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Add Etel Haxhiaj To The Turtleboy Graveyard: Disgraced SJW We Exposed Resigns From Citizen’s Board After Margaret Melican Gets Appointed To Zoning Board

Add Etel Haxhiaj To The Turtleboy Graveyard: Disgraced SJW We Exposed Resigns From Citizen’s Board After Margaret Melican Gets Appointed To Zoning Board

Add Etel Haxhiaj To The Turtleboy Graveyard: Disgraced SJW We Exposed Resigns From Citizen’s Board After Margaret Melican Gets Appointed To Zoning Board






A few months back we exposed local corrupt social justice warrior Etel Haxhiaj for denying qualified attorney Margaret Melican a seat on Worcester’s zoning board because she reads Turtleboy Sports blogs.

It’s obviously a big deal when the government denies someone a seat they’re qualified for because they choose to read a blog. It’s basically the present day version of book burning, and a direct assault on the First Amendment.

Well, we can now add her to the Turtleboy graveyard, because Margaret just made it onto the zoning board and consequently Etel has resigned in disgrace. Naturally this is very upsetting to the racist cop-hating Turtlegram columnist, Clive “Spanky” McFarlane:

Ms. Haxhiaj considered the blog, which traffics in dehumanizing groups and individuals, hateful. In a phone conversation Tuesday, Ms. Melican, who once represented the blog in a court case, said she doesn’t consider the blog hateful. She said she occasionally writes limericks for the site. She also admitted to hanging out with contributors to the blog at a cookout, and to posting personal bankruptcy information on the blog’s Facebook page about Dan Margolis, a local blogger and a member of the city’s library board.

In blogging about Ms. Melican posting his personal information, Mr. Margolis said it was meant to smear his reputation.

“To be clear, bankruptcies are public information, and posting about them is not illegal … But it is highly unethical, especially for an attorney,” he wrote.

Oh look, local communist Dan Margolis is mad that Margaret Melican, a private citizen, used her free speech to point out that Red Danny did the most capitalist thing ever – declared bankruptcy!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.17.54 AM

Apparently he didn’t feel like paying back all that money he borrowed from big banks for school loans and credit cards:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.12.53 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.13.44 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.17.10 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.17.02 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.16.57 AM


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.16.42 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.16.30 AM

Because lots of communists are known to work with big banks. But that’s OK because Turtleboy is “hateful.”

Here’s her resignation note:

But Ms. Haxhiaj said she believes that turning a blind eye to questionable conduct of individuals vying for public office is being complicit in the danger such conduct presents to a civil society.

“I am stepping down because I can no longer serve with a committee whose decisions are in direct contradiction to the equity and inclusion principles that should guide us all, and which have always guided me,” she wrote in her resignation letter. As a member of this committee, I have worked hard towards recruiting and identifying individuals whose experience and skill-set fit the purpose and needs of Boards and Commissions. I have, most importantly, tried hard to ensure that we identify and advance candidates whose work and conduct advance the values of justice and equity across all Boards and Commissions.”

She was also critical of other members of the advisory council, who she said attempted “to muffle and disregard the spirit and substance of my work in this committee.”

“I believe that is a reflection of fundamental differences in our philosophy, our closeness to and understanding of this community, and our role as commissioners.”

Hey Etel, you might wanna reach out to your friends Brenda Jenkins and Keesha Latulippe. They know what it’s like to lose a gig after getting exposed by Turtleboy. Like when Mosaic Cultural Complex was handing out checks for $15,000 so that Keesha’s Red Tab Consulting company could teach “diversity training” after ratcheting up baseless allegations of racism.

Hey Etel, you’re done!! We overthrew you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You’re stepping down because at the end of the day the turtle stands for justice and turtle riders don’t take bullshit lying down. When you poke the turtle, the turtle pokes back. The difference is that we will always have the law and justice on our side. So have fun going back to making money off of fraudulent non-profits because it’s clearly the only thing you’re good for.

Another victory for the turtle.

7 Comment(s)
  • Beano
    November 3, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    At this rate, I may actually have a reason to move back to Worcester

  • Thomas Doubting
    Thomas Doubting
    November 1, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Don’t go away mad Etel, just go away.

  • Finn
    November 1, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    [insert standing slow clap]

  • Joe Haxhiaj
    November 1, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Is it pronounced “hacks-hag”, “hacks-yag”, or “hay-yag”? Aww, WGAF, she’s gone!

  • Stuart P
    November 1, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    You know what’s not ethical, Danny? Not paying your debts!

  • Winning
    November 1, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Go, turtle, go turtle, hey hey ho ho fraud d.b’s have got to go……repeat till your ears burn off,that’s about 1 time.

    Apologies for not having the stupid bongo asswipe music added.

  • chrissy
    November 1, 2017 at 11:42 am


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