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  • Facebook’s Comment Moderators Determined Didi Delgado’s Urging Followers To Kill White People Is OK, But Took Down Our Blog About ProPublica Article That Exposed Their Screwups

    Facebook’s Comment Moderators Determined Didi Delgado’s Urging Followers To Kill White People Is OK, But Took Down Our Blog About ProPublica Article That Exposed Their Screwups

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    Yesterday we published this blog about a ProPublica article that detailed an investigation of Facebook in which FB admitted that they screwed up on nearly 50% of posts that were reported by users:

    We asked Facebook about its handling of 49 posts that might be deemed offensive. The company acknowledged that its content reviewers had made the wrong call on 22 of them.

    So we blogged about it and shared it to the Turtleboy Refugees page, and this happened:

    Meanwhile, black lives matter “activist” Didi Delgado published this article on Medium.com, which she then shared to Facebook, in which she explicitly states that white women should “kill your rich white uncle, and use the inheritance to bail 1,000 black women out of jail”:

    A lot of people reported this post to Facebook for threats of violence, just to prove that Facebook wouldn’t do anything about it, and Facebook did exactly what we all knew they would do:

    You can tell people to murder rich white people, but they will remove your page completely if you do this:

    On Christmas.

    So just to sum up what happened here. ProPublica published an article in which they exposed Facebook’s flaws in the reporting system. They then shared it on Facebook and it’s still up. We then shared that same article on our Facebook page and it was taken down for “bullying.” And since they insist that a human being reviewed this reported post, we can only conclude that you CAN share content that is critical of Facebook, unless you’re Turtleboy’s fourth string page. Then you’re banned. But if you’re part of a protected group, like black lives matter, you can literally incite people to murder other people and the human beings who allegedly moderate comments at Facebook will allow it to stay up.

    This is Ariaga Tobin’s Twitter. She co-authored the ProPublica article and has expressed an interest in writing about our story. Please feel free to tweet at her, or email her RESPECTFULLY at ariana.tobinand let her know about how insane and arbitary Facebook’s removal system is, and the affect it’s having not only on our small business, but the way news is reported.

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    1. Instructions for Haters:

      Advice for Trolls:

      Once you see the word “Facebook” in a blog entry title, and you STILL click and read it,
      you are automatically unqualified to bitch and moan that the entry involves “Facebook”!

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        Yet another whinny “article.” 🙂

      2. Baby Steps

        “Advice for Trolls” – lol. Pot meet kettle, Mary.

        I’d try to explain what that means to you, but I wouldn’t want to overwhelm your brain and have you forget to breathe.

        1. Mirror Mirror desperately seeking E Coli Boils?

          hi Mirror Mirror

          i don’t know who your beloved Mary is but i do know who you are—obsessed with some old woman named Mary E-Coli Boil?

    2. DJ Trump

      Niggers are a protected species,
      …I meant a “Protected Class of People”
      The same rules don’t apply to Africans and the other mud races, as they do for Caucasians
      What don’t you understand?

      1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        This is 100% about race. Facebook is waging war on whites and Turtleboy is our front line of defense in preserving a future for our white children.

        1. yo

          put the turtle down and get your head checked, hillbilly

    3. Independent Thinker

      This is why law abiding people need to arm themselves. It’s also another reason to stock up on ammo. Some type of revolution or civil war is coming, because our politicians continue to pit the sexes, the races, and the classes against each other because that’s how they maintain their power, and their wealth.

      1. Barack Obama

        Not Politicians…. DEMOCRATS

    4. Dee's nutz

      She needs to do a 23 and me. She is more white than black

    5. Barack Obama

      I may leave my pig Michelle for this more amazing and more beautiful pig Didi. She is such an inspiration to the movement I started and the way Americans should think.

    6. Some Guy

      Yup, I reported the article from that big fat pig to facebook and they assured me it does not violate their terms. Go figure.

      Karma will deal with her fat smelly ass. Just have to be patient and wait for it to smack her in the fucking gapped out grill.

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