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  • Golden Deerfield Lady Posts Spectacular Old School Job Offer Moving Dirt In Her Garden, Demands No Cell Phones Or Saggy Pants

    Golden Deerfield Lady Posts Spectacular Old School Job Offer Moving Dirt In Her Garden, Demands No Cell Phones Or Saggy Pants

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    This is one of the greatest ISO posts I’ve ever seen:

    God bless you Bette Sokolski of South Deerfield. You ma’am are a breath of old school fresh air in the face of entitled millenial dooshnozzelry. If you kids think you’re gonna get some fancy summer job where you get to dick around on your cell phones all day in an air conditioned house, ripping butts while showing old ladies your underpants, then you called the wrong broad. You’re gonna take this 50 pounds of dirt, you’re gonna spread it all over Bette’s garden, you’re gonna get paid $20 for two hours of work, and you’re gonna like it. And if she catches your ass texting or sagging your slacks below your belly button, then you owe her money. Don’t like it? Fuck off. Bette don’t play, and she doesn’t have time for doddling. She has a bridge game to get to before the early bird special.

    This amazing post apparently was triggering to several people who can’t handle her demand for work ethic and reasonable dress. It elicited hundreds of comments (which have since been deleted), many of them from whiny teenagers who can’t understand why someone like Bette would expect them to……..work. No one has ever made them work before. And since it’s Greenfield, the land of white SJWs looking for virtue signaling opportunities, some were saying that the way Bette phrased her post was racist:

    Doesn’t that sound less abrasive? Yea, that’s the problem. Who cares if it sounds abrasive? Kids need to know that when they show up to work Bette ain’t fucking around. Now they know. Don’t wanna work for someone like that? Don’t waste your time showing up. Take that weak sauce to Burger King.


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    1. Mr Butthurt

      I like her

    2. Urinal Birthday Cake


    3. Independent Thinker

      Best ad I’ve ever seen. Now watch some activist lawyer take her to court over this.

    4. Turd Burglestein

      What a sweet lady…doesn’t she have a grandson to help her out with stuff like this? When I was young, we would always help our elderly neighbors for free, knowing they are on fixed income. Of course a lot of the time they would bake us cookies, pies, cakes, etc.

      Hey Turtleboy…if a turtle rider were to step up and help this old lady out for free, would you consider rewarding them with a free t shirt? That would be a really nice gesture on behalf of the entire community.

      1. Sally

        Exact same way U was raised, and the way I raised my now 34 yr old…33 year old and 20 year old

    5. INeedIwantIhaveToHave

      God bless this woman.

    6. YayForBette

      I love that lady. If I had known she needed help in her garden, I would have done it for free.

    7. johnnyb

      LOVE IT!!! Bette if You read this and still need help 7/1-7/4..Reply to this message and I will help You for free.

    8. gfldgadfly

      Haha Jess with a hyphen. .. “previous laborer experience “? To spread a few pails of dirt?! That’s rich. You must be on the executive board of a 501 (c) .
      The c is for Condescending. But do go on, tell a senior member of one of the old farm families of Deerfield how to post an ad for a job you’d never lower yourself to take unless it was a volunteer event, with the media there, of course.

    9. Troubled Nostrils

      I’m a non-believer, but the first thing that came to mind was: God bless this woman! Salute!!

    10. Long Arm of the Law

      I’d do it for free just because of the comedy her ad provided.

    11. Tony

      A member on the 1% club. Descent normal woman !

    12. Georges Bank

      There once was an old lady from Natucket whose…

    13. Publius

      jess hyphenated name is so wrong. The original post is respectful and to the point.

    14. FatFingr Lou

      I laugh now, but man, I worked my tail off for The Greatest Generation. They were tough task masters, but were always kind and polite.

      Ms. Bette will probably offer the best tasting home-made lemonade or iced tea on your 5 minute break.

    15. Sally

      Whiny little teenagers got to be lazy and disrespectful towards others, because that’s the way they were raised. Mommy and Daddy are not always going to be there, that’s when reality will hit them in the head

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