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Chinstrapped Chudmiser, Who Killed His Friend In Quincy Car Accident, Is On The Run From Police – “Only God Can Judge” Crew Thinks You Need To Shut Up Because You Weren’t There

The police are looking for the local dickwad who killed his buddy and fled from police. 

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QUINCYPolice have obtained a warrant for the arrest of the man they say was driving the truck the crashed in Germantown last week, killing one of its passengers.
Quincy police are asking for the public’s help in finding Christopher Murch, 22, of Germantown, who they say was behind the wheel during a late-night single-car crash that killed a Germantown teenager.

Allan Dunne, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash Aug. 7. Murch, Dunne and another teenager were in a utility truck heading into into Germantown on Palmer Street at about 12:35 a.m. when they into two utility poles and two parked cars before flipping over.

Police said that speed appears to have played a factor in the crash.

A 17-year-old Quincy resident who also was in the car suffered injuries authorities at the time called life-threatening, but the teen now is expected to live.

There seems to be conflicting stories as to what happened. In one theory, homeboy killed his buddy, and instead of staying behind like a regular human, he fled and left both his friends for dead. In the other theory Chris, who didn’t have a license, told the cops that he wasn’t the one driving, was arrested on a warrant for failure to pay his child support, and the cops had to investigate to prove he was the one behind the wheel. Most of the MSM news outlets are pretty vague on this. Not staying behind, of a crash you caused, is the sign of a true asshole folks. Blaming someone else for driving when your friend is dead is even trashier. 

Can you imagine having “run” be your first instinct instead of “help?” I can’t. 

What the news wasn’t going to mention is that Chris was the one who always bought booze for the underage kids. We all knew a version of Chris in high school. The guy we pretended to be friends with to get us schnapps and Zima. The loser who didn’t have friends his own age. 

As per the norm, when they news hit that the fuzz was looking for this prick, the Free My Boi crowd came out of the woodwork on the Quincy Is Everything page. It’s not as juicy as some of the morons we’ve seen during BOLO threads but a shame sandwich is in order regardless. 

You know what’s pathetic Kristen? Leaving your friends to die after you caused a car accident. I don’t know… Maybe I’m expecting too much from a girl who looks like window-licker Barbie. There is nothing going on behind those glazed eyes of hers. I can’t even tell which one of them is looking at me. I’m guessing she’s the one riding his bratwurst. Zoinks. 

Then we have the dolt who thinks she can police the whole feed because she knows the mom of this turd. 

Then, as per usual, we have the “only God can judge” crowd. The ones who say that we weren’t in the car, and therefore, can’t have opinions on stuff. After all, Chris is scated

Stephanie, on the other hand, wants to blame the police for the piss-poor actions of grown ass people. Blaming an entire law enforcement department is easier than holding individuals accountable. Got that? 

Then we have Raychel. She knows all the things and went down the entire thread to defend chud boy’s honor. 

She’s clearly a reliable source and not a cliche in the least. 

I trust anyone with the eyebrows of a wise, old, caterpillar and the face of a knowledgeable mallard! 
Anyways, if you see this chinstrap please give the Quincy Police call immediately. 617-479-1212

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  • twat tamer
    August 15, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Any bitch that has thick eyebrows deserves a punch in the cunt

    • Elezebeth
      August 15, 2017 at 11:27 pm

      vitch you deserve a punch in the cunt don’t talk shit about my sister before you get smacked

      • Bitch
        August 16, 2017 at 11:26 am

        Whos your sister ?

  • Rich A
    August 15, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Haha *Melissa was a good comeback.

    • Milissa
      August 15, 2017 at 6:38 pm

      Lol except my name is ACTUALLY spelled Milissa… Ignirint is NOT how to spell ignorant… So…. That shit is irrelevant.

  • Straight Squattin
    August 15, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    This guy is from Germantown??? The Paris of Massachusetts? I am flabbergasted.

  • They call me Ponch
    August 15, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Here’s a quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.

    • CJT
      August 16, 2017 at 12:36 am

      Uncle Buck. Great movie

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