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Easthampton Chud Gets Sign Stolen Off Lawn And Blames Racism And Claims There’s A Larger Group Behind The Theft

Easthampton Chud Gets Sign Stolen Off Lawn And Blames Racism And Claims There’s A Larger Group Behind The Theft

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Here we go again. I swear to God, the Easthampton, MA Group page is the hub for everything SJW. The award for Lunatic of the Day goes to…. David Ahearn! See, after David was tucked into bed last night enjoying dreams of safe spaces, gender fluidity and cultural appropriation, someone snuck onto his front yard and stole his beloved “Look at me, I’m making a statement” lawn sign. Today, David took to the FB group to complain about the theft.

Oh boy, it’s a sign referencing either the travel ban or the support of sanctuary cities, or really whatever SJW narrative that you would like it to. It shows compassion and love… and it was stolen by a racist!

Yep, gotta be racism. See the problem I have with people like David is that he didn’t go there to voice a real concern, he posted this to perpetuate another completely nonexistent claim of racism in Easthampton. You know how I know this? Number one – He was the first one screaming “racist!” Number two – because this guy is literally everyone that lives in Easthampton. All these people do is look for things to protest, wear twat hats and put stupid signs in their front yards – but trust my words, they are all the same. There is no racism problem in Easthampton. I repeat, no racism problem in Easthampton. Let’s use our noggins on this one, what kind of racism could possibly exist in a town that is 95% white and full of Davids? You’d know if you lived around these parts, there is zero chance that there is a racism problem in this city and I’m sick as shit hearing about it.

These people want attention, simple as that. If your big weekend plans were the Asparagus Festival, you’d be bored too.

By the way, this is David

Need I say more? Well, one more thing. Here’s a quick glance at his photo album, too.

This looks like a guy that uses the words “racist,” “misogynist,” and “islamaphobe” on a regular basis. I bet he says shit like “Not my president” and “Love Trumps Hate” when people mention the name Donald Trump. He’s a walking, talking robo-flake. I would put money on him being friends with Elle Chanel.

My favorite part is when this guy, Mikey Rooney, shows up and triggers everyone on the thread.

Mikey does not give a furry crack of a rat’s ass. I am truly surprised that David actually refrained from name calling, but I’m pretty sure it was only because he was too busy typing out his awesome comebacks.

And then there’s the moment that David was waiting for. The real reason he is here.

Yea, I totally believe you just blocked someone because they threatened you. I bet they said something like, “Hello.” This fucking broflake is threatened by his own shadow. Again, I don’t buy it because he used it to bring up another irrelevant relationship between his stolen sign and Trump. See a trend here? A simple stolen yard sign being used to drawn completely asinine conclusions.

Here’s another.

Oh look, this asshole again. You put a bunch of hypotheticals together and added a fresh layer of dickcheese to this turdburger’s argument.

This seriously is one of my new favorite Facebook pages. I think SJWs are generally just a long, regurgitated game of telephone that never ends but keeps getting more fucked up as it continues. All this is over a stolen yard sign. I thought I saw all the clichés I was going to see, but then I saw this.

If there’s one thing that SCREAMS “I am offended by gender bathrooms and have been to at least one march this week,” it’s this move right here. Easy, Adolf Titler. No tolerance for violence? Because that’s even possible in an online forum. What I posted up there was all that Mikey said. I even double checked just to be sure I didn’t miss something. I’m guessing she is referring to the comment where he said, “I beat people up a little too much,” which makes her a stupid asshole.

But anyways, this is a tightknit group. They are good at only keeping the likeminded within. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them gets booted. That’s why I stay quiet and enjoy the show.

There’s 100% a larger group. They get together to discuss their sign-stealing routes and then meet at a warehouse with all the Good Neighborhood Projects signs they merked. There’s a big conspiracy cookin’ in Easthampton. My guess is the illuminati is behind it. Either way, if you live in the Easy E, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz they takin’ everyone’s signs up in there.



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14 Comment(s)
  • Impeach Alex Morse
    June 7, 2017 at 8:49 pm


    Mikey Roorke: you’re the best!!!

  • Troubled Nostrils
    June 6, 2017 at 10:33 am

    I’d like to see a more anatomically-correct hat, say a pink vagina worn atop the head with the taint over the eyes and nose and the brown asshole over mouth.

  • whatevuh
    Dick Hertz from Holden
    June 6, 2017 at 5:46 am

    The pussy hat and diaper pin is perfect. Remember when men were men? No self-respecting man would wear that . . . LGBTQ is liberal code for brain-damaged

  • whatevuh
    June 6, 2017 at 3:31 am

    They both look like professors at Hampshire College, teaching gender studies or some shit like that

  • Teigh Brown
    June 6, 2017 at 3:17 am

    How about an update on the Jo Ringer case please.

  • Mista
    June 5, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Woo! I made this post! YES. There was no threat. The admin of this page is up to his eyeballs in making people happy. But that’s impossible in this town. I’ve had quite a few conversations with him about it. It’s almost a full time job.

    David probably put the sign so close to the street that it had to be taken down.

  • Amused in East Hampton
    June 5, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    I do the same .. sit back and enjoy the show. I almost unfollowed with all the censoring that goes on and the inconsistent (or not) way they like to stop people from discussing a different point of view .. Keep up the good work!!

    Below was the best … the page founder not reading the posts and squawking and not reading whether this princess was threatened in the first place .. I am SO glad Mikie was reported and removed .. for what I’m not quite sure, but those SJW’s like Chris & Jennifer Anne will protect and censor all the bad feelings for their sheeple .. baahahaha

    Sorry it’s not HTML

    Chris Korczak Did they threaten you on this page?
    · 15 hrs

    David Ahearn Yes he did
    · 15 hrs

    David Ahearn He has been reported

  • Savage Squaw Bitch
    June 5, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    These people DO know that some of the whitest people they will ever see actually come from Mexico and the middle east…or are they so fucking racist that they think all Mexicans and Middle Easterners are brown and underprivileged?

  • Margaret Melican
    June 5, 2017 at 11:29 am

    There once was a hat that was pink
    Worn in SJW precinct
    That sign on the lawn
    Was quickly withdrawn
    Pushing that hat wearer to a sanity brink!

    (12 more days in Face Book jail for me!)

  • S.R.R
    June 5, 2017 at 11:05 am

    There are No words……because I am laughing too hard at the SJWs they are ridiculous,dumb as a box of rocks and So out of touch with reality but they always provide great entertainment!

  • fordsnharleys
    June 5, 2017 at 10:44 am

    In the pic I see the street with the sign next to it. Then there is the sidewalk. Was this even on his property. There is about 3 feet of grass in my front yard that the town owns. I can mow or plant whatever but it is still not my property to erect stuff on. I could probably put an ornamental fence and no one would complain but if I applied for a permit it would probably be denied.
    Last but not least I think this sign is a bit hypocritical because it appears to be all inclusive but I’m guessing he does not want someone from the south with a rebel flag in his garage living next door. I might also venture he does not want someone from a level 3 sex offender list.

  • Mr Butthurt
    June 5, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Oh he is a pickle smoocher too. Go figure.

  • Mr Butthurt
    June 5, 2017 at 10:03 am

    East Hampton LOLOLOL I spelled it wrong for a reason.

  • Agent Smith
    June 5, 2017 at 9:50 am

    David Ahearn is worthless and weak. I wish someone would steal this pussy’s pussy hat. Total fagula for wearing it

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