune if they had have their face stomped in an unprovoked attack.

      1. C

        well said. This was a hate crime

      2. Nicholas Stix

        emperor has no clothes

        “These white-knight liberals excusing this violence and prejudging it as unimportant ‘just kids being kids’ are the definition of ignorance.”

        They’re not “the definition” of anything; they’re examples.

        And it’s not “ignorance”–we’re all ignorant–it’s wickedness or evil that they exemplify.

        Otherwise, I fully agree with you.

    4. Mallory

      Pieces of shit waste of life pussies need the book thrown at them. See how tough they act when theyre in jail. Definitely a hate crime and i wish someone would kick their stupid asses like they did to those poor kids!

      1. ANDREW

        If they get their asses kicked it perpetuates the problem as a whole. They need someone to teach them how to behave and treat people. If they don’t learn they will suffer immensely. Worse than any physical beating!

    5. suckittrebek

      Hitler was right.

      1. Pay It Forward

        Anal cunt is a perfect description of you pussy nazi cunts.

        These kids are a perfect example of the joke that is the supposed “master race” that you clowns believe you are.

        you are pathetic losers and when you finally do manage to provoke the “racial holy war” that you’ve been longing for and masturbating over, you’re going to find that the results are about the same as in this video. I hope you know how to swim, you anal cunt.

        1. Savage Squaw Bitch

          Funny you say all that bullshit, because the whites have always won before, and they’ll win again. Especially now, since these days there are plenty of non-whites on their side and ready to exterminate pieces of shit like you. No one will care or cry over you, by the way, so no one will protect you.

    6. Stunt Penis

      Savages will be savages. Best thing to do with savages is execute them, there is no room for them in a civilized society. Left to their own, they would procreate and create successive generations of sociopaths.

      1. mary

        which is exactly what they are doing and the idiot americans are paying for them thru welfare. Fuck these savages. No decent person of any color would think this was ok.

    7. Disgusted

      As a Mother of a “mixed Hispanic ” child who does not appear white this video infuriates me. It has been a very hard transition for him and I moving to a wealthy suburb (No , we’re not section 8.) People do judge. With that being said. I would LOVE to dump the aggressor’s in this video in the middle of the project’s. Regardless of what people want to believe this would not have gone down the way it did. This is bullying. The boy’s seemed to have been minding their own business. As a Mom I am disgusted, and if any of my kid’s were the aggressor in this video I would feel like I had failed as a parent. I hope the boy’s assaulted are OK, and I hope the other guy’s are caught. Not proud to admit it, but if I were there I would have stepped in. Guaranteed, they would have taken their “gangster” attitude home between their leg’s

      1. JJJJJJ

        Wait, your kid is in the video? Which side? Quincy or Milton?

      2. KJDS

        Why are you “not proud to admit . . . (you) would have stepped in”? That’s an admirable reaction. Maybe just a typo?

    8. Charisma Beauty

      Human garbage, each and every one of them and dare I say their parents are also human garbage for raising these pieces of shit. And the idiots who dismiss this behavior are also trash.

      1. suckittrebek

        and also liberals who protect them.

    9. Bill B

      Every dipshit who commented like this was manny being mannyvare hard ons
      I would love to bitchslap each commenter and say it doesnt mean much
      That doctor douchebag should be ashamed of himself. This is definitely a racially charged assault
      I hope these punks get arrested for this

      1. Let's take out the trash

        ‘Manny being mannyvare hard on’s’


    10. Katherine

      Anyone else notice errr. Doctor? John Schlepper could be confused for a person afflicted with Down Syndrome, so he wears the physician coat in his pic to get respect. What a jackass.

      And who is this punk Evjy making threats of violence against a woman’s children, what a low life jerk, wedgie evjy is. Bring a complaint on this moronic fucker.

    11. I like TB, the rest can pound sand

      I’m not clear on why I have so many down votes on my comment? Oh wait! I’m on Turtle Boy. ..they are definitely not racist, but 99.9% of “the rider’s” are. Hilarious

    12. -ism

      The whites were clearly oppressing the blecks by there mere presence, those darned whities had it coming

      1. -ism


    13. Friedman Freud

      Johnny Leftover Iggie

      “I’ll will (sic) turn my kids into townie bruisers with a strict training regiment at O’Malley’s Gym and Montclair School Yard”

      “My kids will always throw the first punch!”

      Nice… interesting roll model you are for you own children. It’s a fair prediction that In the future you can enjoy visiting your kids at one of MCI’s many convenient locations. You can always read about your kids on TBS and learn of their latest exciting exploits, crimes and beat-downs, you will be beaming with pride.

      Some father you are, you set your children up to fail in a terrible and cruel way. They may never even understand their antisocial behavior that ruins their lives, was your fault! The result of subconsciously trying to make daddy proud. You wrote those words, they came from you, about your own children, dumbass. No way you can claim otherwise.

      1. John Fitzgerald


        You are pure Quincy trash. There is a reason you can not afford to live in Milton.

        1. Laughter

          Because someone can’t afford to live in an area you seem worthy they are trash? Gross

        2. Bob

          Shut the fuck up john Fitzgerald, being rich doesn’t make you a better person and just because you don’t have as much money, it doesn’t make you trash like yourself. Stupid rich Milton pussies

    14. Fake Name

      I don’t know the whole story but this has been a fight that has happened since the summer began. Milton kids came to the docs and while the black kids where swimming they were spitting on them. The same thing happened moment before this video was taken. They related by, as you’ve seen in the video, beat them up.

      1. fake name fake story

        I call BS, if your claim was even remotely true, the Boston SJW news crews would have wall-to wall covered your claim during the summer slow news season. Those little Milton kids were too afraid to even look at their Quincy attackers who were twice their size.

        This is how leftist vermin and SJW’s operate, just throw a claim of racism in after the fact.

      2. Disgusted

        Dear Fake Name,

        I agree, but with that being said how about trying to teach our children to not get in physical altercation’s period?

      3. Dough Boy

        Not true. Everyone knows black kids can’t swim.

      4. Shut up

        They “related” by? You’re brilliant.

      5. Jerry haggerty

        They related???? Easy to see your a Quincy scholar I believe you mean retaliated. Little hint use spell check

        1. Ironic


      6. Sarah


      7. NAPA's

        They don’t know how to swim.

      8. Mike

        Bullshit , that never happened

    15. Titiho

      just racist EBT apes doin what they do

      1. Mallory

        Not all people on EBT are disgusting trash like these douche bags

        1. Deval Patrick

          True some peeps with motivation and dignity do transition and get back to work and life.

          But most are career layabouts, living on the dole, generation to generation, after all it’s the family biz….. 3rd generation.

    16. anonymous

      these same milton kids have a notorious reputation for being horrible people and they themselves jump kids. they are cowards. the actions of the quincy kids was wrong, but these milton kids have done plenty of other worse things. everyone in this video was the same age. this isn’t a hate crime, before the video was took these milton kids were spitting at people in the water and yelling verbal insults to quincy kids. again this doesn’t justify the actions in the video, but it should change your perspective.

      1. Camera Doesn't Lie

        lol… they look “notorious”……..

        Keep working on your justification for the face stomping, head kicking, assault and battery, 2 on 1 beating, sucker punchers. We all watched on the video.

      2. Matt

        Yeah those four little kids definitely are rolling around Quincy jumping kids…

      3. Matt

        Probably right it’s happens if both end, but doubt these four kids have anything to do with that.

    17. Mmanager

      Unfortunately QPD will do nothing to busy doing triple details not enough time time to make arrests

    18. Aggravated and agitated

      When it comes to racist everyone assumes that only whites can be racist over black, when in reality most of the black people I know are extremely racist “you white people” “hanging with the white fam today” but if a white person saying the opposite of either of those statements they are racist? Makes sense.
      This is absolutely a hate crime and 100% racist if these kids weren’t provoked and it did happen the way it is stated. But either way they shouldn’t have taken it into the extent that they did. If they were provoked, scaring the crap out of them would’ve been enough. Smashing a kid to the ground when he clearly wasn’t fighting back and continuing to thrash on them was taking it way to far.
      I hope the whole story gets revealed and the kids are found and punished for their crimes.

      1. TurtleRiderBiatch

        Aggravated and agitated,

        I totally agree with you. Racism is NEVER acknowledged if it’s said about or done to whites. Whether or not these 4 white kids were provoking the others, like you said, scaring the crap out of them would have sufficed, or perhaps if one of the milton kids even fought back, then it would not be AS enraging. It was really disturbing and upsetting to me seeing those kids lying in the fetal position, defenseless, clearly not wanting anything to do with the fight. Besides the blatant beating of these kids who were NOT FIGHTING BACK (in my book, if somebody throws the first punch and the other insists on not fighting back; especially REPEATEDLY backing down, one does not keep assaulting that person because they clearly aren’t defending themselves! Not that I am condoning violence anyway, but that was just not fair, period.), the other issue that absolutely enrages me is how “hate crimes” are determined in the SJW, politically correct, butt hurt society we now live in. Say there’s a fight that has nothing to do with either side being motivated by race, say there’s just a disagreement between 2 groups of people, one which happens to be a group of minorities, and one that happens to be whites. If the whites come to the minority group and proceeds to jump them or whatever, HATE CRIME, RACIALLY MOTIVATED! If the minority group comes to the white kids and does the same, there is no mention of hate crime. None at all. Just a fight, that’s it. So many years of looking the other way back in the day and turning blind eye to things, that now everybody is trying way, WAY too hard to make up for it!!

    19. Seriously

      Nikole Sylvester? I think she was the house cleaner who ripped people off. She is a pig. These morons should all be arrested for assault and battery at the very least!

    20. M

      This video is so enraging and thank you turtleboy for constantly exposing all of the assholes of the world. I hope these kids are brought to justice. The kids in this video being antabonized are good kids who stay out of trouble and clearly not looking for trouble. Why in this day and age ppl still act so IGNORANT is beyond me. I hope these 20 tough assholes get what they deserve!

      1. Nemo Me Impugne Lacessit

        White people suck – I bet those Milton wusses won’t be coming back to Quincy again. Similarly – I’d bet dollars to donuts the Milton kids started talking smack and eventually got theirs.

        1. KJDS

          Yeah – cuz words hurt more than a head stomping. Jackass.

        2. Let's take out the trash

          You’re aware you are the very reason that some white people are racist right?

        3. John

          You should be executed with the rest of those monkies. How’s the porch you pos, the next purchase you make should be bleach and silly straws you fuckin virgin

    21. Stephen Joyce

      First off I am not a liberal or sjw, I actually love and support Trump. But I personally know the Milton kids, and they did not get jumped because of some “race war” that is bs. They got jumped because they all act like arogant fairys and are universally hated in every town. In real life, they act like they are the shit and they had this coming to them.

      1. smarten up

        Stephen Joyce projects his own violent insecure thoughts onto strangers who are young teens (minors) and is glad to see them assaulted and beaten. You have no idea what those young teens think, but everyone saw the video and knows what happened.

        “act like arogant fairys”

        “In real life, they act like they are the shit and they had this coming to them”

      2. Charisma Beauty

        So because someone acts a particular way (be it arrogant or otherwise), that justifies getting beaten? I’m at a loss to understand that kind of thinking. By your reasoning, if someone doesn’t like the way you (or I) act then they will be justified in kicking you (or I) in the head. Where is the common sense in your thinking?

      3. Melissa h

        First of all , it don’t matter if they r arrogant or whatever. It seems & looked to me the Quincy teenagers r just acting tough & being disrespectful to others. The other teenagers on the other hand SHOUKD of fought back but apparently they were brought up better & have respect for others. Fairies REALLY SO MATURE. It seems they need to be given the same treatment. It seems to me they r BULLIES

        1. D

          Hey melissa, i have to disagree with you when you said that the milton kids should of fought back, but didnt because they were brought up better. Thats absolute dog shit. I raised two boys who were taught manners and use them every single day. I taught them to be kind, patient,caring, understanding men, which no doubt they are. I also enforced in them not to be bullys. To treat people the way you want to be treated. My boys were taught to keep their hands to themselves, with that said i told my boys that there are times in your life when your faced with a situation where physical contact cannot be avoided, that is when they have to defend themselves. I raised two men, who i am extremely proud of. They never threw the first punch, but they certainly were taught to throw the second. Therefore for you to say they were brought up better is bullshit, because as much manners you teach your children you also have to be realistic and teach your kids how to defend themselves. My kids are certainly no bullies by any means, and would never throw the first punch, but damn straight they would deliver the second. Im not talking about the incident that happened, i wish to comnent about that seperatley. Im just making this comment because my kids were brought up very well and melissa states that these kids were brought up better because they didnt fight back, total bullshit

      4. JV

        Because they grow up with confidence and charisma they deserve to be mistreated by people with jealousy issues? What a joke.

      5. TurtleRiderBiatch

        Stephen Joyce,

        Whether those kids are douches or not, number 1 – Nobody who is curled in the fetal position clearly not willing to fight back should be continually beaten. Number 2 – Whether racially motivated or not, if this was the other way around, there would be friggin protests happening over a “racial hate crime”, would there not?

    22. Biker Chick

      It’s interesting that in the beginning of the video there is a woman in a red t-shirt who seems to be watching the attack(s) take place, and yet, she doesn’t seem to be calling the police. She is white skinned, I wonder if she was afraid….

    23. Publius

      Super Predators. Hillary Clinton was right. Savages that cannot be redeemed.

    24. Chip Striker

      Disgusting video.

      Normally I’d love to see these minority’s rot in jail but the correctional facilities are an upgrade compared to the shit holes they live in.

      Fucking animals, come here from shit hole countries, multiply like guppies, exploit our systems and destroy our schools and neighborhoods.

      Fuck you minority’s. Fuck you.

      1. 2044

        Stop being so racist bro. First of all, this is not your country either. White people came from Europe and like you said, “Multiplied like guppies” and ruined this country, and destroyed the Native American way of life. But luckily, you’ll soon be a minority too. It’s estimated that by 2044, Hispanics will be the majority in the USA. Which is good, because Hispanics have Native American blood, and therefore this country technically and rightfully belongs to them. We already have a few states (California, New Mexico) in which Whites are a minority. And a few more that will be soon (Texas, Arizona, Florida). #Facts

        1. Let's take out the trash

          Yeaaah…. cause white people can’t have native American in their ancestry… riiight….

        2. Chip Striker

          I am racist, and I’m proud of it.

          White people came to this country and made it great by working their tales off. Brown/black people have come here, not to better anything, but to exploit our systems. That is a fact.

          Don’t agree?

          Answer me this. Name me one neighborhood, in this country, that was mostly white, now is mostly minority that is better now than it was. Name me one. In the whole country. Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, Baltimore etc…Good blue collar neighborhoods years ago while all/mostly white are literally war zones now.

          Again. Name me one.

          1. Bob

            Disappointing, as of now 13 people liked the post literally saying “I’m a racist.”

    25. albie robbins

      fuckin maggots with that bully shit. if they were black kids al sharpton would be on a plane over here… fuckin punks

    26. Botty Rock

      I am absolutely sick to my stomach for these poor kids. Man, I can’t shake what I just saw. How many people were there in the background???? Not one person decides that these kids need help?? What the fuck is wrong with these kids man? How did it get so bad in their live’s that this is even a thing to do…? Go out and decide to pummel some weak looking kids out at the pier?? The bullshit about the “oh we did this shit when we were kids…” Fuck that. People were squaring off. Every knew there was gonna be a fight and then there was a fight. Yeah kids got “jumped” here and there, those kids were fucking assholes too. Anyone trolling on the weak and fucking with someone’s comfort like THAT??? Get the fuck outta here. Die for all I car. Seriously, I mean I’m in the south shore. Let’s go down the pier and smack these fucks around for old time sake. Quincy is a fucking shithole anyways. Hahaha

      1. smarten up

        Nice! ….. well said, big difference between a fight and A/B.

    27. Lm206

      I grew up in Quincy and not much these days discuss me but this make me sick to my stomach and makes me feel ashamed to now say I grew up there wtf..

      1. Let's take out the trash


    28. Matt

      funny thing is the four kids here will be managing these scumos in ten or so years

      1. .....

        yeah and the same 4 kids could be doing the same.

    29. jasper

      thanks for making my blood pressure skyrocket. i hope they catch these gutter punks.

    30. Me133

      They most definitely picked on these 4 boys because they were white. The swanky pony tail kid looks 17 or older. The film is a bit grainy and kept stopping and reloading but that kid may have had a fancy ankle monitor. If this was my kid, I’d press charges.

    31. Timothy Dunphy

      When i was growing up got into fights, not usually as a group. Do i think it is a hate crime. No I don’t, since none of these kids really got hurt I think it should just let it be. I grew up in Milton and we used 5o fight Qyincy and Dorchester kids every so often, till you grow out of that stage. The Milton kids ahould be happy that the Quincy kids in this video don’t know how to fight.

      1. Not trash

        Stop trying to normalize this savagery. I’m pretty sure getting sucker punched and stomped on hurt. Only trash thinks this is okay.

    32. SG

      I LOVE YOU TURTLE BOY!!! You are BEYOND amazing!!!!
      I don’t know who you are but I would buy you endless beers if I found you!!!’
      YOU ALWAYS call it EXACTLY how it is!!!!

      This is a HATE CRIME and if that was big white kids attacking “others” (trying to be polite ) the media would be all over it and then hell to pay for all of us white Americans since we are portrayed as villains not victims…. clearly white boys are victims here I see no mainstream media coverage ????

      As a 5′ 1″ petite, WHITE, FEMALE I was the victim of racism wheh hurricane Katrina forced thier “hurricane victims” to flee to Texas. i was attacked by a 6’4 heavy set black guy, for no reason and called a “cracker” and several other things… surgery saved my eyesight and no one came to help my honky ass either! I feel for these kids! This isn’t a normal
      Schoolyard brawl!

      THANK YOU for speaking the TRUTH!!!
      These pieces of shit need a trip to the right jail where they will get a lesson on how it REALLY is!! But if those were my kids i would find these mother fuckers myself.
      This isn’t the 90s and fights are not fair where you shake hands after and call it a day…. these kids were targeted!!!

      I am a female and I would never have watched that monstrosity unfold!!!

      THIER MOTHERS SHOILD HAVE SWALLOWED …. NOT REPRODUCED!!! Theose bitches assholes too! Fuck them all

    33. Ace

      Milton kids weren’t thinking. All they had to do is jump in the water. If the blacks followed they would have drowned.

    34. Djstevek

      Doubt the animals are from QUINCY

      Will bet they slithered over the Neponset..

    35. Tony

      Fucking black people… just beat up their own boss if they could even get a job

    36. Kimby

      These children are a product of careless parenting. They were obviously brought up in non-loving households and don’t know sorrow or empathy. They are prob children who think they are men because they beat on educated white kids. They either have no fathers, fathers that teach them violence is the only way and moms who have children just to continue collecting if you know what I mean. I say bring charges against the kids and their crappy no good blood sucking parents.

    37. Andrew

      The Quincy kids in this video are disgusting, if it’s not racially provoked (which I think it was) they are probably just mad because they are broke, live in section 8 most likely, and their fathers beat their mothers amongst other obvious factors. The absolute trash of the South Shore. Payback will be a bitch when they are either crackheads or heroin addicts. 🙂

      1. Stunt Penis

        Given the rate of illegitimacy in the black population, its far more likely they (and their mother) do not even know who their father is (without a DNA test)

    38. Tb is the worst blog on the internet

      Dear turtle boy,

      After reading a few of your articles, I condsider this blog the absolute WORST blog that I have read. I believe you to be a racist, bigot, and a moron. your web format and writing are terrible. your writing is littered with racial and misogynistic for anyone but the dumbest of the dumb to enjoy it. you clearly have applied to barstool multiple times even though you keep getting denied. it sickens me that people like you live in this world. Please, do the world a favor and quit blogging

      Love and kisses,
      A Boston stolie

      Ps. Why do they call you turtle boy? Because your head is shriveled up into your foreskin you little dick man

      1. killniggs

        fuck off nigger loving scum

      2. KJDS

        Is that you, Dan Margolis? Or is it Kevin Lynch?

      3. TurtleRiderBiatch

        So TB is racist for calling out racism where he sees it? Not one thing that was stated in this article was untrue. The video was broken down scene by scene …… stating exactly what was happening, as you can see clear as day. This would have been considered a hate crime HANDS DOWN if it were the other way around and the white kids were the instigators (or even participated in the fight for that matter), would it not? Then HOW is this not a considered a hate crime when 4 white kids who don’t even choose to fight back are attacked like this? You don’t have to like his blog, don’t read it. Bye Felicia! Turtle boy calls it how it is and the people he puts out there like this are dredges to society, USUALLY. Do you see him on here shitting on every day hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens walking their dogs on a summer night or retired couples strolling the beach holding hands, or something that I don’t? I highly doubt he is concerned if you like or dislike his blog.

        Love and kisses,
        A Boston Turtle Rider Bitch <3

    39. killniggs

      blacks aren’t human

      1. Zans

        You’re a real piece of work.

      2. Zans

        I think this is stupid. Even if one of the four boys spit on someone, that doesn’t deserve a GANG of kids to fight. The kid who got spit on can fight the kid who did the spitting. This was just a train wreck. It’s actually pretty sissified to get multiple friends beating up on one person. That’s not respectful at all. That’s not manly either. It’s rather pathetic. The author of this post should also take some classes on how to write better. There are also ALOT of racist people in the comments. Tsk tsk tsk. That’s ugly behavior and it creates behavior like what’s in the video. Grow up you “adults” who act like ugly little kids. The world is watching us and they are laughing.

      3. My skin

        Guess y’all don’t know your stats. More white ppl on section 8 than minority’s. Stop all the racists rants and grow tf up. Wether or not something happened before the video it’s a fvckin fight. This is by no means a racists beef. It’s y’all adults who make this country the way it is. Y’all still mad we found out Jesus (painting of Cesaria Borgia) isn’t really white. Hahahahaha. The truth hurts.

    40. whatevuh

      I love Animal Planet . . . . I’m surprised, last time I saw Marina Bay, it looked pretty swanky, has it gone section 8 ?

    41. Billy

      The kids kicking the kids on the ground should be arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, shod foot. They are cowards. I’m not sure what side the kid in the Colorado shirt is from but clearly he wasn’t going to allow it anymore. The police need to track each one down and bring them to justice.

    42. "Savage"

      People get shot everyday b they’ll be aight. Really tho? I see worse beatings on Worldstar Fight Comp videos weekly. One group of kids got punked by the other. “Savage Beating” foh. Nobody was bleeding, not one kid got knocked unconscious. But again a group of not white kids beating up white kids and turtleboy puts the cape on. You are actually doing the same thing you complain about but I don’t believe turtledick is smart enough to realize the irony here.

    43. Gary

      These are just punks that think they are hard. They ain’t hard kids now a days don’t know hard there all cowards. Square up one on one handle your beef. These kids run by a get a shot off it’s a joke then the dude that singled out the little one must have parent issues. They will get theres

    44. Maryanne Capobianco

      Where does it say on these kids that they are from Quincy? If they are are it should be easy to identify them . This is what we have to look forward to with the overdevelopment of Quincy that is currently underway . The persons that need to see this are the ones driving the decisions to allow more and more congestion in Quincy. It seems like an easy decision to have police stationed in areas where you can expect a lot of people to congregate.

    45. George

      WoW…Quincy have so many cowards, trash, who find kids hurt. And rest of the people standing there and watching makes you feel discussed..!!
      Send them in jail to be the “birches” of real scumbags.

    46. Matthew colosimo

      A bunch of weak ass little boys , they mess with people like that because they are soft and know they can’t hold their own one on one.

    47. Steven Precourt

      The State Police are now investigating this. This is 100 percent a hate crime.

    48. Disgusted by idiots

      You motherfuckers are hilarious to say the least. All these comments from the peanut gallery are funny because they’re based on a narrative spewed by someone who wasn’t there and has no idea what really happened just what he thinks. Several people that WERE there explained in this very thread what happened prior to the fight but hey what do y’all care about facts.
      I was there and the fact IS if you can form your mouth to spit on people you don’t get the right to be scared and try to walk away when confronted and every subsequent event is karma.
      Turtleboy meet me somewhere so I can slap the taste out your mouth for race baiting even though you didn’t take the time to find out what happened before going on your little hate filled rant.

      1. phong

        Don’t forget sparky, you’re supposed to pick up the rubbers for the family reunion.

      2. Jason

        You are an idiot. When you’ve won the fight and someone is walking away it is over and you have proven your point. No need to blind someone, have a spleen removed, break ribs, or send a knocked out individual into the water to drown and die. Regardless of race, if you throw that last punch while his friend is carrying him off, you are just showing you are coward…

      3. KJDS

        Really? Kicking someone’s head in is fair retribution for a little saliva? Good to know. Next time someone looks at me cross-eyed, I’ll just start shooting. Seems like a quid pro quo.

      4. Let's take out the trash

        For the sake of arguing, let’s say your recollection of events IS what happened…
        The kid who got spit on, had he not been a bitch, could have went to fight the kid who had spit on him…
        But because the degenerate, who was allegedly spit on, is a giant pussy he came back with 4 of his friends, and then him and his hood rat clan, proceeded to repeaditly sucker punch the smallest 2 of the group of kids…
        Makes sense. Smfh, so not only are you proclaiming that you should raise your children to be thugs, but also be ‘men’ (and I use that word loosely, like even looser then your mother’s vagina, loosely) that not only bring a gun to a fist fight, but hide in the bushes and shoot them in the back as their opponent is on their way to meet him…

    49. Brett Hartt

      Realistically, if you saw two groups of white teenagers fighting, with one group forcing the issue, would you call it assault, a crime, or brush it off like boys will be boys?

      Growing up, in this area, the cops basically just let the kids tire themselves out and only made a big deal of it if there were bystanders at risk. Shouldn’t be raising kids to expect the government to come and solve all their problems. Any one of those kids stands tall at the beginning and the fight either doesn’t happen, or it settles to one on one.

    50. Sally sue

      I wish punks would do that to my kids i’d b at their house fu**ing their mothers up!!!! Omg after I was done beating the mother for raising heathens I’d b having a bigger kid beat the CRAP outta these Lil wanna b thugs!! Show them lil slugs whats really up.. and nobody stops this shit hell no i wouldn’t b just watching! People need to start speaking up

      1. Bobs

        You all are from Milton and are trying to protect your little snowflakes which is just fine, if you were not all biased AF! Nobody knows for sure what went on so you can’t say shit. People are bringing race into this when it really shouldn’t be. From what I’ve heard, the Milton kids called the Quincy kids the n word and spat on them. I’m white and kind of a stereotype but you just can’t say that, and I am fine with the way the Quincy kids reacted. You just can’t say that. If that was me who said the n word I know I deserve what the Milton scrubs got. Don’t think that I hate all people from milton because that is not true, I just want to call out all of the racist bitches who were talking shit just cuz the kids were black. Ps- this was not a fucking hate crime.

    51. Chris

      Indeed the Quincy kids acted completely barbaric, but if you think the kids from Milton did absolutely nothing for the kids from Quincy to respond like that …. kill yourself.

    52. The truth

      That wasn’t a fight, they were attacked. BUT we don’t know what started the fight, what if the white kids were talking shit to begin with, then got their asses handed to them? Nonetheless, if someone’s not willing to fight back, you walk away, not attack someone helpless. I wouldn’t call the actions racists unless they were attacked for BEING white – we don’t know that. If they were, yes, this is a hate crime. Either way, the black kids are wrong. I have an issue with the “writer” of this article. This article TRIES to sound unbiased, but it’s clearly in favor of white people. The article lost all credibility when it said tax dollars are being used to raise the black kids. Do you know them? Where is your proof? You made an assumption based on their race. I am black, never received any govt assistance, and a recent college graduate earning 70k a year. Probably more than you made before 25 (sigh) Your preconceived judgement is disgusting. Hopefully as you continue your writing career you learn how to become a REAL writer – Or you could always work for fox ‍♀️

    53. Jaser

      White parents better start raising their children tougher. This is only the beginnning. Expect plenty more of it to happen. Especially in liberal Massachusetts where no hate crimes will be applied to the actions.

      The least thing as a parent you can do Is prepare your children for the real word and not shelter them from reality. Let them know people suck and it’s not all fun and games. Don’t become yuppie soft targets.

      1. Stunt Penis

        Boom. You nailed it.

    54. Pamela Jones

      Losers!!! That’s what they are … hope with the pics that they are Identified and Maybe the Authority’s should Bring them for a Tour to Walpole have Bubba scare the shit Right outta them!!! That’s what they Need is a Real Wake-Up Call You wanna be Tough then Hmmm Maybe you’ll end up here! You keep going the way you are!

    55. Wiley

      Real tough guys…if anyone knows these “Quincy” boys, please reach out to them….I’d love to meet them down at that pier anytime. ANYTIME.

      1. Vance Hilfork

        Why are you fantasizing about fighting children? That’s fucked up.

    56. Jack

      This was not a hate crime it was a response to an 8th grader being spit on. Whoever wrote this is 1000000x more racist than anyone in that video. Remove yourself from the internet.

    57. Busta

      “Hate crimes” should be done away with, period. It places special status on crimes due to the victim’s race — of course, how many whites are the benefactors of such rulings when attacked by blacks? Naturally “blackz can’t be raycist!”

      “Oh, you said the nigger word; that makes you worse than the people assaulting you!” Get outta here with that nonsense.

    58. A Quincy Savage

      No one knows the whole story. People only see what happened after the camera went on. If people cared enough to listen to the “quincy savages” they would know that the Milton kids were spitting on the quincy kids, calling them niggas and quite obviously trying to start shit. Just listen to the whole story before you before you go talking shit about something you know nothing about.

      1. To A Quincy Savage

        Clearly your one of those nasty hooodrats that beat up these kids that had NO intentions of fighting you back… just because they called you these “racial slurs” even if they did which I highly doubt…does not justify you and your hoodrat clan jumping them… clearly you come from a broken home so you act out this way… your people can suck these nuts

    59. Barbar

      They are nothing but disgusting trash. I hope this video at least gets the scum arrested.

      1. .....

        you only say that bc you don’t know the truth. Sure is easy saying that behind a computer screen.

    60. Joe

      Niggers being niggers

      1. Allen Washburn

        They never act tough when there’s only one or two. There has to be a pack of them…Then they’re tough guys

    61. zz25

      Can someone explain to me how this was not on a SINGLE Boston News Station? If the roles had been reversed not only would this be the lead story on every local station it would be NATIONAL news telling the rest of the country how racist Boston is! F’n BS liberal media!

      1. 2044

        Boston IS racist. Have you never been? Why do you think that baseball players hate coming to Fenway, because there’s always some racist epithet thrown at them by our fellow “Bostonians”. The Irish and Portuguese population is who you should be worrying about. But you’re probably White, so you would not understand.

        1. Jason

          What does that even mean? How can a city be racist? Especially if Blacks live in Boston? One of the dumbest and most ignorant comments ever made by a person calling out ignorance…

        2. Alma

          Boston is a city. Intimate objects don’t have opinions.

          1. Alma

            Inanimate, not intimate. Freudian slip I guess. I wish TBS comment section had an edit button.

        3. TurtleRiderBiatch


          Statistically, studies have shown Boston is actually one of the least racist places to live.


    62. 2044

      The true hate crime is actually coming from most of the people that are commenting on this. Everyone showing their true colors. Nice!

    63. 2044

      And how is this racial when there was clearly white people in that huge “animal” group…?

    64. The Rant Queen

      As someone who was targeted for being WHITE in a 95% Hispanic school, anyone who tries to tell me that racism against white people isn’t a thing, or what those motherfuckers did to me wasn’t a hate crime, gets to take their rightful place on my shitlist, because the word RACISM does not mean “White hating/attacking POC ONLY” it means “X race hating/attacking Y race”. White is a race. It does NOT get excluded simply because one race WAS more oppressed than the other, hundreds of years ago.

      These fucking monsters (NOT animals, because animals don’t do shit like this, so it’d be REALLY cool if TurtleBoy bloggers could stop insulting our innocent nature-abiding animals- who don’t deserve to be compared to the scumbags they’re often compared to on this site) sought out the whitest group of kids they could and then used their own skin color to justify it, because “hey, WE can’t be racists, WE won’t get in trouble for this because WE call everyone who oppose us the racists, and it shuts them up! IT WORKS!”

      That’s the end goal for BLM, btw. By using that word to manipulate and control their environment, even politicians, to get what they want. They think the (white) people owe them, (owe them what? I don’t even fucking know) but still aren’t happy even though they have the same exact rights, opportunities and expectations as we do. They can do anything a white person can, as a matter of fact, in some cases, they get more than what a white person would. So what more do they want? Total control of the country, and the people, of course. To do (and hurt/kill) anyone they want without being arrested or getting called out on it. To call anyone they want racist, for no reason but to cause drama and get attention.

      That’s what these little fucks did and they’ll most likely get away with it because apparently it isn’t “blatantly obvious” that it was racially motivated. I can be called racist by a bunch of preteen Latinxs, ONLY because my skin was white, and that’s okay, even though I never fought back, never argued back, never even looked up from my feet when they berated me, stalked me, threw ice rocks at me while FOLLOWING ME HOME, having to look directly in front of me during gym because the one time I looked away, I get slammed in the face with a large ball and smacked the back of my head on the wall I was standing against, having a fucking dodgeball thwarted full force at close proximity, by someone on MY OWN TEAM (Coaches saw this happening and one even told me to “Suck it up” or “Keep your head down”, VERY encouraging words, indeed.)

      Girls watched me use the bathroom from the top of the stalls, they kicked my stall door open mid-pee, tore my sheets open in the changing rooms, accused me of doing things I didn’t, and the school admin- while mostly white- catered to them because guess what?? They were afraid to be called racist! Who cares if just ONE little white girl suffers from severe psychological damage and endures emotional, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse for almost 5 fucking years, when all these MONSTER’S parents can call me racist??

      I’d like to add here that I was only ever bullied by a black kid once, in elementary school. One of my only friends in middle school was a black kid, whom I met during my repeat year of 7th grade. (Btw, this was in Holyoke, William R. Peck Middle School grades 5-7, I stayed back in 7th due to my failing grades which was a result of skipping as much school as I could to avoid the racism, we also had DCF called and had to go to court because of all the missed days. So 4 years of that) It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been there but I know it’s still a cesspool of hate and corruption. It always will be.

      I fucking HATE racists, I HATE people who USE IT to their advantage and USE against innocent, NON racist people. Generally, I hate ALL people, but those are the worst.

      Sorry this was longer than my usual rants. This hits real close to home and I still have flashbacks, after all these years. Hate acts towards white people is VERY REAL and it’s just as much offensive as it is when it’s against POC. It’s just as damaging and fucked up, and it affects the victim just as much as it would any non-white kid.

      1. TurtleRiderBiatch

        The Rant Queen,

        Very well said, girl! My boyfriend grew up in similar circumstances concerning school. He lived in Fields Corner area of Dorchester for elementary & middle school, and was constantly bullied, followed home, constantly harassed for being one of 2 white kids. He went to a predominantly black high school as well, but was not F’d with really after middle school as his Step Dad is old school Dorchester (it was the 80’s), and when he found out that the reason for school skipping was bullying he took a trip over there after school and addressed the rather large group of kids who were following him on that given day that often jumped him. He said something to the effect of “You are all so big and bad in a group picking on someone a little small for his age for being white huh? Well lets solve this, all of you line up, and fight him one on one, see how big and bad you are without 7-8 of your friends simultaneously beating up one kid”. Once he fought the first 2 or 3 kids in line and beat the crap out of them, the rest scattered and decided to leave him alone, as some of the older (also black) kids saw this and decided to take him under their wing, realizing he was definitely not a coward.

        I love the story, lol. Bullying ceased right there. But all good and well memories aside, I am truly sorry for what you went through as a kid/teen. I can’t even imagine.. kids are the absolute cruelest to others who are ‘different’ then they are. Not right at all.

        As far as the slavery excuse goes… it is not so often talked about that IRISH were slaves for MUCH longer and treated MUCH worse than the slaves in America a few hundred years ago. Irish people don’t bring it up and use it to their advantage, that’s the difference. The slave trade here in America, the slaves were worth money to slave owners. The Irish were given away for free! They were not even monetarily valued, and were free for the taking. So imagine the conditions they got, as if they got sick or died, it was no biggie or money loss for the slave owner, as it was so easy to just replace with another.

    65. monadnock17

      There are people on here defending the “attackers” claiming the Milton kids started it by spitting on an 8th grader and saying things which provoked the attack. On Facebook postings of this video, a couple of these “defenders” claim that this was not the “whole” video and the start of the video shows the Milton kids initiating the whole thing. If that is so, then someone produce the “rest of the video”. Come on now…where is that missing video? The silence is deafening.

      1. Jason

        Exactly. Regardless of fault. Once a man is down and you’ve clearly won the fight as they are walking away it is over. Whatever happened before does not excuse any of that garbage.

    66. Jason

      Literally feed em to the sharks…would have loved to toss pony tail boy into the ocean. Feel for these kids. The thing is I bet those kids could have actually put up a fight, but have something to live for and were raised properly. But when they get incarcerated and “continue the cycle” it is a product of the system…how about you chose to punch random kids on a pier and take some accountability. What a joke.

    67. Chester

      How big of a dipshit do you have to be to video tape this and then send it out?

    68. Thetruthhurts

      Diversity is your strength! Remember, you did this to them by voting in people who encourage anti white, pro every other group sentiment.

    69. John Allen Sturrock

      One thing I had heard is an old man tried to go fishing on that same pier and bottles were thrown at him also before this little bullying thing happened.so no it was not a racist thing.these kids should have run into the wrong person and they wouldn’t do that shit any more.I wish I had been there to fish.I would have shut that shit down!!! We don’t play those bullshit little games.

    70. Er

      I think this video should go to police station and minimum i am thinking those guys deserves 1 month boot camp. If no one do anything now don’t be surprise if one of those guys that got beat up show up one day in front of those thugs and start shooting them, Then is too late

      1. fb

        I think you all are just a bunch of pussies

    71. Mary Bellew

      This is such bull shit it is a racists attack these asswholes should go to jail they are going to kill someone and the person who said there parents did a poor job of raising them was right

    72. HighFlight21

      Them Quincy kids wont try that shit in Dorchester Roxbury or Mattapan

    73. GFY

      Didn’t realize this was a white power site.

      1. Mirror Mirror

        No… that would be HuffPo or some other pussy lib echo chamber.

      2. Nicholas Stix


        Why do you hate white people?

    74. equalizer

      I pray to god I witness something like this someday and all those niggers will be dead. screw obumma.

    75. TakeALookOutsideYourWhiteWealthyNeighborhoods

      I’m white and from Milton, unfortunately, and yes this is disgusting behavior but you are all fucking racists and far more of an embarrassment to the world commenting that crap than any of these kids are. Probably Trump supporters I would guess. Not everyone is born into white, wealthy families. Get a grip you’re all close minded scum who probably haven’t seen shit outside your white neighborhoods.

      1. Jared

        Oh are you white and from Milton? Doubt it very much. How do you know that anyone on here are far more racist than any of those” kids” are? I see you drink deep of the koolaide buying the media PR all trump supporters are racist ..

        NO I do know YOU are ignorant as your wording reveal that clearly! hmm maybe people felt that legalizing killing small children the day they are coming out of the womb was nothing wanted OR that pillaging Haiti throught the clinton foundation just idk did not seem nice .. could NEVER be that .

        .I suppose 63 million people decided hey we are racist now after electing Obama .but hey you stand up and preach it … like you stand on the moral high ground! and Not everyone is born into white wealthy families . cliche much .. just a reality check for you ..

        Asians on average much more than whites .. and blacks from other countries actually make MORE than whites on average as well .. the funny part is education is the thing that separates the pay grades WOW huh imagine that

        .. btw can you prove ANY of these people posting are white? NO you cannot.. can you guess my color from a message? I bet you think white because I do not give the blacks the same excuses YOU DO like they need to be pitied by you right? ..I bet you would be surprised by my race haha ..

      2. joetheragman

        Takealook, did you watch what happened? This disgusting behavior must be dealt with OR THERE is going to much more language like this. it is going to be tribal and no one is going to bat an eye when those “children” who kicked smaller kids in teh head and gang beat up those smaller kids, catch a beating with bats and chains. The best thing to do here is to simply state that those that committed this act, need to be punished by the law and maybe a beating from within their own community. But from that community, all i see are excuses, further dividing people into tribal entities when one tribe defends the indefensible. It is going to get worse until we can all agree on what behavior is going to be tolerated throughout all tribes. And if we can do that, and there is some self policing within the tribes, you will not see any racist comments on here and if they do come, the tribe will police them internally.

    76. Dan U.

      These kids should be punished but you, whoever wrote this, are an ignorant, racist asshole. No one has ever said whites can’t attacked on race, moron.

    77. TDQ

      Anyone catch the girl lying down sunbathing 10 feet from the boys being beaten? Was she with the punks? Did the boys get too close to her? What’s the story?

    78. Wollaston

      Author sounds like a pussy. Represent the Q always.

    79. Steven

      I’m from Quincy and this is fucked up. But this is just the milton vs. Quincy rivalry that’s been going on forever. To say the quincy kids picked on them just because they’re white is wrong. It’s because they’re from milton not because they were white preppy looking kids. This is not a hate crime. The docks is for everyone in quincy to go. Not just black kids

    80. rus wilson

      And you wonder why white women prefer laying with black men lol.

    81. John Bell Hood

      There’s a whole lot of TNB in those images. Nothing really new to be honest.

      It’s simple really, lack of whites in any community in the U.S. will result in mayhem, rising crime and falling property values. Lack of blacks only results in peaceful bliss….and oh, lack of any form of welfare.

      Quick, which race comes to mind when you hear about the following crimes: carjacking, home invasion, smash and grab, flash mob….

    82. Jess

      is there a backstory to this? like did those kids just really start jumping them out of nowhere? this hurts my heart 🙁

      1. 2044

        Yeah, the kids that were getting beaten up were spitting at the other group while they were swimming, so they came for revenge. That’s why one of them got spit on during the video.

        1. Jared

          no no thats half the “fill in the blank story” here is the other part, before those 4 or 5 thin white kids spit on the ten larger blacks as you say happened ..

          those larger black kids spit on them first and THEN went swimming and NOW it follows your story again.

        2. Jared

          one last thing which i almost forgot and why I replied to your farce of a story line with my own . Dont you find it amazing how they dried off so fast coming up from that swim you say they had while supposedly being spit on ? ya amazing huh…

    83. totally unacceptable behaviour

      there is nothing of a fight here…just thugs (classless at that) bullying there way…should be picked up and made to apologize and do 100’s of hours of community work!!!

    84. .....

      why must you keep this post up. Are you trying to spread hate. You out of all people should not be talking about this drama going on. First were you there at all. NO. you weren’t so do you know how this started. NO. You don’t so why the hell do need to talk about this when you, yourself don’t have all the details!

      1. KJDS

        You forgot, “Only God can judge!”

      2. Jared

        Really ….. it takes less brain power than what a flea has to see what is happening .. let me guess ..you think those skinny white kids started against a much larger group of blacks right ? Please use your head!

    85. Jared

      Sorry to say Turtle boy but you are wrong saying” this does not represent the community “. not so much with the older blacks but the 15-early 20s ABSOLUTELY it does!

      Racism is running wild with blacks against whites in that age group and its a heavy majority now not a minority . when media begins to tell it like it is, instead being worried about being called racist for doing that ..that is when change will happen

    86. Lloyd Crossman

      I just viewed your video that was posted on Facebook. I am in Hong Kong and cannot believe that this video was not turned over to the police for examination, the aggressors identified and prosecuted. What ever happened to American justice?

    87. Allen Washburn

      I grew up in Dorchester were neither of those groups of kids would go because they’d get their asses kicked. Mind you that what 35 years ago and that was the climate. I’m not saying it’s right but it was what it was.

      Many of you are going to slam me but I don’t care….If I saw this video and my son was getting his ass kicked without swinging back we would definitely be having a talk and then I’d teach my kid to fight like I did both my boys and this never happened to either of them.

      This isn’t Racial it’s Bullying. Bullies feed off the power of controlling others through fear and the only way to stop it is to beat the bullies ass.

      Like it or not Humans are still animals. No matter how much society tries to play that down or pretend our higher intellect should over come our basic animal instinct, children don’t have or haven’t developed that higher intellect yet and are driven by more savage emotions like looking good in front of your friends or a girl or showing off.

      I’m not saying it’s right because it isn’t. I’m just breaking it down for those of you who didn’t grow up on the streets and the streets are savage. Better parenting is whats lacking, places to go and keep kids busy is whats lacking…a place to go, burn off energy with adult supervision. Unfortunately the towns, cities and states do other things with our money.

      1. M40

        A few of those kids were absolutely being “bullies”… but they went well beyond the typical bully behavior (ie: intimidation, and pushing other kids around). They took it to the criminal level. These few will probably not see any prison time, but will likely end up with a short stint in juvenile detention, some community service, and probation.
        HOWEVER… the one who stomped on a kids head while he was down… he’s not a “bully”. We call people like him “sociopaths”. We call his action, “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon” (ie: a shod foot). It is HIGHLY likely that kid is going to do some serious time in prison.

    88. Wahotsdad

      Quincy thugs being thugs. I was in Quincy in the 60’s, it was mostly Irish then and hard working dock workers. There were fights, but, there was reasons. Now Quincy is a shithole with sociopaths roaming the street, drugs are prevalent and fights have no honor, have no humanity. The animal kingdom in more honorable.


      You only see the video of the milton kids getting beat up right!? Then You “assume” the “Savage Quincy Kids” were just targeting those innocent Milton kids right?!?.. well you’re WRONG!!
      The TRUTH IS….
      BEFORE the fight happened the “innocent looking” milton kids decided to spit on the “Quincy Kids” as they were MID JUMP INTO the water..& YELL OUT THE N WORD!!!

      So NOW tell me how innocent these kids that got beat up are? I’m sure if everyone knew what really happened they would speak differently on this matter!!! I’m not condoning how far this went but the FACTS NEED TO BE TOLD

      And for adults to be talking like this towards these kids at the end of the day need a reality check! Color had NOTHING to do with this UNTIL the kids from milton brought race into this! There was no problem before they said & did what they did..they were jumping off the docks together with no issues, for whatever reason the milton kids apparently thought that the quincy kids were going to be fine with being spit on & called the N word!!

      Oh & by the way I’m WHITE & FROM QUINCY … Quincy is not at all what you’re making it out to be.

      1. Wilka

        People jump to conclusions because this happens constantly to White people all over the country. But if they were spitting on them and calling them the N word, then they brought it on themselves, but I have to wonder, where you got that from?

      2. MM

        You are the biggest joke of all. I don’t give a damn what the “Milton kids” said. As an older/bigger person, you let it go and move on. You don’t physically harm kids who are unable to defend themselves. Stop making excuses for these uneducated beasts.

    90. Matthew Alex

      This isn’t a HATE crime.
      This is a bully type situation.
      When white ppl are called Niggas, it’s an expression. Yea, they were bullied and punked out, but don’t gas up the situation to be more than what it is.
      South Boston was cold in the 70’s & 80’s and the violence I witnessed would be determined a HATE crime. This right here, is bullying and intimidation.
      Kinda wish I was there to intersect the situation……Woulda been a bunch of sleeping bullys on the pier. Maybe then, it woulda been a HATE crime, only because I hate bullys. Haha

      1. MM

        I agree. They need to be put down.

    91. Administrator

      a quick pencil through the throat of any one of them would have ended it.
      Don’t kids carry pencils anymore? I think they better start taking notes.

      1. Deep throat

        Okay !! John Wick

    92. Rob

      Typical filthy blacks. Picking on smaller, younger defenseless whites while in a large group. I WISH I was there. I personally woulda’ punched the shit out of every one of those cowards the minute they started abusing those kids BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE and vulnerable. Easy targets. Ppl won’t like to hear this, but it’s the truth. There is no excuse or grey area here.

      1. Ddd

        Terrible I wish I was thr to help them .. I woukd of stopped it, verbally and or Physically If that failed to stop them .I would of drawn my pistol ( legal ltc) and stopped it .. straight punks and thr not even tuff .. picking on little kids from the burbs, they wouldnt even look twice at big tuff city kid. They did that because that’s what happens to them on thr street .. loosers

    93. same shit different day

    94. Jay

      The Dindus all look like trannies. What’s up with that?

      1. Pay It Forward

        They look like cops administering “justice” to an unarmed black person. Except the white trash were not murdered.

        maybe these snowflakes should go back to their safespace. and maybe you snowflakes should join them.

        1. Chip Striker

          Maybe you should stop blaming other races for the problems in the black race. All brought by yourselves but It’s everyone elses fault.


    95. Ddd

      Terrible I wish I was thr to help them .. I woukd of stopped it, verbally or Physically If that failed to stop them .I would of drawn my pistol ( ltc) and stopped it .. straight punks and thr nit even tuff .. picking on little kids , they wouldnt even look twice at big tuff city kids. They did that because that’s what happens to them on thr street .. loosers

    96. LMC

      Thank you 0bama, you filth of the earth, I hope you are enjoying what you created. Time to lock and load. I have never been prejudiced in my life and grew up and hung around with black kids in high school, but now it’s a different game. They are the racists and are cruel and look what they do.

    97. MM

      Lock me in a room with that whole group of kids and don’t unlock it until there is one person standing. They deserve to be treated like the animals that they are. Who the hell does that to kids who are clearly younger and smaller? This makes me want to drive out to Quincy and beat every single one of those guys to a pulp. In fact, I just might.

      1. Pay It Forward

        another internet toughguy who stopped off to talk shit before visting stormfront.

        LOL you wouldn’t do shit.

    98. Jenifer

      Obviosuly it’s wrong to beat up anyone defenseless or not. However, depicting POCs as savages when the same would not be said about white people doing the same thing shows your own racism. Watch Central Five. Learn something. The second POCs do something wrong does not turn them into loin cloth wearing non-English speaking individuals.

      1. KJDS

        You must be new here. TBS has called out white people for savagery before this. I’m sure they will do so again.

        1. Jenifer

          Well, I’m not new to racism. It is different calling a white person a savage and a POC a savage. A POC “savage” is visual (slavery, native Americans–basically white people saying anyone who isn’t like them is “savage”). A white person being called “savage” is descriptive with no connection to racial oppression and eradication. Like I said watch Central Park 5. Also, I was raised in Milton since elementary school.

          1. KJDS

            Words only have the power that YOU assign to them.

    99. bastidface

      Anyone who says this was a fight or that the four white kids should have fought back is clearly delusional and lacking of moral sense. The white kids were viciously attacked/assaulted by a group of much bigger black or mixed race kids. The white kids pleaded to be left alone, and when they tried to leave, got sucker punched, thrown to the ground, and stomped on. One was so scared he even tried jumping off the peer, but was grabbed, throw to the ground and beaten senselessly. This was an assault on a group of smaller, weaker kids PERIOD.

      Yes the victims managed to walk away without any severe physical injuries, but the mental scars will stay with them forever. You don’t just shake something like this off and say “oh well, I just had a bad day at the peer. I’ll get over it tomorrow.” These kids will have life long scars with them and will probably never want to go anywhere near this peer again.

      1. bastidface


      2. NoRoomForHate

        Exactly, I completely agree. Nasty and totally unacceptable

    100. Chuck Farley

      Quincy “KIDS” being all they know how to be…………thugs

      1. Pay It Forward

        You’d think these specimens of the Master Race genetic superiority would have something to show for themselves. I don’t think you people are much of a “master race” at all, despite what you keep telling yourselves at Stormfront and here.

    101. Larry

      Pussy Quincy kids they have been like that forever being from South Boston ,when I was a kid we used to go to the quarries and they’d start shit with someone and many times we would step in and they would run like the pussies they allways have been ,And yes this is a hate crime by definition I wonder if the Boston Globe had any thing to say about this

    102. NoRoomForHate

      This is a hate crime. This is bullying. This is unacceptable behaviour. These bullies need to be arrested and jailed so they have time to reflect on their bullshit. This was a racist attack on white boys. Racism is racism, always unacceptable. These boys who were horrifically beaten and stomped and kicked have a right to enjoy the pier, and their day, without being beaten senseless for no reason other than hate, racism and bullying.

      1. Pay It Forward

        If a cop can murder black people and you have no shits to give, don’t expect anyone but closet racists to give a shit when this happens to your kids.

        1. GuyFawkesNews

          What do you expect from this website?

    103. SPQR70AD

      I blame the parents of the white kids for raising them like girls. they were as meek as a newborn fawn really sickening to watch. In Bklyn NY when I was a kid we knew how to fight and darkies steered clear of us

      1. Pay It Forward

        [email protected]

        Sure. Cool story bro. Tell another one.

    104. Pay It Forward

      I’m sorry but if you want me to shed a tear of empathy for these kids, then you’ll have to start finding a shit to give when your white pigs murder an unarmed – or legally carrying – black person.

      Until you can find a shit to give when your “heroes” are murdering defenseless persons of color, I’m unable to give a shit about white kids who got a fist or a foot to the body.

      That’ just the way it is.

      1. bastidface

        Pay It Forward,

        Let’s assume your ridiculous fantasy about “white pigs” murdering innocent black people for no reason whatsoever is actually true. The fact you would use this position to justify the beating of four innocent kids (never mind their race) is appalling. You need to get your damn head out of your ass.

        By the way, when cops shoot suspects, it’s usually because the suspect has a gun and/or is being non-compliant and threatening. Don’t give me this “hands up, don’t shot” Michael Brown of Ferguson nonsense. Black eyewitnesses have already said that was a bunch of bullshit. Brown was a thug who made some bad choices. It’s a shame he died, but the ball was in his court on that one. Most videos I see show suspects being no-compliant, resisting arrest, pulling out a gun, etc. Yet BLM and white liberals call the cops racist for doing their damn jobs. I don’t know who would even want to be a cop anymore. Why try to protect and serve a bunch of people who call them murdering pigs and chant shit like “pigs in a blank, fry em like bacon.”

        These four white kids just wanted to leave the pier and go about their business, but they were assaulted and beaten. There’s no justification for this. There’s no comparison to this and where a police suspect is being non-compliant with a cop. Two totally different things.

    105. Pay It Forward

      Looks like some snowflakes need to get back to their safe space


    106. Pay It Forward

      I bet the moron who wrote this whiny piece of crybaby “journalism” wishes she could be a doctor instead of just playing “doctor” with the skinhead prude boys before they shove it in.

    107. GuyFawkesNews

      Turtleboy Sports is a racist low rent Trump obsessed rip off of Barstool Sports.

    108. DJB

      I’m more enraged that they didn’t fight back. Sitting ducks. A couple of them were the same size. This a lesson in cowardice as much as it is in brutality. Plant the thought that you will fight back an d spill a little blood of your own and this situation wouldn’t have happened. Sorry that it did but you must teach young boys to defend themselves.

      1. bastidface

        Defend themselves against guys almost twice their size, who outnumbered them two to one? You blame the victims for this??? You son of a bitch.

      2. Rob Ponzio

        Fighting back is not multicultural and it would be racist liberals say.
        These kids parents should be ashamed that they didnt teach their children about the most dangerous and predatorty animal that you will ever encounter in life. The black male. Crime statistics bear this out but liberals will always blame the whiteman

    109. Pay It Forward

      I troll blogs for fun. When my mom hasn’t changed the wifi password.

      You’re 37 years old, get a job she says, maybe if you had a girlfriend you would want a job to impress her. Girlfriend, please mother. Why doesn’t she understand the impotence of my life’s work!!! Arrgghhh.

    110. Bruce Tainter

      Just because it happened in North Quincy does not mean that those kids were from North Quincy or Quincy. Quincy is Majority White mostly Irish American. Second largest group there are Asians. very few African-Americans. It’s hard to believe even though the photographer taking the pictures showed no sign helping or problems taking the pictures.

    111. Michele

      This makes my blood boil. I have 2 sons and to imagine them being targeted and beaten while out with friends just because they are white is a very real fear. This absolutely is a hate crime. I’d like to see that pudgy white doctor be on that pier. He would’ve gotten the shit knocked out of him too. Those animals that did this need to be severely punished. The aftereffects of this attack will be with those kids who were beaten for a lifetime.

    112. Hugh Jardon

      With their bleach blonde hair it’s easy to see those little cunts are homosexuals enraged that they feel that way and taking it out on others. They better pray I don’t see them.

    113. moeP

      It does not appear as though the Milford teens came to fight. Didn’t see them even defend themselves. If there was to be a fight between one teen from Milford and one teen from Quincy, it seems that the Quincy teens had a gang mentality.
      It was nothing but a blatant racist attack and should be looked into as such.
      I went to Cape Cod in the late 1980’s and thought it was so nice. Had a desire to go back. But I don’t think I want to visit liberal Mass., even though I live in liberal NYC. If I go on a vacation I don’t want to go from one mess to another.

    114. Michael Ice

      These kids are nothing but little bitches,
      They wouldn’t last 5 min in the system. I know I was just in for 5 years in CT doc. The reverse racial aspect is very very true, that I will contest to also. I was a instant target bc I was now a minority IN THE SYSTEM BC I WAS WHITE and was thought that I wouldnt fight back or would tell. But that did last long bc unlike these kids I grew up in the hood in hartford CT and I fight and let my hands do the talking. This is a oh to common scenario that people ned to start opening up there eyes too and thinking about it …… THIS DOES HAPPEN ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TRAKS !!!! These kids are nothing but dick sucking fags that are nothing but follower bitches END OF STORY !!!!!

    115. Andrew

      I’d choke that little tool in the pony tail out by this fucking jugular… little fuck.

    116. David White

      I wish I was on that pier. I would have loved to knock those kids out for attacking and kicking those boys. They are trashy kids and probably will be their whole lives.

    117. Kelly

      I agree with you those boys are cowards that attacked WHITE boys who were trying to hang out on a pier and be fuckn attacked by some cowards! I have never seen something so disgraceful in my entire life!

    118. Don Richards

      I hope some adults find the perpetrators and make them a public example.
      Permanently disable them from ever doing this again.

    119. Riggs

      This happened to me when I was about there age in the fine city of Lynn. The perpetrators shared the same skin tone and used the same language. If this was reversed and a group of minority kids were targeted by a larger group of whites it would be a national news story.

      When reversed it is just considered, “a high school fight”?! How so, it is clearly motivated by the fact they assumed these kids were easy targets because they aren’t from the hood.

      Then you wonder why race relations are at a low.

    120. David

      First off, some of the attackers were white. Second racism is a systemic issue, i.e. where a race is systematically oppressed by the judicial, political, educational, and other systems are stacked against a group of people who share a trait ( i.e. a religion, or skin color). Third, this is absolutely disgusting, and the attackers need to be sought out and punished severely. Simply awful, those poor boys.

    121. I'm black

      Fucking low life maggots . This video shows what their home life is like . They get no attention . Fucking no good scumbags

    122. Blacls yes, knee-gurrs no

      F**king knee-gurrs!

    123. unknown

      Give me names and address and i will post videos of them on fire and getting beat the fuck up. Im serious send me names and address if you find one please just finished serving time down as fuck to get back in there with a bigger charge.

    124. Rob Ponzio

      The media ignore the EPIDEMIC of Black on White crime but it does give voice to the Black Lives Matter BOwel MOvement. You are called a racist if you report the facts like 12% of the population is responsible for 70% od all violent crime. THe media lets blacks chimp out with impunity. Perhaps these Milton kids learned a valuable lesson and wont grow up to vote for Obamma like their wimpy liberal parents.

    125. trish

      To the person who claimed its a “turf war” and they “do it to each other,” I highly doubt the Milton kids are engaging in turf wars with people in Quincy. This is an absolute hate crime.

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