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Peabody Serial Rapist Walks Free After Victim Dies, Is Found To Be “Uncontrollable Danger”,Isn’t Found In Registry And Has POF Profile “Looking To Get Married”

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I would like to start off by reiterating just how happy I am to have been off the market for so long. I have single friends who reference POF which stands for Plenty Of Fish, a dating site. This is one fish who was caught and released by police for rape in Massachusetts about a billion times: Meet Mark Papamechail of Peabody, MA:
This slopbucket of sexual deviancy enjoys long walks on the beach, puppies and serial sexual assault.  I wonder if 56 is the amount of deadbolts it would take to keep him from away from you, perhaps he’s trying to give us a hint on how to protect ourselves against him?Lemme help you out in picking a better profile picture, Mark:
That’s his mugshot from one of the many, many times he was arrested for sexual assault. In this most recent case, he was released and the case dismissed because the victim died.

PEABODY — A man described as an “uncontrollable danger” to women by a judge back in February walked out of court Thursday after prosecutors were forced to drop sexual assault charges against him. Mark Papamechail, 55, of 4 Stevens St., Peabody, had been ordered held without bail since last fall, when a woman in her 50s went to police to report that he had invited her to his apartment after a date last October, then sexually assaulted her. 

That woman has died, prosecutors told a Salem Superior Court judge on Thursday. 

And because of that, they are unable to try the case. A formal notice ceasing prosecution on two counts of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery was filed and Papamechail was released. 

The woman, for whom a cause of death has not been released, had met Papamechail on a dating site and had gone on a handful of dates with him. She told police that once at his home, Papamechail pressured her for sex, then forced himself on her. The details of the case were similar to ones in a 2014 case involving another woman in her 50s who had met Papamechail on a dating website called Plenty of Fish. She too said Papamechail invited her to his apartment after a date. “

Unreal. Moving past the fact that he met at least two victims on this site where he still has an active account, how in the world is he released because the victim died? He’s done this before. He will do it again. Seems like this guy has an MO carved out and it seems like he hasn’t deviated from it, like at all. I see how it might be difficult to get a conviction if the victim in this case is dead, but isn’t that where the state steps in and presses charges?

Maybe since it was only two little rapes he can be reformed…


Papamechail has a history of sexual assault charges, starting in 1986 and continuing through the 1990s.

His record includes convictions for indecent assault and battery in 1986 and 1994 and rape in 1991 and 1997.”

Literally my face while writing this.


I’m so glad the supreme court ruled in favor of giving animals like this rights like real humans get to have. I see no way this can backfire. One could argue that he’s been actively perpetrating these crimes since before the Internet was a thing, but he’s definitely not going to do the same exact thing again after already being arrested for it. Twice. So he just gets to keep using the internet to try and stick his nasty, unwanted pork steeple where it doesn’t belong and isn’t wanted. Fantastic.


Had he been convicted in either the 2014 or the 2018 case, he was facing 20 years in prison. 

In a decision ordering his continued detention without bail, Salem Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley noted his concern that someone who had so recently cleared of a charge that would have put him in prison for decades “would make sure that he never put himself in a position again for such charges to be brought against him.” 

Feeley expressed concern that Papamechail’s “propensity for sexual violence against women is uncontrollable.”

While police interviewed the woman and she testified at a grand jury, those statements alone would not be enough to prosecute Papamechail. Except in rare cases where a defendant is found to have some role in making a witness unavailable, a defendant is entitled under the Sixth Amendment to confront and cross-examine an accuser at trial. 

Middlesex County was handling the case because Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett once represented Papamechail.

Papamechail’s case also highlighted issues with the Sex Offender Registry Board. 

When the Massachusetts registry was created Papamechail was deemed a Level 3 offender. But at some point prior to his 2014 arrest, he had been downgraded to a Level 2 offender, taking him off the online registry. 

Following the 2014 case, he was put back on the registry as a Level 3 offender. 

His status following Thursday’s development is not known.

Seriously, if at any point you are convicted of a sex offense, I feel that you you should be on the online sex offender registry. Unless maybe…nope, can’t think of a single instance why you shouldn’t be on the sex offender registry when you’re partaking in offensive sex. Literally all sex Mark is ever involved in is offensive, even if by some miracle it’s consensual.

Right now, if you hop on the Massachusetts sex offender registry this is what you see when you punch Mark’s name in:

“No records found.” As if he dundi nuffin’. Say you’re a lovely lady getting ready for a date with Mark. You’re going to run his name through the registry because no one can ever be too careful. Type in his name, he comes back clean…who knows what’s going to happen to you? This guy obviously has a record, in fact, here’s 3 pages of it.

In these three pages alone, there are 15 rape charges at least! One would assume that not every victim came forward, but right there in black and white are fifteen instances in which they did! How is this guy allowed to come into contact with anyone ever, much less get to stay active on the very same website that he found two victims on? BTW, here’s the forever restraining order that one of his victims received…


Here, it states he has been warned “To stop using social media”. But his Facebook, alongside any dating profiles, are still active. He just doesn’t have any photos of himself on there. I’m certain it’s him considering he’s friends with his brother who likes to come to his defense…



Ummm, better question: Why are you so vested in reading about your serial rapist brother, Neil? Are you making sure that no news outlet mentions the Mark Dormer Company which you and your brother work for and appear to own?



I know the Masshole language has a hard time dealing with the letter R, so I’m pretty sure they meant Dahmer not Dormer. The creepiest thing about this is that they’re a contracting company. Mark “No Means Yes” Papamechail is hired and trusted to be in people’s homes. While Neil comes back clean after a Google search, his brother certainly doesn’t. Although, he did up until 2013. I shit you not, prior to one of his most recent victims coming forward even if you Googled Mark Papamechail none of this came up. A guy actively committing sexual assaults for 32 years didn’t come up on the Google machine. Nowadays, the only photos I could find of Mark are mugshots or court appearance photos. This wasn’t always the case and that blows my mind.


This is why before meeting, going on a date, doing business with anyone you need to search Turtleboy. If that person did something, chances are we know about it and blogged it. This is why we exist. We are officially more adept at protecting you than Massachusetts is. This isn’t an isolated case of sex offenders just being allowed to go about their lives like they’re innocent people, either. Here’s to being held accountable.

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4 Comment(s)
  • Anon
    May 3, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    I can’t believe I just came across this. I know the Papamechail’s personally. This type of thing runs in the family. When things go awry, mommy comes to rescue with the money. Both of those brothers are parallel. I know this is old news, but i I have a lot of inside information if interested.

  • BucketNutz
    June 20, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    Looks a lot like Charlie Baker

  • Robert Guiscard
    June 20, 2018 at 9:58 am

    I’m surprised Judge Touchy Feely kept him locked up. Then again, he’s an American rapist, not an undocumented immigrant rapist.

  • SMH
    June 19, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Sure he should be allowed on some online sites – as a bottom, slave, or toilet for groups on S&M BDSM sites, gay or straight.

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