All-Star Criminals

Lettuce Wrap Is Taking Me To Court For A Harassment Order After Being Exposed Harassing A&D Pizza With Fraudulent Yelp Reviews Because They Made A Trump Themed Pizza


A week or so ago I published a blog about these SJW queefs using social media to give A&D Pizza in Millbury bad Yelp and Facebook reviews because they were butthurt about a Trump themed pizza, where half was American, half was Mexican, and it was separated by a wall of mozzarella sticks. One of these people was bootleg American Idol reject Letticia Freitas.

She successfully organized a mob of people who had never been there, who used the platform to maliciously hurt a pizza shop for making a pizza.


After the blog was published we invited her on the Live show to explain why she thought it was appropriate to harass, libel, and intentionally damage an immigrant owned business for making a pizza for a customer in return for money. Unfortunately she did not answer, perhaps because she was at the courthouse filing for a harassment order against yours truly.

As you can see the hearing is scheduled for Monday at 2:30 on Zoom, because for some reason lawyers, judges, and criminals can’t be exposed to commie cold. I anxiously await my date in court, although I’m probably at a disadvantage since Letticia has so much experience as a defendant.

Maybe she’s mad that I exposed her “construction and house cleaning business.”

Or pointed out that she she has a Yelp page. Which is just too ironic, since she tried to organize a mob to harm a small business on Yelp, simply because she’s butthurt about who the current President is.

Anyway, I look forward to my day in Zoom court and I’ll be sure to keep turtle riders updated. I can’t even keep track of how many times ratchets have tried to bully and silence me by weaponizing the courts with these time wasting hearings. But I won’t be silenced by terrorists like this, and I won’t let them deter me from advocating for small business owners who get attacked by cowardly mobs led by people like Lettuce Wrap.


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93 Comment(s)
  • Spic Tormentor
    October 28, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Just from looking at that top photo alone I get a strong urge to dropkick this jеw nosed cunt in the face.

    • Turtleboy is Hate Group
      October 29, 2020 at 4:28 pm

      Racist user name with an anti-Semitic comment. Talk about the turtleboy special…

  • dough bro
    October 28, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    Stevie Nicks long lost daughter doesn’t like the Prez Pizza? BooFuckinHoo!

  • Lynnfield House Of Pizza
    October 28, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Order a nice Za and a couple of subs from A&D tonight.

  • Beano
    October 28, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    This douchebag looks like an after picture in the meth amphetamine before and after pics

    Holy shit

  • Bob Murchison
    October 28, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    I would enjoy giving Letticia a Tobin Bridge Hot Pocket.

    • Luke Fondleberg (Deez/Doze)
      Luke Fondleberg
      October 30, 2020 at 3:16 am

      Morbid curiosity makes me want to Google the term.

      Previous experience prevents me.

  • John Wayne Gacy
    October 28, 2020 at 2:31 pm

    Who whacked her in the face with a nail gun?

  • Black Lies Matter
    October 28, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Racist Pizza?? Really?? Headed to Millbury for Trump pizzas today. Going to order several (some half cooked so I can freeze and enjoy later). Nice job Letticia promoting A&D Pizza, I would never have known about them. Maybe they could custom make a “LESBO PIZZA” just for you (Kale and Bullshit special) or a “NOG PIZZA” featuring fried Chicken and Hot Sauce accompanied by a bottle of “Henny” to wash it down.

  • naggers be-in naggers
    October 28, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Another nagger criminal doesn’t know how to follow simple instructions because he is a fucking stupid nagger. Now he is a dead and stupid nagger. Now all the naggers that are alive and stupid will loot in the name of the stupid dead nagger. There also a bunch of stupid white naggers known as antifa /blm naggers. Bring back the rubber bullets and water cannons.

  • Independent Thinker
    October 28, 2020 at 8:51 am

    A zoom court hearing. What a joke! This is part of what is wrong with our court system. If this person is ALLEGEDLY posting false reviews of A&D, then charges of libel need to be filed against her.

    October 28, 2020 at 7:35 am

    This CUNT or as I like to call them. CANT UNDERSTAND NORMAL THINKERS obviously has no friends or life. To sit here and refresh a page over and over again on multiple comments. just to hit the dislike button says something huge about skunk cabbage wrap here. It says she has no life or friends. What’ the over or under on incurable STI’ & STD’ this ugly little pound pig has? What a filthy looking thing she is. Someone needs to slap Gutter Muppet Junior’s here parents. Then keep slapping them. Then slapp them some more.

    She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe, She a Nasty, She a nasty Hoe! Her pussy smell like a corn husk and cheese toes. Cuzz, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe. the discharge in her panties look and smell like trash droppings from a warm dumpster bro . She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe. her face looks like it was severely beaten yo, Cuzz, She a Nasty, She A Nasty Hoe, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe. You know she shoves an eggplant in her ass yo. Cuzzzzzzz, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe, She a Nasty, She a Nasty Hoe..

    Keep it going!

    • DudeRanchStripClub (me/mine pronouns)
      October 28, 2020 at 9:26 am

      Didn’t you just comment that someone else made an unhinged post at 7:06 AM? Then you knowingly went and made your own unhinged comment.

    • Homo Meter
      October 28, 2020 at 9:49 am

      11 / 10

  • Brown Eye
    October 28, 2020 at 7:32 am

    I’d like to give Letticia a nice Cleveland Steamer 🙂

  • Less Than One Week...
    October 28, 2020 at 7:06 am

    …to go, you fucking faggots! Didn’t read the article at all, just wanted to swing by and say enjoy the last week with your pegging buddy as POTUS!

    Can’t wait to come on here DAILY to shit in each and every one of your faces when BIDEN/HARRIS prevails.

    You don’t like what I said? Go fuck yourself, you tiny white-cocked faggot. SUCK. MY. DICK.

      October 28, 2020 at 7:54 am

      You wrote that mentally unhinged rant at 7:06 A.M. I could only Imagine what the rest of your day is like. Fuck, take your lithium and Haloperidol already your crazy is showing. That should be the first thing you do in the morning! not run onto TB and make Mentally deranged Comments that make no fucking sense.
      O and I cant wait until TRUMP wins and you’re here having a TRUMPER- TANTRUM for 4 MORE YEARS – 4 MORE YEARS – 4 MORE YEARS Say it with us now 4 MORE YEARS – 4 MORE YEARS . I would suggest that you suck my dick but I think your time would be better spent suck starting a shotgun!

      • How's My Asshole Taste?
        October 28, 2020 at 2:03 pm

        7:06am is early for you? I have a job, bro. It makes my day to see all your sour responses. So again, without reading them in too much depth…..suck my fucking cock.

    • Captain Trips
      Captain Trips
      October 28, 2020 at 10:10 am

      These idiots think they are swaying people to the left by acting like this.

      The joke’s on them. This just strengthens Trump’s support base.

      • Taste My Balloon Knot
        October 28, 2020 at 2:10 pm

        Actually not trying to change any votes at all. Frankly, I admire Trump supporters for their steadfast resolve.

        That being said, it brought me joy to elicit so much snowflake pain from you fucking faggots. So thanks for putting a smile on my face, you fucking homo. Again, suck my dick.

        • george costanza
          The angry taint
          October 28, 2020 at 4:11 pm

          I’m confused, should I suck your dick or taste your ballon knot? Is it both? Going by my name you can guess my preference, can we do a package deal? Maybe some Quid pro Quo? Meet me a the fens, jingle your keys and someone will come out greet you. See you soon!

    • Hipsterbeard Beta-Cuckstein
      October 28, 2020 at 10:36 am

      How’d you know about the small white cock? Is that you D’Shawn? You know I can’t wait to see the orange man go! I know how your gonna celebrate 😉 ! I’m stocking up on Henny and obviously you know where I keep everything.

    • Peggy Bundy
      October 28, 2020 at 10:42 am

      Keep my name out ya mouf

    • you Will Starve
      October 28, 2020 at 11:08 am

      Trumps getting rid of all welfare in his 2nd term

      • Anal Discharge in Your Mouth
        October 28, 2020 at 2:12 pm

        Nope, working from home and making 6 figures with little to no oversight, but thanks!

        Oh, almost forgot….suck my dick, faggot.

    • Loser gives address
      October 28, 2020 at 2:37 pm

      What’s gonna happen when trump wins? Are you gonna be sucking cock behind 7-11 between blm antifa tantrums? Its 2020 it’s okay to openly like cock and not just perpetuate your cock love on others.
      Tell you what if biden wins I’ll give you my address so you can come say all this gay love shit to my face. If trump wins you give me your address and I’ll come show you what us real men are about. I’ll even let you take a glance at my cock. All you beta cucks wife’s love getting fucked by a real “woke” man until I’m cumming on their faces chanting maga maga maga

    • Margaret Sanger was right
      October 28, 2020 at 2:46 pm

      Don’t you have some child support to not pay.

    • Ayanna the bald nigress
      October 28, 2020 at 5:29 pm

      Your mother had me shit in her face last night while she masterbated

  • John Henry
    October 28, 2020 at 12:56 am

    Who is Mookie Betts?

    • Mookie Betts
      October 28, 2020 at 3:13 am

      Who is John Henry?

      • Roger Daltrey
        October 28, 2020 at 7:49 am

        OK, guys, very cheeky.

  • Sleepy Joe Biden
    October 28, 2020 at 12:48 am

    What’s Philadelphia?

    • Where Looters Lott Other Looters cause Monkey Lives Matter
      October 28, 2020 at 11:11 am

      a naggar onfested 3rd world shit hole.

  • murdochpatsymcreynolds
    No Malarkey
    October 27, 2020 at 10:58 pm

    ‘COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years… Look. Here’s… The lives… It’s just… I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any year in the past 100 years,.’

    Join us.

  • Tuuka
    October 27, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    What a smelly, disgusting nauseating useless pathetic POS. She goes out of her way to harass and damage an immigrants pizza shop over a pizza because it doesn’t match her narrative. Then when TB makes her famous she runs to the courts. Good luck w that you fucking coward.

    • soxrock191
      October 27, 2020 at 11:25 pm

      Excellent performance during the cup run…… You forgot the other K.

  • Rays took out Snell?
    October 27, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    What the hell?

    • soxrock191
      October 27, 2020 at 11:17 pm

      Cash is definitely regretting that move….

  • SalO’Mal
    October 27, 2020 at 10:08 pm

    I still don’t get how a wall, or its likeness on a pizza, is racist.

  • Do The Reich Thing
    October 27, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    I’ll say it again: I drive by some houses that have their Black Lives Matter signs and their stupid Biden/Harris signs and their stupid We Believe signs. You know what I do? I keep driving! I don’t get out of my car and take a piss on the sign. I just go on my way knowing these assholes on Nov. 4th in the middle of the night those signs will quietly disappear. I don’t shame them or harass them. I don’t try to ruin their lives. I am not a fucking twat with nothing else going on in my life. I hope A & D Pizza hires a lawyer just to scare the shit out of this bullnose ring moron. Every harassing call they receive should be $100 she should pay.

    • Trumpkins
      October 28, 2020 at 6:28 am

      Amen to that. It’s funny how Biden supporters and still butt hurt Hillary supporters call Trump supporters racist, yet they are the most racist people. Democratic Party are a bunch of whiny, if I can’t get my way hypocrites. Dems want open borders, and Trump doesn’t so that makes him racist?

    • Bo Jidens arson squad you Do that math 2020 ÷ 666 = 30330
      October 28, 2020 at 6:57 am

      Buttt if you had a hand full of matches and a handful of gas you know you would want to find out.

  • Skankhunt42
    October 27, 2020 at 9:43 pm

    Philly is a war zone.

    • We're still going out for Cheesesteaks tonight bitches!
      October 27, 2020 at 9:50 pm

      Flyers rule!

      • Always Sunny In Philadelphia
        October 27, 2020 at 10:04 pm


        Everybody up there in ‘Beantown’ is either hiding under their bed from what happens down here in
        NJ/ Philly or are wetting their bed from what happens in Chicago, both places they don’t go.

  • Douglas Tannenbaum
    October 27, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    So she can write horrible reviews on Yelp and encourage others to do so but doesn’t like it when she’s on the receiving end?

    Good luck with that lawsuit.

  • Fear Mask
    October 27, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    Just another stinking cunt who runs to the state to abuse the RO system. She probably wants to defund the police as well. Who is going to enforce this order that will never be granted. TB, can you live stream the hearing? Can’t wait to see this fool!

  • Jane Goodall
    October 27, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    Stay clear of Philadelphia again tonight.

  • Red Colobus Monkey
    October 27, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    The Lettecia pizza replaces tomato sauce with hemorrhoid cream.Percocet on one half.Xanax on the other half.Separated by a wall of anal beads and gently
    covered with a nice coating of grated broken dreams.

    • Greta Thunberg
      October 28, 2020 at 12:58 am

      How Dare You!!!

      • soxrock191
        October 28, 2020 at 1:20 am


  • NixSarg
    October 27, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Just make sure you google her name with worcester following. Shes got a good wrap sheet with the worcester PD as well. Based off that she should be in jail. Also dont forget herpes….

  • Elegant Elliot Offen
    October 27, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    This cunts hole has been drilled so often that she needs
    to use Mike Lindell’s My Pillows for Tampons.

  • Lindsey Vonn
    October 27, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Letticia Freitas like myself hates her father.

  • StinkyFinger
    October 27, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    Anyone know what her pussy farts smell like? Asking for a friend.

    • Angry white guy
      October 28, 2020 at 11:07 am

      A goalie bag,rotten chicken and aporta potti in Tijuana after a burrito festival.

  • Donkey Kong
    October 27, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Her shitty top looks like that foil they put
    behind the aquariums at Petco.

  • Fojo's Empty Suit Jacket
    October 27, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    Letticia Freitas…Call me…

  • McDonald’s grease and broken dreams
    October 27, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Letticia Freitas requires double bagging it.

  • Done with this shit
    October 27, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Money better spent at a decent hairdresser

  • Karls Sausage Kitchen
    October 27, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    Imagine the vaginal belching.

  • Descovy For Prep
    October 27, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    An interesting wave of thumbs down just blew into town.

  • Crazy Liberal
    October 27, 2020 at 7:06 pm

    It’s a pizza you stupid bitch, get a life!!!! You want to ruin a small business because they made a pizza that was requested? People like you are what is wrong with society today. Sit behind your keyboard and find anything to gripe about and go on a tantrum over it. Too much time on your hands and not enough brains in your head. Really how do you survive? If a pizza causes you that much distress how do you deal with real life issues? You actually just embarrassed yourself and your actions of trying to destroy a business of hard working people will backfire on you.

  • North of the Border
    October 27, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    Jesus, does anyone even give a shit about Yelp anymore, anyway? Total scam site.

    Yo, Letticia! Who the fuck lit the fuse on your tampon? I’d say take me to court, but we don’t have “loser pays” yet, and I wouldn’t take payment in trade for fear of your snaggle teeth shredding my cock to ribbons.

    Oh, you may go now.

    • micksmercantile
      Wastefield Bartender
      October 28, 2020 at 10:50 am

      Who lit the fuse on your tampon? This is my new favorite quote. Once King Baker decides bars can reopen I will have to remember this one!

  • murdochpatsymcreynolds
    October 27, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    I just fucked Spic Tormentor in his ass! I am on cloud nine! Luv you Spic Tormentor! You will always have a special place in my heart!

  • Eddie Van Halens Ghost
    October 27, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    I’m sure her clam is a pin cushion just like her face.

  • So What
    October 27, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    Who cares, none of this is gonna change the fact that she was a whore in High School.
    Total slam pig who supposedly had a 3 some with her and two guys from school.
    Ask her about threatening to fuck that bitch up for sleeping with her boyfriend.
    All of this is true according to a guy I know who went to school with her.

  • Lynnfield House Of Pizza
    October 27, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    Please go out of your way to order here.
    Tell them why when you order

    • murdochpatsymcreynolds
      Randy Moss
      October 27, 2020 at 6:42 pm

      Greek style shit. Horrible garbage. I wouldn’t feed that shit to my dog!

      • Lynnfield House Of Pizza
        October 27, 2020 at 6:58 pm


      • Lynnfield House Of Pizza
        October 27, 2020 at 7:19 pm

        Come in for a nice sub or pizza.

        • murdochpatsymcreynolds
          SHIT PIZZA
          October 27, 2020 at 7:28 pm

          FUCK YOU

          • Lynnfield House Of Pizza
            October 27, 2020 at 7:35 pm

            Maybe a nice Greek salad? Baklava?

  • Ray Patriarcas Consigliere
    October 27, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    I’m going out on a limb here….

    What a cunt!!!

  • Joe from Mass.
    October 27, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    They should have a Joe Biden pizza. Twice the price and nothing on it.

    • Thank you for that laugh....
      October 27, 2020 at 6:26 pm

      Omfg Joe From Mass…I think I just pissed myself!! Thank you I haven’t laughed like that since yesterday when Biden was speaking about “when we win and we replace President Buuu…Buuuuss”..he stuttered 5 frigging times and was trying to say “Bush” instead of Trump! Guy has fucking dementia so bad!

  • 508 579 7803
    October 27, 2020 at 5:03 pm

    There is a phone number on that yelp account too ! interesting

  • Jerry Garcia
    October 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    Think there’s another arrest she was charged loitering in front of a band

  • Fed
    October 27, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    They never learn do they

  • Betty Ford
    October 27, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    If you’re offended by a pizza, there’s no helping you. Make the world a better place and cull yourself from the gene pool.

  • Ozzy
    October 27, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    Pizzas, Halloween decorations, CERTAIN flags, no masks on. Don’t know how to act anymore or talk without offending. Wait yes there is. How about “Go Fuck yourself and have a nice day.” Don’t know about you but I feel better. If I am going to offend I might as well know it and feel good about it at the same time.

  • Judge dread
    October 27, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    You know how Crowder is all about the ask me campus ambushes, I want to do one that is like free Lobotomy. Drop all of the dox on how great Lobotomties are, using their same false science, and say that conservative students should be Lobotomize.

    I bet you atleast 35% of students would go for it.

  • Tony Freitas
    October 27, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Whay is TB picking on my family? Im just a dishonest guy tring to make a dirty buck, and now this.

  • Ray Patriarca's nephew
    October 27, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    This bitch lives in Cancel Cuntery, so Queensberry Rules don’t apply.

  • P C
    October 27, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    Aidan, I’m disappointed – why no, “it would be TERRIBLE if you went and left a negative review of her business” plug there? Well, either way, we know what to do!

  • Calm WhiteDad
    AngryWhiteDad (Thy/Thoust)
    October 27, 2020 at 4:07 pm

    She looks like the spokesperson for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  • Sparkey McMurphy
    October 27, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    I think it’s fucking hilarious that you continue calling her lettuce wrap anyway. You know that’s pissing her off more than anything else.

    • soxrock191
      October 28, 2020 at 12:05 am

      Right????? Still lmao!

  • The Spic Tormentor
    Spic Tormentor
    October 27, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    If you’re offended by a pizza than you need years of therapy or a lobotomy. Not a restraining order.

    • Judge dread
      October 27, 2020 at 4:19 pm

      Many years of therapy but that doesn’t do it, sometimes Captain as we the Judge we both know extreme measures need to be taken during extreme times.

      Sometimes you gotta Rosemarry Kennedy them and stick the lobotomy pick directly into their eye socket.

      Only scar left is a black eye. Cure? Wear sunglasses for a week.


    • murdochpatsymcreynolds
      October 27, 2020 at 4:34 pm

      Hey big boi! my tormentor! I want your burrito in my taco tunnel.

    • murdochpatsymcreynolds
      October 27, 2020 at 6:32 pm

      C’mon Spic, let’s hook up, you closeted faggot.

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