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  • Easthampton High School Kids Can’t Use The Word “Freshman” Any More Because It Offends The Gender And Sexuality Alliance Group

    Easthampton High School Kids Can’t Use The Word “Freshman” Any More Because It Offends The Gender And Sexuality Alliance Group

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    WWLPIt’s all about the pronouns. Easthampton High School students are being asked to no longer use the word “freshmen.” The school is asking students to use the term “first year students,” instead. Easthampton High School freshmen are now being referred to as “first year students” as the school aims to be more gender inclusive.

    “Changing the way we use pronouns has been a challenge for me,” said Eileen Corbeil of Easthampton. “I want people to feel comfortable and if it means that I have to change the way I use my language, I’m ok with that.”

    The change comes after students from the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Group made recommendations to the handbook committee, on how the school’s handbook language could be made more gender neutral.

    Well, it’s official – Easthampton is now a joke town. They were teetering on the fence from being a normal town with a few loudmouthed SJWS (like Montague, Melrose and a few others), but they’ve officially joined the ranks of Cambridge, Northampton, Somerville, and Amherst. They can no longer be take seriously.

    Of course we knew that from back in March when students and teachers walked out of school to protest racism by a student. The student did indeed say something racist to another student, but they forgot the part where the “victims” savagely beat him in the parking lot while he refused to fight back.

    Thank God I don’t live in a town where we take our marching orders from a student run Gender and Sexuality Alliance Group. Seriously, how does this happen in a public school system? Why are taxpayer funded schools being influenced by dumb ass social justice warrior kids who have been brainwashed with bullshit by their white guilt parents? This would never, ever, ever happen in Worcester. Because we’re not perfect in Worcester, but we are sensible. Plus we have real problems. And getting rid of the word “freshman” because it might be offensive to……someone, is insane.

    Seriously, who would this offend? Who are these female students who all of a sudden decided that being called a freshman instead of a freshwoman was more patriarchy than they could bear? Oh right, they don’t exist. Because kids are more concerned wit, ya know, kid shit. Proms, booze, handjobs, etc. This is just adults telling kids what they should and shouldn’t be offended by.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s not society’s job to make sure your feelings aren’t hurt. You have no right to make the rest of us change our language to conform to your feelz. That’s not how freedom works.

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    1. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Man is a word used to refer to both the sex of an adult male and a general term for a human being or a group of people. Woman is specifically for the female adult, and nothing more. Why are these idiots trying to be offended by saying “man” is exclusive? So fucking dumb.

    2. Le Duke

      Mark my words, SJWs will eventually be offended by all Latin languages that use feminine and masculine nouns and verbs, if they haven’t already. They’ll insist kids learning these languages for the first time in middle school be taught gender neutral terms. Or has this already started at the indoctrination centers they call colleges?

      1. The English Patient

        Already happens.

    3. Itsjustme

      If I asked someone what grade their child was in and they said “she is a first year student” I would immediately think their child was in kindergarten or first grade.

      Sometimes I fell guilty I had children; thinking about how bad the world will be for them, and my grandchildren, great-grandchildren in the years to come.

    4. Finn

      That’s pretty gay.

    5. Bangbang Shrimp

      “Many families have found themselves increasingly at odds with a public education system obsessed with political correctness. There is less focus today on the fundamentals of educating our kids in the basics of reading, writing and math and more on indoctrinating children with a calculated political agenda aimed at hijacking young minds and making extreme social policies the societal norm in our schools and communities.” … “Worse, under the policy, a second-grade teacher could leave school for the weekend on Friday afternoon as a female and walk in Monday morning as a male, and parents would have no authority to remove their child from the classroom, without also removing the child from the school.”… L. Appell

    6. They call me Ponch

      That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.

      Suck it.

    7. manmanman

      man o man ,this hu”man” is fed up with the way “man”kind is heading , I’m surprised a warrior hasn’t bitched about the that evil gender exclusive pronoun wo”man” , fuck off warriors.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        That’s exactly why you sometimes see the fake word “womyn”, invented by the radical lesbian wing of the early women’s lib movement.

      2. [email protected]

        uh…. they have? for decades and decades? calling it womyn etc?

    8. Brian

      Is East HampTON gonna change name of city cuz if offends fat people?

      1. Carlos

        Just do what the Russians did and call every town out there Sandersgrad, Warrengrad, Obamagrad etc

    9. Brian

      What’s next? We go to church and say “Amen” anymore?

    10. SVU

      This is getting ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with the word freshmen. I am so scared for the next generation. We’re all screwed.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        There’s still time to MAGA if only people would stop voting for SJW stealth socialists who run for office under the “party of the little guy”. Because this is exactly what they think of you and your kids. Wake up, people!

    11. Herr Doktor

      There are much bigger issues in the world today than pronouns, although these F-ing SJWs seem to think pronouns are the next apocalyptic thing that must be changed. They’ve created a whole industry of being offended by everything under the sun; it’s either offensive, racist, or sexual harrassment. Here’s a New Year’s Resolution, get rid of the diapies, put on your big boy and big girl undies; get a clue about the real world, develop a thicker skin so you’re not perpetually offended by life, grow the f*** up and make a REAL contribution to the world instead of sniveling and whining about evrything. Hey, SJW’s — NEWSFLASH All your whining just pisses people off and you alienate anybody who might have supported the rare good idea you might have had. Dumbasses

      1. MJ

        But this “freshman” to “first year” is done. Sure, you bitch and complain, but beyond that, what are you doing? Nothing!

        Vote MAGA every election. Convince those around you to do the same. Donate money or time. It’s like a plague, and now might be the last opportunity to do something about it.

    12. Stud McMuffin

      Worcester is still a shit hole ghetto and the towns mentioned are all nice places to live. Nothing about what whiny people say changes those facts. Worcester sucks balls TB. Deal with it. Hole. In. The. Ground.

    13. Sonny's Mom

      Check out a video called “Thomas Sowell – Inside American Education: The Decline, The Deception, The Dogmas” on TJ Sing’s YT channel.

      And realize: that interview happened IN ALMOST 25 YEARS AGO!

    14. juror seven esq.

      Okay, let’s just go with frosh. The informal of freshman. everyone happy?

    15. Goose



    16. Independent Thinker

      Just another reason to cause more problems. Then these same people complain that they are not accepted by society. Act normal, try to fit in, and you will be accepted, even if you are different. Keep up this nonsense and all you will do is lose friends and make enemies.

    17. They call me mr pudge

      So when I was a “turd burger” oops sorry “freshman”…oh shit sorry again…..”first year student” back in 1982 there was a long wall on the second floor where all the “Seniors” (that’s gonna change soon, offensive to old people) would hang out and harass, haze, beat and inflict other niceties on lowly freshman. And I’m pretty sure if they knew what happened along that “wall” it would be torn down as a sign of hate and bigotry (i had a friend who had his Ozzy concert t-shirt ripped right off his back) true story. what the hell is happening at EHS? So glad i moved 25 years ago and I’m raising my daughter in NC where there is real diversity and kindness in her school and not a bunch of mindless SJW running the shit-show.

    18. hahahaohreally

      For the life of me I cannot remember, What made us think that we were wise and
      We’d never compromise, For the life of me I cannot believe, We’d ever die for these sins, We were merely “first year students”
      It has such a ring to it!!

      1. [email protected]


    19. whatevuh

      When are these so-called adults going to grow a pair and just say NO enough is enough ! You know what happens when someone gets offended? Nothing, nothing happens

    20. Murph1951

      They can call themselves the Easthampton Dildos, there is a gender neutrality about it.

    21. Chad

      As long as none of the aged out rugrats are doing lines of stairwell railings I guess everything is ok.

    22. Sloppy

      Before I decided to switch over to a private sector profession to actually earn some money, I taught public elementary school (5th grade) in a town very near Easthampton.
      My co-workers were nearly all white liberal women. I was just about the only male who didn’t drive a Prius and shop at Whole Foods.
      The school was essentially a factory for the mass production of little liberals. It was sickening. They indoctrinate children at our schools. It was one of the reasons I got fed up with the profession and left. Not the kids. The kids were great. The adults.

    23. Fuck off

      The kids are allowed to use the word still. No one actually cares. All they did was change the language in the handbook. Also, just about every college in the nation has done this. Your articles are written by any idiot, and full of a bunch of bullshit and slander. It’s funny because all you guys probably focus on is “fake news” yet all you do is create it.

      1. Fuck off Fuck off

        “Fuck off” obviously has ratchet and SJW friends that have been butthurt by Turtleboy.

        “Fuck off” gets a hug and a cupcake.

        Then, “Fuck off” is instructed to fuck off.

        Fuck off, “Fuck off”.

    24. festivus

      barstool ripped this off from turtleboy a week later and did a subpar version of it to boot

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