• Got Em: Seven Of The Quincy Savages Are Being Charged With Kidnapping And 17 Other Counts Of Assault And Battery After We Publicly Exposed Them

    Got Em: Seven Of The Quincy Savages Are Being Charged With Kidnapping And 17 Other Counts Of Assault And Battery After We Publicly Exposed Them

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    MSP Facebook Page: Massachusetts State Police today sought criminal complaints against seven male teenagers for violently attacking a group of five other teenagers on a pier at Squantum Point Park in Quincy on the afternoon of Monday, July 31. An extensive investigation identified the seven assailants as having punched, kicked, and tackled various members of the victims’ group, and also with having prevented them from initially leaving the pier so that the aggressors could launch their assault.

    The five victims are males ranging in age from 14 to 16. Because they are juvenile victims, their names and hometowns are not being released. The seven assailants are also juveniles: A 17-year-old male from Quincy; three 16-year-old males from Quincy; two 15-year-old males from Quincy; and a 14-year-old male from Kingston. Each of the assailants is charged with 18 separate counts of offenses including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, assault, and kidnapping. Each assailant is charged as a principal in certain offenses and as a joint-venturer in other offenses. The assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges stem from defendants’ kicking victims with shod feet. The kidnapping charges stem from the defendants’ refusing to allow the victims to leave the pier. The victims, at that point, were lined up against a railing on the pier. The assault began soon after that.

    The complaints were sought today by State Police Troopers assigned to the Troop H detective unit. The incident was investigated by Troop H of the State Police with valuable assistance from Quincy Police and Milton Police. The investigation included review of video of the attack posted on social media, numerous interviews, and other actions undertaken to confirm identifies of the assailants. The investigation remains open; additional suspects may be identified and additional charges may be determined as the investigation proceeds.

    Yes!!!! What a victory!! Did the turtle do it again, or did the turtle do it again? Honestly, we would’ve been content with 3-4 of them getting charged. Pony tail was the worst of them all, followed by the black kid who body slammed and curb stomped the defenseless kid, and fat boy who started the whole thing by sucker punching the kid in the red shirt. Those guys all needed to get arrested. But I gotta say – the Mass State Police really impressed the balls off me by charging seven of them with 18 different counts, including kidnapping as one of the charges. Because when you hold people against their will like that, it’s kidnapping.

    And thanks to the MSP for calling it exactly what it was – an attack. The mainstream media has been lying for the last week by framing it as a fight. Because it would go against their narrative to watch a group of white kids passively stand by and get the shit kicked out of them. After all, white dudes are the cause of 99% of society’s problems.

    Don’t worry – their names don’t have to be released by the MSP. We already did that a week ago. At least we got three or four of em:

    Brandon Palmarin:


    Brian Goncalves:


    And Jean Louis Jr.:


    We also know that pony tail’s first name is Cedrick, but he was smart enough to lock down his social media before turtle got to him:

    That’s four. I’m thinking the final three were this kid:

    Who clearly was boxing the poor blonde kid in against the pier as he attempted to escape. Moments later the kid was punched in the face, thrown to the ground, and repeatedly beaten and kicked by the savages.

    Then I’m thinking this other pony tail kid:

    Because at one point you can see him getting his Jordan’s dirty by kicking one of the other kid’s, who had just attempted to escape by jumping off the pier:

    Finally I’m thinking #7 was this chud in the red:

    I didn’t see him actually hit anyone, but he clearly participated in the kidnapping, and if any of the Milton kids had run towards him, it could be assumed that he would use physical force to stop them.

    Love the commentary on Fox 25, WBZ, and every other media outlet that has written about this news today:

    Everyone knows where they saw it first. Everyone knows where real news comes from. Everyone except this miserable cat lady:

    Hey Michelle, I don’t know who we wrote about that’s got you all hot and bothered, but I’m willing to bet whoever it was, you could pick his yogurt slinger out of a bologna baton lineup. Just sayin.

    The bottom line is none of them did anything to stop it. They’re all guilty. And they should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Here’s my question – do they get to play sports? I’m mainly talking about Jean Louis Jr. Because under no circumstances should he be allowed to suit up for a single game for North Quincy High School this year. And they’ll be tempted to find a way to get him on the team, since he averaged 24 points a game last year, and transferred to North Quincy after failing all his classes at Quincy High. They’ll hope we all forget this happened and tell us he learned his lesson.

    But when you make a mistake, you must pay the price. And in this case that means sitting out the entire season. I’d be willing to let him come back for his senior year if he’s off probation and does his community service. But not this year. Randy Moss couldn’t go play football for Notre Dame or Florida State because he got caught with weed. What this kid did was a million times worse because there were actual victims. Victims whose only crime was trying to go swimming in a City where they apparently were not welcomed. Victims who were easy targets because they were small, young, and white. If North Quincy allows him to play basketball then they are a classless, trashy high school, and they should be booed at each and every game. And make no doubt about it – if he does play basketball for them this year, we will make sure that’s exactly what happens.

    P.S. What the hell is Howie Carr’s problem?

    Breaking news? Why does this ass clown do this all the time? Bitch we broke this news last week. He is always trying to take credit for our work. Remember last year when he shamelessly did this?

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.15.20 PM

    The Trashly Losapi-ho scandal gets swept under the rug and no one knows about it if we didn’t blog about it. We did all the work and then old man wannabe Rush Limbaugh comes along and says, “look what I just uncovered!!” Didn’t go very well last time:

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.15.52 PM

    Not sure what made him think it would work out this time.

    Hey Howie, we’re supposed to be on the same team here. We’re generally fighting the same fight. Everyone who matters has already embraced the turtle. You’re embarrassing yourself by pretending we don’t exist. Our parents might’ve grown up listening to you, but their kids will grow up riding the turtle.


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    1. Linda-Linda-Linda

      Looks like “Pull Ups” sticking out of Goncalves’ pale blue shorts! Does that mean he is a big kid now?

    2. The Zookeeper

      I love how these absolute animals want to blame the victims. I’m sure the week before… those kids from Milton went to Quincy and spit on black people, then stole their stuff. Yeah right. And I shit gold bars too. Enjoy the cages in the zoo you animals. Don’t bend over.

    3. Publius

      Lets be honest, racism was barely an issue 10 years ago. Now it is and should be front and center. The freebies goodies and coddling will end. The black man must stand on their own because of their strength or fall because of weakness.

    4. Wwy

      7 continued without a finding verdicts way to go shit like this is why the country calls us the gay state

      1. Captain Crunch

        It’s a start and far better than usual, next time the Quincy teens commit a crime they have this as a reference. Not to mention it wasn’t swept under the rug, that’s a victory by itself.

      2. woodsman

        Is a CWOF like a queef.
        What do you care those kids might have jewish parents so should be punish for their complacency.

    5. Brian

      So the black kid (rightfully so) has more serious charges than others because he was curb stomping someone. Let’s see how long the Race Baitors come out crying saying it is cuz he is black

    6. Michael Hutson

      IMHO it’s false imprisonment-kidnapping would be if the victims were moved to a different location

      1. Linda

        False. If you imprison someone in a closet in their own house then you kidnapped them because they couldn’t leave. Good Lord.

        1. Strata

          Michael is just dumb

      2. Sonny's Mom

        The two charges are similar.
        “False Imprisonment occurs when a person is forcibly or secretly confined, abducted, imprisoned or restrained without a legal reason against their will. It is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Kidnapping is False Imprisonment with the intent to commit or facilitate a felony.”

    7. Justice Baby!!!


      High five to TBS for not being intimidated by race on this story.
      High five to the Mass Staties for treating this as the serious crime it is and bringing all those charges knowing half will get dropped so there will still be plenty of charges to work with.

      And on behalf of the Milton kids and all the kids and people who live in the shadow of violence and mistreatment, this is a good day.

    8. Harry Snapperorgans

      These soft suburban wannabe thugs are gonna be prime meat in juvie. Have fun getting your sphincters stretched, losers. Your sad and meaningless futures just got sadder.

    9. Sexual Chocolate

      High five to the Turtle for identifying these thugs, instead of hiding behind, “they’re juveniles”.

    10. They call me Ponch

      They should be humanely tranquillized, tagged , relocated and set free in another habitat…….like Northampton.

      They’d thrive in Webster.

    11. Rico, rico, rico...

      “but I’m willing to bet whoever it was, you could pick his yogurt slinger out of a bologna baton lineup. Just sayin”

      Hahahahaha!! She sure could… She could probably do it with her eyes closed, all she needs is just the tip.

    12. Long Arm of the Law

      Well lookee here. Turtleboy proving once again that they are the only true investigative news site in the Commonwealth.

      Diligence and digging brought justice.

      Go Turtle, go.

    13. Wtf

      All the people or adults that were on the pier watching should have some guilt because no one stepped in. And I don’t need anyone telling me they all should have minded their business. Bullshit ! I know I would have been right in the middle of it trying to stop it. Community policing is a must. Maybe if neighbors paid attention Bella bond wouldn’t have been thrown in the ocean.

    14. Daniel

      These comments are disgusting, the person who wrote the article has no class and neither does this website. It’s a sad day for me, I truly believed quincy was above falling for this race baiting. Shame on you, you are no better than the BLM terrorist group. Racism is alive and well on the south shore, even if it’s aattacking kids. You are the real savages, she likes black guys that’s why she sticks up for a black high schooler… women kids, doesn’t matter to these bullies. What pier has a curb btw?

      1. Kevi bashed in my skull

        Wait wut? Racism is alive and well although because its black on white racism no hate crime charges. She sticks up for them because they’re black but that’s not racist huh? You truly are one confused person.

      2. John VC Hero Kerry

        Does this mean Mayor Menino is secretly alive ^^^^ couldn’t make heads or tails of this comment.

    15. Basic White Bitch

      Hey Turtle Boy what’s up with some T-Shirts? I would proudly rock one in my hood! Keep up the great work!

    16. Dinosaur

      Carr’s complained about not receiving credit himself for stories, that other news outlets took from him. He’s in his mid-sixties now, time to retire and do the pasture thing.

    17. Strata

      Their parents must be proud. I know, they don’t give a shit, future burdens on society folks

    18. Mongo Shepard

      I’m going to throw a quarter in a fountain tomorrow and wish that every one of these cock worms get 10,000 years in jail.

    19. pissed off

      These kids are lucky they didn’t get knifed

    20. Welfare hater

      Savage Darkies

    21. Google it!

      Mullers boo has a neck tattoo, she hates TB bullying people, therefore, most likely not an upstanding citizen. Is she the one that has a recent baby registry with a guy arrested for heroin possession in the past? Would not be shocked!

    22. Lelio Vieira Carneiro Junior

      I am in fact happy to glance at this webpage posts which includes plenty of helpful
      information, thanks for providing these information.

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