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  • EBT Abuse Jenner Messages Turtleboy To Tell Us We’re Racist For Exposing Thicky Minaj’s Food Stamp Fraud, Offers To Tell More Food Stamps To Turtle Riders

    EBT Abuse Jenner Messages Turtleboy To Tell Us We’re Racist For Exposing Thicky Minaj’s Food Stamp Fraud, Offers To Tell More Food Stamps To Turtle Riders

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    Here’s the inbox message of the day:

    Not one, not two, but three 100 emojis. Safe to say Turtleboy is about to get mercked!!

    First of all, I’m not sure what gender Amaroah is at the moment, but luckily neither does it:

    Amaroah brings up a lot of good points though. Why are we mad that his cheeshog friend from Taunton is selling her food stamps on Facebook? It’s not like we pay for that with our tax dollars.

    “Ya’ll can never be this mad about food stamps that’s not yours.”

    But that’s the thing Amaroah – they are mine. I paid for them. You didn’t. You think the magical welfare fairy just shows up at your house on the first of the month. But someone has to pay for her cab fare, and it sure as shit isn’t gonna be you or your the Taunton Thicky Minaj.

    But when in doubt, play the race card. Only white people care about EBT abuse. Plus, it’s not like any white people are on food stamps or anything like that. Exposing people who abuse this system is therefore inherently racist. Plus, you’re all guilty of Amaraoh’s enormous successes:

    Anyway, you heard the man – if you’re one of our “cracker ass friends” and you’re looking to purchase some stamps, give this thing a call:

    Dem eyebrows though.

    He also shared other well thought out criticism of the turtle:

    It’s true. We are owned by the KKK and Trump’s cousins. Second cousins though, not first. Thats the only reasonable conclusion one can reach from reading our blog. Just ask this chudstuffer:

    Anyway, food stamp abuse is illegal. It’s not rare. It happens all the time. And no one seems like they want to do anything about it. So we’ll just keep exposing these assholes and adding them to the list.


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    1. Brian

      Ahh thank you Barack Obama. After 8 years of Obama EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING is racist.


        What ever happened to pride and integrity? I’m telling you America is in fucking real trouble. Why would they need to work hard to get what they want when the government is going to give you money and pay your rent. Thank God I will be dead in 30 years

    2. JoeMomma

      Eliminate food stamps and let them die off…..
      Wanna eat?

      Get a job.

      1. Lou P

        Most perfect comment. I could not agree any more.

      2. Karl Kenneth Klink

        Working the system IS a job to these leeches.

    3. AngryTurtle

      Of course it’s racist! Anything that has to do with taking away an abused entitlement is racist! Anytime you disagree with anyone who isn’t white about anything at all its because of race! We hate Barrack Obama because we’re racist.. it had nothing to do with 8 years of decreasing value of the US dollar on the world market (remember when the Canadian quarter wasn’t worth anything and by the end of Obama’s terms it was nearly equal?)… it wasn’t about how the world began to see the US as a bunch of pussywhipped dildo hoppers (you know, Iran was like STFU when we begged them to stop playing with nukes and we finally took it in the ass with a terrible agreement that they now -big shocker here- are talking about ditching if we sanction them; or NK who hasn’t slowed down but accelerated! That ain’t Trumps fault!), it certainly didn’t have anything to do with a healthcare system which raised rates by 25-30% for most people (but they we got 20M freeloaders on it so its good right? Didn’t we need to pass it first before we could find out what was in it? Side note, why isn’t congress using our awesome new healthcare system? Reminds me of a car salesman … “Come on down and buy this nice 1984 Chrysler LeBaron for $1,500.00” and the salesman drives off in a Bentley) … finally it had nothing to do with him coming out EVERYTIME a black person got shot by a copy but keeping his mouth shut everytime a white person was beaten or abused in the name of race …

      But yeah, we’re racist… that has to be it… because no logical person in the world has an issue with a bunch of knuckle duster uneducated children running around expecting everyone to give them healthcare, food, and a roof over their heads because they are entitled to their rights while we have people who fought for this country killing themselves while they wait for help on their crappy ass second rate healthcare (which is WORSE than Obamacare but who cares right? we got those illegals on healthcare now so that makes up for it) and live on streets…

      Here’s a great question … in CT they claimed requiring a license to vote would be a hardship as many families couldn’t afford it (notice there is no program to help them afford it, because you know a license wouldn’t help someone out of poverty; I mean transportation wouldn’t help them get a better job, or even a job to start with right?) which would in effect hurt their right to vote …. BUT …. they want to increase the pistol permit cost SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT… so we can’t force someone to pay 70$ (or so) to get a license to exercise their right to vote but we can force them to pay 350$ to use their second amendment rights and defend their family… did I mention that the people who can’t afford this also live in the most crime ridden areas? Why don’t we care? It wouldn’t be because they want that nice grey area of voters? It wouldn’t be because most people in these areas are the very people using and abusing the system?? No that couldn’t be it!

      Being fair, there are people who need help and use the help they get, and I have respect for them… but I have ZERO tolerance or respect for people who abuse the system; especially ones who do it so blatantly…

      I must be racist right?

      1. SJWHater101

        I couldn’t have said it myself. Fuck all these freeloading assholes and the SJWs that enable them!

      2. Barney Miller

        I’m so glad I left that shit hole called CT a decade ago. $70 for a license? $350 for a gun permit? WTF? Here in CO it’s $25 for a drivers license and I can use that to also buy a gun. Fuck CT!

    4. ?

      Must be one of them nappy heads whom struggled with ebonics; never mind comprehending definition of words like ”racism.” This Amoroah shall be renamed Amowoah, as he’s the one that’s instigating the race card in stating his ebony twaddle.

    5. Die Young - Writing on the Wall

      I’m going to need to stop riding the turtle for awhile because it is just way too depressing what the USA has become…and having these losers thrown in my face every day has me wishing I was dead. Just can’t take it much longer…

    6. They call me Ponch

      That’s MY money , fool!

    7. Sonny's Mom

      Oh, but they ARE our food stamps. Our taxes paid for them!

    8. Wwy

      Small potato the kikes get millions in taxes to murder the people they occupy and build funny holocaust museum in America so someone feels bad they destroyed Germany and Russia.

    9. Azif

      Holy Jesus! What is that?
      What the fuck is that?

    10. Ghandi

      HA HA! Now Kevin LYNCH has to change his name before the hood rat racists find him and hang him from the nearest oak tree!

      The previous occupant of the White House wasn’t even a US citizen. The amount of damage he did to this country is astounding.

    11. don

      thats one ugly bitch. the chicks got a mustache.

    12. Baraque Hussein Obongo

      ladies and gents, you are now in the midst of the second civil war and the battles will start real soon. I know which side gonna win too and it ain’t the ones who wear pussy hats. you wanted it, its comin.

    13. Captain Pissbottle

      The fox is easy. Eliminate Electronic Funds Transfer. Those eligible for assistance can go to DTS, pick up their stamps on a one month issue card after identifying themselves and signing for the card. If you do not live in Massachusetts (Florida, PR, NH,) you get nothing. Also you can sit down with a agent and recertify month by month. If you own an escalade, no stamps for you. If you take a lavish vacation… obviously you don’t need stamps for that month.

      1. Great Idea!

        This is exactly what I said, if you can’t be bothered with going down and getting a benefit offered and being decertified monthly, then you shouldn’t be able to get them at all. And the cars, holy shit the cars these people drive, how? How can they afford them and then be eligible for section 8, food stamps, Medicaid and child care?!? How??? Obviously these people are working under the table or the racists working at job and family services are overlooking income on these people, they’ve already exposed many workers that have approved people that clearly shouldn’t have ever even applied. Thank you for having common sense in this world, this is what we need to eliminate the fraud and abuse. This is just for the black people either, there are plenty of white people that get the same stuff that abuse the system just as badly.

        1. Matthew DAgostino

          That’s another thing. It used to be that if you worked hard, you could afford nice things. I’m 24 and drive a $20,000 sports car, but I bust my ass all week to afford it and to live comfortably. And yet these welfare leeches can pull in damn-near 6 figures sitting at home, getting paid to be “Completely and permanently disabled”. What a disgrace

        2. Seriously?

          Man uses EBT @ convenience store, drives off in late model Mercedes. Merica!

      2. KJDS

        Don’t forget drug testing. I think that’s a must.

    14. ErinM

      Doesn’t he know this blog has black writers. What an idiot.

    15. Don't Tread on Me

      Elephant in the room… If he is as successful as he purports himself to be, than why does he need food stamps in the first place? Does being a food stamp broker constitute success?

    16. Jerome

      Breaking laws is not a big deal to them. They’ve been doing it for so long, raised like that too. It’s second nature to them as thieves.

    17. The Vorlon

      “First of all, I’m not sure what gender Amaroah is at the moment, but luckily neither does it: ”

      To hell with that, I’m not sure what species that thing is…

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