• Brockton Grandma Snitches To Cops On Grandson For GoFundMe Scam To Send Her Adopted Child To Oregon, Grandson Threatens To Hit People With Balogna Baton

    Brockton Grandma Snitches To Cops On Grandson For GoFundMe Scam To Send Her Adopted Child To Oregon, Grandson Threatens To Hit People With Balogna Baton

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    Earlier today we wrote about this GoFundMe scam out of Brockton, in which a teenager is trying to raise $800 to return a dumpster baby to his/her real grandparents in Oregon after his Grandmother allegedly took the baby in after DCF told her to five years ago.

    Well we got in touch with Javon YoungPolo, the president of the Young Republicans Club at Brockton High School, to ask how we could help.

    Still waiting on those pictures of the young girl. Can’t wait to see what he sends. I’m sure she’s real.

    Anyway, it looks like he won’t be getting back to us at all now. That’s because he deactivated his page after Grandma found our blog and snitched his ass out:

    As you can see, Grandma Mary Tyler is none too pleased, and “his ass is in getting in trouble for this.”

    That’s when Javon showed up on the Brockton Hub to defend his honor with a comment underneath his own grandmother’s comment about him being a liar:

    Fuck off my dick 100 emoji!! P.S. Hi Grandma!!!

    Then he started to threaten to hit women and their children with his penis who thought he shouldn’t be using language like that in front of his Grandma:

    Oh yea, this kid’s gonna have a hard time picking between a full scholarship at Yale or Princeton. Either that or Shirley. #GoingPlaces

    Turns out the child is actually real, and Mary did actually adopt her:

    So if Mary adopted a 5 year old, that would make the 5 year old child Javon’s aunt. So basically he’s using a made up a story about his 5 year old aunt being a dumpster baby being sent back home to Oregon to reunite with his real grandparents in order to make a quick $800. This is why they never should’ve given the Internet to Brockton.

    Anyway, Grandma is NOT fucking around:

    Wouldn’t wanna be Javon right now!! Looks like Turtleboy and Grandma blew that shit up!! Free my boi!!



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    1. North Country Turtle Rider

      I’m starting to think he may not be the president of the Brockton High School Young Republicans.

      1. Free My Boi 100 100 100

        Something tells me Javon YoungPolo won’t live past 35.
        Get a job loser.

    2. Noseface

      Remember the good old days when all these savage animals just stayed in their shirty run down sections of the country/city/town and killed each other, lived in filth and squalor, and could for the most part be avoided by the rest of us? Now it seems everytime I turn around I have to see,smell,or hear these pieces of shit.

    3. Maggie the Cat

      Are any of these “people” capable of speaking English?

    4. Barry

      I think turtleboy should get grandma Mary to do an advice column. She’s clearly a woman of principle that acts quickly and decisively.

      1. wabbitt

        Nana Mary ain’t nothing to fuck with.

    5. DeusVult88

      Good for grandma I guess but that won’t save her when the Day of the Rope comes….

    6. Chip Striker

      If they dropped a bomb in the middle of Brockton would the world be a better place?

      Yes, because all that lives there is fucking animals.

      Nice language grandma, I realize your probably only 39, and probably the guardian of the little inmate, but that is only because you fucked up as a parent.

      Endless cycle of reproduction that puts the onus on us hard working tax payers.

    7. Sally

      Javon has a face book page where we can comment

    8. The Executioner

      Grandma looks like a standup with the “nigga” tirade going on in her comments at the end. And where’s the parents in all of this? Overdosed or drive by victims? Shit rolls down hill and that includes evolution. Great job Grandma!

    9. wabbitt

      Didn’t this kid ever learn that you don’t fuck with ghetto grannies? They dun run out of fucks to give decades ago.

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