• “Artists” Go Full Free My Boi For Georgia O’Queef After She Was Arrested In Hull For Defacing A War Memorial With Her “Art”

    “Artists” Go Full Free My Boi For Georgia O’Queef After She Was Arrested In Hull For Defacing A War Memorial With Her “Art”

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    Hull PDChief John E. Dunn reports that the Hull Police Department arrested a woman for allegedly vandalizing Fort Revere. MARGARET ST. SAUVEUR, AGE 20, OF COHASSET was arrested and charged with Tagging Property. On Friday, Aug. 25, at 2:49 p.m., Hull Police responded to Fort Revere to investigate a report of graffiti tagging in progress. Police were told that the suspect got into a black Ford Escape. An officer located the vehicle nearby and made a traffic stop. The driver, identified as ST. SAUVEUR had blue paint on her hands, and the officer saw paint and paintbrushes on the floor of the car in plain view. Police also found a can of blue paint at the site of the tagging.

    ST. SAUVEUR was arrested and released on personal recognizance pending arraignment at Hingham District Court. Hull officials and the Department of Conservation and Recreation funded the repainting of Fort Revere in June to remove graffiti in several areas, and since then police have stepped up patrols in the area. The Massachusetts State Police have also made multiple arrests over the last couple of weeks for vandalism and trespassing.

    The Hull Police Department, along with Massachusetts State Police, will continue to closely monitor the Fort Revere site and will not hesitate to charge those who are found to be breaking the law. “Fort Revere is a historic site and is hallowed ground, as it serves as a burial ground for French soldiers who died assisting our young nation in the American Revolution. We will not tolerate the desecration of this site,” Chief Dunn said. “If you tag or vandalize at Fort Revere, we will arrest you.”

    Good for Hull PD for laying the smack down. This is a historic monument that honors France back before they voluntarily cut their own balls off. Back when France fought back and didn’t take no shit from nobody. Back when they didn’t need Americans to save them from suicide bombers by changing our profile pictures on Facebook. Newsflash – we wouldn’t have won our independence without them. It’s important that we preserve places like this so it doesn’t turn into a junkie encampment.

    There’s nothing worse than these graffiti chuds who call themselves “artists” because they bought a couple spray cans from Home Depot and like to write in bubble lettering. And that’s exactly what the free my boi patrol is doing with Margaret St. Sauveur – pretending she’s an “artist”:

    She’s a “brilliant artist.” As a matter of fact her “art” was so in demand that she was relegated to defacing a war monument in the middle of the night. Plus, it’s not like she was defacing public property since she wasn’t using an aerosol spray can on the war monument. She was using an old school paint brush. That doesn’t count.

    In the least surprising turn of events ever, Caitlin Ahrens is also an “artist” who is into Cosplay:

    She also defended her fellow artist’s epic mugshot that makes her look like the bikini panhandler on Lincoln Street:

    Other “artists” were all like, “Saying mean things about someone who was arrested for defacing a war monument is the same thing as actually defacing a war monument”:

    “You should all be ashamed for making someone feel this way.”

    I don’t know if there’s ever been a quote that encapsulates the mentality of millenial social justice warriors quite like that one. The person who committed the crime isn’t the problem. The problem is the people who said things on the Internet that hurts the criminal’s feels. Oh well, at least this one was nice about it and managed not to call anyone a Nazi. She must be one of the good ones.

    Anyway, let that be a lesson to all you poonstachios out there who think you’re Andy Warhol because you can paint your doodles that no one asked for on public property. No one cares about your stupid “art.” If you wanna express yourself then buy a canvass and put it in your living room so your mother can tell you how wonderful it is. The rest of us don’t wanna see it.


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    1. captain morgan

      I93 North has been upgrading and installing sound barriers on the sides of the highway. They look great. Until some beanbag from Chelsea hides in the woods and spreads his “art” everywhere. It’s not tagging…it’s vandalism. Nobody wants to look at your shit. Keep it in Chelsea.

    2. whatevuh

      Driving into Boston on the Mass Pike, before you go into the Pru Tunnel, this crap is everywhere on the sides of the highway. It looks like you’re driving into a ghetto. This is what Boston wants visitors to see? Public and private property, nothing is immune to it. It’s ugly. I realize every time they paint it over, the next week it will be “tagged” again, but it really looks like a ghetto.

    3. phong

      When some “artist” pulls this shit part of their sentence should be learning the history, then volunteering there for some time. Six months of dealing with tourists and field trips could be a hell of a deterrent.

    4. PowWowNow

      If it is so wonderful, how about I copy it and carve it into your face?
      It’s art, so your personal rights don’t matter, right?

      Paint on your own property, losers.

    5. Ghandi

      What is not taught in schools is the actual history. The French saved our asses versus the British and Hessians (Germans) in our fight for independence.

      The Revolutionary War between the North and South was NOT over slavery. It was over economics. The poor South was getting fucked over economically by Congress and they wanted out. History was rewritten to blame it on slavery so we’d all feel better fighting amongst ourselves. Blacks have been fucked over, blamed, made victims and used as pawns throughout history.

      Rewrite and erase history as the Left is trying to do now and it will repeat. Many are locked and loaded for another Revolutionary War. A spray can in the hands of a pathetic meat flap doesn’t stand a chance against an AR-15.

      1. TheCureForHope

        You are correct that history is not being taught in our schools – hence your comments. I think you are referencing the Civil War, not Revolutionary War.

        The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States fought from 1861 to 1865. … The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of Independence and the Revolutionary War in the United States, was the armed conflict between Great Britain and thirteen of its North American colonies.

    6. Noseface


    7. Brian

      I got one of the of best blow jobs of my life at that fort. Very special place. This bitch with the paint cans has probably given a couple there also. Maybe some guy never called her back after she took a load so she wanted to go and vandle the place

      1. Brian

        If she has not given an an amazing BJ there I would like to be her first

    8. I

      I’d let her paint my penis with her toungue

      1. I

        That cosplay hooker can help too

    9. Stan the man

      I think the real crime is that blond hair with the black roots

    10. ElJefe72

      Why don’t these graffiti “artists” ever paint their own house or apartment? Or the house of a family member or friend?

      Because it’s not about the art. It’s about doing something illegal and not getting caught. That’s where the thrill is. Not the actual painting or drawing itself.

      Victimless crime? Tell that to the property owner who has to spend his or her hard earned money and time cleaning it up. Or if it’s public property, the government agency that has to do it using your and my tax dollars.

      Want to express yourself? Buy a nice 8×4 piece of plywood, cover it with fabric or paint it some solid color, and then graffiti it to your heart’s content. Display it in your house, or if it’s good enough, display it in a gallery.

    11. THE TRUTH


      1. JoeMomma

        You can’t handle the truth snowflake……..

    12. livesinlowell

      I don’t like it when people try to minimize the crime by saying her graffiti wasn’t big or what’s difference the property had already been tagged. That’s like saying someone only robbed the bank of a little money so not a big deal because someone else robbed that bank before for much more money.

    13. They call me Ponch

      Nice mug shot.

      Huff paint much?

    14. C. Jenner

      Looks like a male transitioning to female. Trying to anyways.

    15. Kitty two shoes

      It figures the “artist” haha is from Cohasset. Little no talent punk should go paint the stone walls on Jerusalem Rd. with her crapola and stay out of Hull. Mommy and Daddy too busy sipping martinis at the yacht club to give their ugly wannabe artist the time of day? Oops…princess of the cock suckers got arrested , quick, call the team of lawyers so Miffy doesn’t have to marry a broom handle in Framingham.

    16. Stunt Penis

      Too fat for my personal tastes, but she does have amazingly blue eyes.

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