• Anyone Recognize This Drunkard Rifling Through Cars All Over Vernon Hill Who Says He Just Moved To Paxton And Was Wasted From Church?

    Anyone Recognize This Drunkard Rifling Through Cars All Over Vernon Hill Who Says He Just Moved To Paxton And Was Wasted From Church?

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    Saw this post on the Facebook machine today:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.24.36 PM 17966182_10100708673365193_3266291181536177435_o

    So apparently this guy looks out the window and sees a guy rifling through his car. He goes downstairs, confronts the guy, who is still sitting in his car, and calls the cops. The kid, who is shitfaced at 7 PM, sits in the car with Tim Groleau, waiting for the cops to arrive. Then he realizes nothing good is gonna happen for him when the cops get there, so he hops out of the truck and walks down the road. From there he stumbles around into other cars, takes shit out of them, and basically gets away with it all.

    We reached out to Tim to ask him exactly what happened after that. Here’s what he tells us:

    I’m a big guy and in no shape for a foot race, so I laid back a bit and was following hoping to just keep an eye on him till the cops showed up. Yeah i saw him go into a bunch of cars… never being in one for more than a minute… I lost him at one point and saw a car with its lights flashing so i figured some alarm went off and he took off. But when I looked around for him I saw the back door of that car fly open and he spilled out. 

    We asked him why he didn’t take more pictures of the perp:

    I honestly don’t know why i never took pictures or video. I was all jacked up from this kid being in my shit… He was hammered… I’m pretty sure he had forgotten i was behind him because he just stumbled around doing his thing. I never asked him his name, it’s amazing all the stuff I thought about after the fact. I followed him until 8 pm, waiting for the cops, but they never showed. He showed me his wallet at one point when we were talking by my truck and I should have grabbed it, but again I didn’t. He kept telling me he just moved to Paxton whenever i asked what he was doing there. At first he said it was his f150 he was in. I told him it looked more like a ram 1500. He said he was there for the church next door, and that he “had too much to drink tonight.”

    A well-dressed preppy looking drunkard who claims he lives in Paxton, rifling through every car in Vernon Hill he can find because he got too drunk at church? Just another Thursday in Worcester. Someone has to recognize this asswipe. He says he lives in Paxton, but he also thought he owned the truck this guy found him in. So who knows. Either way, someone has to recognize his ass. Let us know if you know.



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    1. Prescott

      That picture looks like it was taken with a webcam from circa 1997. Can’t really make him out very well.

    2. Pats#1

      Does he hang around Tims brother Andrew Groleau. Maybe it wasn’t random the brother is all over the courthouse records something more to this story.

    3. Pats#1

      The Brothers address is also listed as Endicott street

    4. Matt

      I think you’re being played here, Turtleboy. It would have taken the cops all of 5 minutes to show to a B & E in progress on Vernon Hill…had they actually been called.

      1. Pats#1

        Soon as you see the key words like Vernon Hill…or Grafton Hill…radar should go off either they were at one point in time or their friends and family were at one point in time involved in something illegal in the city. It’s a given.

        1. Lt Dan

          “or Grafton Hill”

          Eat a dick.

          1. Pats#1

            ^ Those damn courthouse records must be lying again.

    5. wtatnuckgangsta

      I got wasted off church wine when I was 6. Catholics are funny. Never busted cars though. Too lazy.

    6. Yea

      Hey Matt, My house got broken into on Vernon Hill and it took the cops 3 hours to get there. They only show up fast for gun shots, the rest can wait.

    7. Green Island Guy

      Did it go into 48 Ward St? Roslaie Tirella lives there, her boyfriend.

      1. Roger Clinton

        Wad St. Typo.

    8. Baraque Hussein Obongo

      Lol, you called the WPD? no offense but what a waste. The only calls they are responding to now is HATE crimes against illegal aliens and ghetto apes, or crosswalk violations. They are utterly useless and I would love to see them defunded.

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