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North Shore Eats Episode 7: Greg Bates Admits Rigging Raffles, Buys Toilet With Gift Card He’s Supposed To Raffle Off, Screws Over Jimmy Fund And Shames Woman He Stole Gift Cards From

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       and part 6.

Welcome to the season finale of Greg Master Bates – Douchebag Extraordinaire. Before we get going the Patch has a quick correction to update:

Yup. The Patch printed fake news. Shocking, I know. I got all excited when I heard Greg Bates was finally going to jail. Yes, we cited them, because that’s what real journalists do. They draw on published sources. But as it turns out the Patch didn’t do any actual reporting, and didn’t even bother speaking to the BPD. Instead they just kind of printed the first rumor they heard on Facebook.

The best part is the writer who got called out on initially not citing us then went on to say that he spoke with the BPD:

Except he clearly didn’t. Oops!

Anyway, we’ve buried Greg Bates by now. His reputation is destroyed, and we’ll keep an eye on him going forward. Hopefully some sort of governing body will investigate him. Let us know if you have a recommendation on who Turtle Riders should contact. If he continues to do shady shit we will continue to call him out, but for now this is the final chapter of our story – terrible, random things Greg Bates has done.

Like that time he invited one of his followers out for beers and wings for a food review, and then made the follower pay the tab:

Or how bout that time he messaged a follower and told her that he was going to rig his “raffles” to make sure she won:

Or that time he told the Anchor Pub & Grille that he was gonna raffle a gift card for them, but then he ended up trading it in for a second-hand toilet:

“Some more proof that he’s using gift cards as currency.. So my friend had a brand new toilet he didn’t like and couldn’t return so he sold it to Greg for a $50 gift Anchor gift card that was meant for a NSE raffle and not for his own personal use. Idk if you can use this or not but figured i’d send it.”

Or that time the “we don’t do ads” guy announced that an imaginary “corporate company” (whatever that means) tried to “sponsor his page”:

Newsflash moron – you can’t sponsor an entire Facebook page. The page does not belong to you. It belongs to Facebook. Also, he’s totally not gonna fill the page up with ads, even though 99% of his posts are bought and paid for.

Or what his former coworkers at UPS said when the story came out:

“I went tonight and asked if he knew Greg bates.  He said “that prick”. I showed him the article.  He said Greg was told “it’s highly suggested to retire before you get fired”.  He would start arguments with upper management constantly  and would pass up over time and then file a grievance saying he was never asked to try and get paid. 

Or that time the Anchor Pub and Lucky Dog announced that he was banned from their restaurants after reading what he’s been doing:

Or that time he allegedly threatened Merrimack Valley Eats with a lawsuit for copyright infringement (using the word “Eats”) for their Facebook group, and deleted all comments that mention other food review pages:

Pretty much everything he does violates Facebook’s TOS, for whatever that’s worth:

And finally, perhaps the biggest dick move he’s pulled thus far is what he’s done to a really nice lady named Linda. She was doing a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund and Greg offered to give her some gift cards to help her out. Except the whole thing was just a ploy to line his own pockets:

I’ve attached the screen shots of every message between Bates and myself.  As you can see he approached me last year about the damn GC’s for my Fundraiser. 

I never asked last year and this year I posted my own request on that page and not one restaurant responded.  It didn’t bother me as I bought and paid for my own raffles as I always do.  Now that I look back on these I should have been suspicious of the whole GC fiasco.  He didn’t have a list of who supposedly donated and on the one hand tells me to go pick them up and on the other says “most will want to see me.” I charge no ad dollars so they are always looking to get on my good side. lol.” 

UNREAL!! He actually wrote that these businesses will “want to stay on my good side.” He knows that they’re all afraid of crossing him for fear of his wrath. I hope the businesses who are still associating with him read this. This is what he thinks of you.

Right, get on his good side by paying cash and GC’s.  It was a nightmare going around picking up those damn cards and in some instances they had no idea what I was talking about .  There are some later messages unrelated to the first fundraiser GC situation.  At one point he was deleting my comments on a post about Rastapasta running out of food one night because “he promoted it”.  I commented that it was poor planning that they ran out food and if I were them I wouldn’t be bragging about it.  I called him out for deleting my comments then he starts messaging me and tells me they had donated a GC for my fundraiser in April so he didn’t want them to see my comments.  Well he never told me they were and I never got one.  I have no idea how many others may have given him one and he didn’t tell me or turn it over.


So basically this woman runs an actual, real fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund. Greg swoops in, pretends to be the hero who’s going to help her out by getting her some gift cards, then fails to come through on most of them and makes her drive around everywhere talking to business owners who have no idea what she’s talking about.

Here’s the best part – he couldn’t help her out and get the gift cards because that’s when he was supposedly locked up for not paying child support:

Then he messages me about a comment I made about The Corner Butcher Shop (being a good business, he was attacking them).  He tried to put them out of business or so he thought.  So I get the “no drama allowed” message and he makes it sound like Melinda was the bad guy.  Wrong, I know better.

Next comes the message that I’m badmouthing him because I was upset that he didn’t get me GC’c for my April 2018 fundraiser.  Nope, not true.  At that point I was hearing all the bad stuff and wanted to distance myself from him, so I told him to stop contacting me and not to threaten me (which he did in a subtle way).

Then in mid-May I start hearing from friends who were still in the group (I had been banned and blocked by then) that he was making comments about me on a year old thread from my 2017 fundraiser.  He’s calling me a shady character and the GF (although I think it was him posting as her) says I’m not trustworthy.  The people he tagged are the Rastapasta people  Why he did that and tagged them is beyond me.  I have no clue.  I messaged the screen shot that was sent to me by more than one person and told him to delete it.  He replies with don’t message me ever again… I will not be bullied by you.  Hahahaha!!  Seriously?  The pot calling the kettle black.

The last straw for me was the threat he posted yesterday about him hearing a lot of hysterical things and saying he has a great post from the Salem News from just last month.

He says I will post the Log picture about about the Danvers incident.  I was in a car accident and was arrested for DUI on May 9th.  It is public record, was in the police log for all to see and many did, but he has to be a dick head and humiliate and embarrass me further.  As far as I’m concerned that is over and behind me.  I paid my fine, plead out and I’m attending the mandatory driving class.  WTF does that have to do with his “foodie” group?  Nothing.  He is an evil vindictive person who thrives on hurting others who don’t agree with him.

Yes, that’s right. This woman did absolutely nothing wrong to Greg and was screwed over by him when he never delivered the gift cards for her fundraiser. Naturally once he figured out she was no longer on his team he decided to find her year old post about the Jimmy Fund fundraiser:

And then posts the story from her DUI in the comments so it would come up first on NSE:

So basically he went and got the gift cards on her behalf, and instead of giving them to her he used them to buy a toilet.

Don’t worry Greg – you’ll get yours someday. Karma is a bitch. And I certainly hope that restaurants of the north shore don’t choose to continue to do business with them. I’ll never shame a business for doing business with someone else, because we just don’t believe in doing that. But just let them know that if they choose to, Greg is actively fucking them over, and will turn on them in a heartbeat if they don’t do as he tells them to.

See you in next year’s Ratchet Madness Greggy.

P.S. This one’s still for you Jay Rose.

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