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  • New Hampshire Woman Who Allowed Abusive Boyfriend To Spank Her Son Is Suing And Calling The Cops For Reporting “False Documents” From Her Past

    New Hampshire Woman Who Allowed Abusive Boyfriend To Spank Her Son Is Suing And Calling The Cops For Reporting “False Documents” From Her Past

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    Here’s your Internet lawsuit of the day which we received via email:


    Recently on June 25, 2017 there was an article posted about myself, slandering my name. I will be reporting to the police unless it is taken down. I will report for slander, which is illegal in the state of New Hampshire where I reside. Also, that post was not based on any factual information and used false documents from the past and other things which can hinder my personality and reputation. I am really disappointed in your article where as it’s very bias and can determine my job future. If it is not gone within 24 hours the police will be notified, they will find out who wrote this, published it, and I will be pressing charges. Thank you for your time. The article that was written is an open investigation that remains confidential and I will be taking legal action. Tomorrow morning I will be calling the police department.

    Kayleen Manfredi

    It’s getting to the point where we get these lawsuits and I have no idea who it’s even about. Hard to keep track of all these ratchets. Had to Google this one. Turns out Kayleen Manfredi was the subject of a blog last month because she allowed her boyfriend Bradley Robbs to spank her son, whom he ended up abusing:

    We will never shame a parent who spanks their kids. To each their own when it comes to that. But if your new boyfriend asks you to bare bottom spank your child and you say yes, you’re a pretty shitty parent. Just sayin.

    Then she started a GoFundMe because she was relying on Bradley’s $105,000 salary, which was now gone:

    And because of this she had to quite her new job as a CO:

    Which I’m sure was true.

    Turtleboy is not the first news outlet that she has brought to Internet court for not asking for her permission to report on her abusive boyfriend:

    Bradley is also not the first boyfriend to abuse her child. His real father Lane Grant did too:

    Kayleen then threatened to sue Lane’s mother for slander after she threatened to sue Kayleen for slander:

    Can’t wait to see how her visit to the police goes tomorrow. Apparently we “slandered” her by repasting “false documents from the past,” including screenshots of things she wrote on Facebook. Which apparently is “false” now.

    Almost forgot about how terrible this woman was at choosing men. Thanks for that reminder email Kayleen! This is what we do when you threaten to sue us – we blog bout you again. So for your sake if this ever happens to you, just quietly go away and we will forget about you and leave you alone. Or keep poking the turtle and watch what happens. Whatever you think is best.


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    1. Transplant

      Uh oh, personality hinderance? This one sounds serious.

      Let me know when your GoFundMe defense fund is up and running.

    2. Oopsumessedup

      The mother had a gofundme page due to unpredictable circumstances that occurred in her life, where her full-time job was hindered. she is actually providing for her children with a full time job. The man who did the abuse is at fault, shaming a person (mother) like this just shows your character. I’m shocked she’s wasting her time on you Facebook warriors. However, I would take her seriously. As I was made aware the police have been emailed who are working on this open investigation.

      1. hmmm

        First she’s an LNA “working tons of hours.”
        Then she is trying to become a corrections officer…
        Somewhere in between, the story is her boyfriend is her “main source of income,” and she thinks he brings home $105,000 annually.

        Too many GoFundMe scammers…can’t blame people for being skeptical.

        1. Burgling turts

          Maybe worry about the shit bags beating on her innocent children like the police are while they wipe their ass with her butthurt deformation report. Go get sterilized and give those kids to someone who cares.

      2. mike

        STFU CUNT!
        This woman is an entitled skeezer that thinks men should pay for her babies!
        How about that for a strong, independent, self sufficient woman!
        Its fucking pathetic.

      3. Mongo Shepard

        Hi Kayleen. You are delusional. There is no “open investigation”. The police would laugh you out of the building. Go disconnect from the internet for a while and chill out.

    3. JoeMomma

      If the winner is bringing home 105K a year why are you giving him all of YOUR money?

      1. See-wee-us-ly

        THANK YOU! I was wondering the same thing myself.

    4. Math Student

      I can’t add. I see 4 kids in the picture, but she says “her 3 kids”? Is it me or her that can’t count?

      1. No thank you

        One is Bradley’s son from a prior relationship.

    5. full testicles

      I bet the mom does anal and loves it. So many ratchets so little time.

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