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  • 26 Year Old Grimace Steals 60 Year Old Boyfriend’s 72 Year Old Friend’s Credit Card, Runs Up $10K Bill, Says She Was “Owed” The Money Because Life Is No Fair To Her

    26 Year Old Grimace Steals 60 Year Old Boyfriend’s 72 Year Old Friend’s Credit Card, Runs Up $10K Bill, Says She Was “Owed” The Money Because Life Is No Fair To Her

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    This is a story that could only possibly have come out of the Connecticut corridor:


    She’s 26.

    The victim is 72.

    She knows the victim because her boyfriend is 60, and the 72 year old is his friend.

    Oh yea, she’s normal.

    We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? The first time you get introduced to your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends. You quietly hope for their approval because you know that they have the power to give their advice to your significant other.

    But usually your girlfriend or boyfriend’s friends are, ya know, your age.

    This was the best part:

    The 60 year-old says that she did admit to him that she made the charges, but told him that “she was owed the money due to what society had done to her and that she didn’t care due to the fact it was a victim-less crime since the credit card company would reimburse the victim anyway.”

    Oh yea, spending $10K of money that isn’t yours is a victimless crime. Because that money grew on the welfare tree. Plus, she’s owed that money because of what society has done to her – turned her into an unlovable troglodyte who has to resort to banging 60 year old men so she can steal his elderly friend’s credit cards.

    Hey Joan – society didn’t do that to you. Terrible taste, transfat, and a lack of exercise did.

    It’s shockingly not her first run in with the law either:

    But once again, this is society’s fault that she can’t find a way to earn a living without selling poison or stealing from the elderly.

    Anyway, if you’re gonna be a gold digger who dates men who are more than double her age, then you’re supposed to date someone who’s rich. Not some dude from Danielson.

    P.S. Comment of the year so far:

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    1. Hughbo Mont

      fuck, marry,kill?

      miss pye
      caroline bays (watertown racist)
      didi delgado

    2. Joan

      Did somebody say pie!?!?

      1. Harvey Weinstein

        She starts salivating every time someone says her last name.

    3. Some Guy

      Well of course she is dating a 60 year old dude. No guys in her dating pool are even remotely interested in playing hide the sausage with a gross looking fatty. Not even on a hogging night.

      1. juror seven esq.

        In that part of CT the norm is the 60 year old that you fuck is more than likely your father.

    4. TJB

      Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful
      Assortment of rubbish imaginable mangled up in tangled up knots!
      The Grinch

    5. Fred Knessl

      OK, it’s time… If a couple from this part of Connecticut gets a divorce, are they still Brother and Sister?

    6. Independent Thinker

      Why is it that there are so many out there who feel that they are “owed” something. And if you don’t give them what they are “owed,” then they feel they can simply take it from you.

    7. Let me up, I've had enough

      Holy Shit…. it’s the real life “Debs” from “Shameless”.

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