Plainfield Sludgemuff Employed As School Bus Driver For DCF Once Tried To Get Free Kid With Sex Offender Husband On Facebook After Losing Black Market Kids To DCF 

Plainfield Sludgemuff Employed As School Bus Driver For DCF Once Tried To Get Free Kid With Sex Offender Husband On Facebook After Losing Black Market Kids To DCF

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Last year we wrote this blog about a Level 3 sex offender and his child abusing wife Dawn Staples in Connecticut, posting on Facebook yard sale pages to see if anyone had a spare kid they could have:





Perfectly normal way to acquire a baby.

Unfortunately for her Dawn’s daughter saw her Craig’s List ISO baby ads and warned everyone not to donate:


Ya know, because she abuses children and he molests them.


Then in a really twisted turn of events it was revealed that the reason they were looking for some new babies is that they previously had two kids, which they acquired from family members like they were secret yankee swap prizes, and DCF knew about it and allowed this under the table transaction to go through:

A sex offender and someone accused of child abuse are speaking out about how they were able to become the guardians of two children. However, the fact that they even had those children under their care for several months, got two Department of Children and Families managers fired. Everyone involved in the situation said DCF did not initially place the children with the couple, but instead the biological parents wanted them there. It is being described as a private transaction, but once DCF found out about their backgrounds, they still did nothing. Charles and Dawn Staples said the parents of their infant nephew and toddler niece didn’t want them.

They said DCF officials knew about the past an arrangement and would come several times per week for unscheduled visits.

“The whole time they kept saying, ‘you’re doing great, the children are beautiful.’ One of the DCF workers went to court with us and testified for us,” Charles Staples said.

The Staples said other experts and department lawyers were also consulted and found them fit to guard, but in a scathing termination letter addressed to two managers at the Willimantic office, DCF said the children should have been removed immediately, saying “you failed to recognize the serious risk associated with this situation, failed to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the children, and instead allowed the children to remain in this arrangement.”

Can’t make this stuff up. It boggles my mind how a sex offender and a child abuser can not only take two children in with them, but get the approval of DCF. And no one thought anything was wrong with it until an anonymous whistle blower (but remember, according to the butthurts anonymous whistle blowers who expose ratchets are bad) called up authorities. Then they pretended to care by throwing the two case managers under the bus.



Anyway, you’d think that after a fuck up like this DCF would get their shit together.

Well guess who’s working for DCF doing school transportation…….


Yup, Dawn Staples. I shit you not. A woman who just was in the news for losing two under the table babies which DCF OK’d, and then tried getting a replacement baby on Facebook, is now an employee of DCF. They’re obviously running a really tight ship over there.

Connecticut DCF has to be the most incompetent organization that has ever existed right? Why do you think Dawn Staples applied to drive DCF kids to school? Probably because she’s trying to snatch up a kid, duh! She could’ve applied for a job doing anything – Walmart, McDonalds, writing for Worcester Magazine. She chose school transportation for kids who are in foster care. That shouldn’t raise any red flags or anything.

And do they not do basic child protective services background checks anymore for employees? Or can anyone just sign up to drive at-risk children to and from school? Is the Google machine broken in Connecticut?

The bottom line is this woman has no business working with kids, and everyone at DCF should be fired. The whole thing should be dismantled and built from the ground up with new leadership. Literally anyone could do a better job than whoever is running the show now. You have to give zero point zero fucks if you allow a sex offender and child abuser to take in two kids, then take them away from them after it goes public, only to rehire them to drive more foster kids to and from school less than a year later.


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16 Comment(s)
  • Stephanie
    October 7, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    I LOVE the fact DCF fights so fucking hard to have children removed from parents who truly love, care for, and are all around amazing parents. It’s so nice to see parents with the “disease” nodding off while walking around town with their babies, and what?! NO fucking sign of DCF around them?! How about we use all the funding that goes to DCF to better the schools for our children, or even help children that have to deal with their parents “disease” on a daily basis?! Oh of course not, because that makes fucking sense… DCF in Mass is an absolute fucking crock of shit.

  • Judy
    September 7, 2017 at 10:42 am

    I know nothing about DCF. But I am often perplexed with the people they come up with for school bus drivers and monitors. As a mother of a non verbal autistic child, I’ve been assured time and time again that they do CORI checks.

    Yet, there have been insane incidents that leave this hard to believe.

    Just one example. One monitor seemed to be developing an unhealthy attachment to my child. At first I thought she was motherly or perhaps special needs herself then she began to write my child letters sent through the mail about how her day was going, talking about flowers blooming, the weather, etc. when she suddenly stopped working for the bus company and I couldn’t find out why, the letters increased with stickers, hearts and rainbows, etc I soon concluded that my child had a stalker. When one day I went outside and found a letter had been left on my porch overnight, (yes–she came to my house at night to leave it), I went to the police. They spoke to her and found she was moving out of the area and had struck a child on the bus, prompting her removal.

    There HAS to be better monitoring of these people! Who ever heard of a non verbal child having a stalker? But it happened. And now THIS! Come on…it’s almost too crazy to believe.

    • pandaboo
      September 7, 2017 at 8:55 pm

      I work in a group home and Unfortunately the bus companies that the day programs use DO NOT have the same requirements we have. We are finger printed. Cori checked. Background checked. We are all also mandated reporters. So if we witness any type of abuse we are required by law to report it

  • September 2, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    So it’s it not just in Massachusetts? Department of corruption and fraud! In massachusetts they have mislplaced over 130+ kids as in removed them and then LOST them as in can’t find theses kids….. another interesting fact in dcf in Massachusetts dcf is that they’re still corrupt despite having changed their name from days on the basis of too many lawsuits and trying to hide those facts by changing their names to not show up all the corruptness in the search engine but it just keeps getting worse! They ONLY remove kids from pot smoking biological parents to place them with pot smoking foster and adoptive parents, so they can, they have and DO remove children from biological parents who smoke weed then they place them with strangers who are mostly convicted felons and smoke weed. It’s written in their own laws and provisions. How messed up is that? Not to mention it’s legal to smoke weed! Do people lose their kids for drinking alcohol? NOPE…. something to keep an eye on folks because it’s pretty serious that a now legal substance can cause you to lose your children and then be placed with rapists murderers and weed smokers themselves but they HAVE TO be strangers to smoke weed with kids in your household! NUCKING FUTS IN MA, as corrupt as it can get! Look up law 32L it states that a adoptive or foster home can not be disqualified for using marijuana!!!! Doesn’t get any more corrupt then that! Also most of them are not parents and only went to school for 12 months so that makes them more qualified then the parents somehow to make serious life altering decisions that can permanently destroy these kids lives forever! I fear for the children who are in dcf custody! They’re in more danger when in dcf! I’ve heard and read of kids being killed, raped, and that’s not including 650 waivers they granted to serious criminals back in 2014 to allow tem to be adoptive and foster families for dcf!!!! Makes me so angry, they need to be dismantled and not governed by ANY government body UNLESS a parent requests the help! Children are the property of their biological parents not the GOVTS! They need to back the fuck us especially if they’re only causing more problems for these kids then the parents who they removed them from ever could! It’s insane how corrupt dcf really is in al levels! The police should handle those situations in which parents really abuse their children! Police shouldn’t be able to act either unless the child has proof of battery caused by parent(s) and a desire to be removed from ins to be safe and they should be automatically placed with family memebers BEFORE anyone else ALWAYS as to not psychologically damage the child’s emotional welfare and psyche! True traumas are hard enough to go through then to have strangers physically remove u from the people who love u that u have known from day one of your life….. it’s more damaging to remove kids from their parents then it is to wow parents to discipline and parent their children! Again obviously if poice can be involved in three abuse cases then the state should press charges on parents without removal just like all other domestic disputes so have proof! I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to have any rights more so then the parents who created their children and raised them. Punish the parents who are abusive, but don’t punish and traumatize these kids further! The laws need to change regarding procedures for children! The fmaiky unit should remain intact for the benefit of the child! That’s the. Eat for children ! My parents went to school in Portugal and got hit with rulers on their knuckles by teachers for not doing their work. They got belted by their parents if they misbehaved or were out of line stole etc from anyone…. it was a form of discipline but in America my cousin called Dss at the time On her parents for hitting her for skipping school and they dss took her away and she regretted it after she went to a home and got gang raped! She said she would’ve gladly taken the beatings over losing her virginity to a bunch of guys who she didn’t know and they mutilated her genitals and anal cavity to the point where she can never have children. Bye these guys were the other foster kids and NONE of them were charged or held accountable for what they did. They all got away with it! It’s friggan disgustig and sad! Sadder is that she’s one of many! Parents need to band together to protect their kids from the corporation of dcf! They make more money off of removing these kids! ive hesrdntoo many Aweful things and not enough good things ever… not even a smidge bit. Just ask the kids in the homes of dcf placements! It’s not hard to figure it out. These kids are being abused and dcf is to blame! I wish we could stop funding them al together!!!

    • lazy girl
      October 12, 2017 at 6:17 pm

      Sorry, I couldn’t read your comment. Tried.. maybe you can run a spell check first. It seems interesting, but I feel too lazy to decipher into normal language, especially after reading turtleboy articles all day.

  • Igotacookie
    September 2, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Not gonna bash a corrupt agency. But these people are sick. On levels that need to be cut out of society and kept away from kids… all costs.

    • James
      September 2, 2017 at 8:52 pm

      She is not a direct DCF employee but works for a private business who is credentialed to perform services for the department. Before an employee can be hired by the company, they must submit their new hire information to DCF for approval. And that’s where DCF screwed up – by allowing this woman to become credentialed as a service provider FOR the company. Not by hiring them, per se, but by allowing one of their contractors (who trust that DCF is doing their job) to hire her. I would say that the company who hired her is not at fault in any way because they went through the proper channels and DCF approved this employee and put her on their list.

  • BlackandWhite
    September 2, 2017 at 7:59 am

    I expect to see an article on this in Woo rag and turtlegram. They condone these type of people and stick up for them.

  • State Mandate
    September 1, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    DCF Definitely failed these children, but the bus company is contracted. The same way that transportation for special needs children is contracted out in several Massachusetts town’s. It is their responsibility and a CORI is required in MA anyway. Regardless, DCF is supposed to request copies of each CORI to make sure nobody slips through the cracks. Someone dropped the ball big time.

  • The Rant Queen
    September 1, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    DCF is more corrupt than people want to believe. It really feels like most social workers ended up being social workers because they couldn’t make it as cops or therapists and enjoy the fear they instill in innocent parents. They get to invade people’s homes, disrupt family’s lives, and tell them what to do. They get to watch parents jump through hoop after unnecessary hoop, to keep their kids and close their case. Which NEVER happens immediately.

    They keep it open as long as possible, to keep the families as miserable as possible. They don’t care if you don’t need therapy, they’ll force you to get counseling. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have transportation, or daycare, figure it out. Oh, you want referrals to help get it done faster? Yeah, they’re supposed to provide help for stuff like this, and I’m sure they TELL the family that they will, but you’ll never get a call from the places you need the referrals for.

    They have the power to go behind your back and steal your kids. They can make up any bullshit story they want in their little reports, and tell their supervisors anything they want, since the supervisors never actually MEET the people being forced to deal with their workers. They just read the report and take their worker’s word for it.

    I will never trust ANY DCF office or social worker. Ever. I may sound like one of the ratchets who have “been there before” and I sound like one of those “dindu nuffin” bitches, but I assure you, I’m the polar opposite. I had (false) allegations made against me by my sister’s ex-bf who thought it would be funny to send DCF to my house because my sister cheated on him and since she had nothing to lose, he went for the next best thing: her niece.

    He had sent text messages admitting to making the calls and lying about the claims, but the DCF investigator showed NO interest in them. She opened a case based on the fact that when she PEEKED into my windows, when no one was home, she saw full trash bags in my kitchen. Never spoke to me first, just assumed. I argued that my kid had just gotten lice from her school and we had done all of our laundry the day before and just hadn’t gotten to fold them yet, she claimed it was too late and the case would remain open.

    It’s been 4 fucking years and my worker won’t fucking leave. Every time I complete whatever stupid thing she asks, she adds another to the list. Now, she won’t leave until my daughter goes and gets her teeth cleaned. Something that isn’t even mandatory- not that I planned on skipping it- she just doesn’t want to close my case. She’s threatened to take my kid away, when she was just 5 (to her face) when my daughter acted up in front of her, because she doesn’t fucking like her. Who does that?? A piece of corrupt garbage, that’s who.

    So yeah, call me a ratchet for being on DCF and despising them, but from my experience with them- which dates back to my own childhood because my fucked up aunt and grandmother were always calling on my mom out of spite, jealousy and bitterness- they’ve never done me or my family any good. Ever.

    • Alma
      September 1, 2017 at 6:19 pm

      10000% agree. So many dishonest and incompetent DCF workers who put their own agendas ahead of what’s best for children. They LIE and get away with it because they’re unaccountable. They cover for eachother. Mass DCF gets an F-. Good luck to you Rant Queen, you’ll need it.

      • State Mandate
        September 1, 2017 at 7:03 pm

        Let me guess…you have a past history of drug use and DCF was called

        • Sonny's Mom
          September 1, 2017 at 10:39 pm

          As R.Q. states, a relative submitted a falsified tip out of spite, then later sent text messages admitting what he’d done. The agency ignored the time-stamped texts proving the “tip” was false. And the caseworker turns out to be an overzealous nitpicker. Oh, and here’s a few more bits’n’pieces you may have missed:

          • Massachusetts Lawyer Sues Over Witch Hunt
          (throwthebumsoutin2010 dot blogspot dot com, 2/8/10)
          • Mass. ranks low in children’s welfare (Boston Globe, 2/10/14)
          • Massachusetts DCF and the Destruction of Children and Families (BostonCriminalLawyerBlog dot com, 2/27/14)
          • DCF’s records hold tragic legacy (Boston Globe, 9/19/15)
          • A (sic) Expose of MA DCF and the Deaths of At Least 110 Children Under the Age of 17 (FirstStar dot org, 9/21/15)
          • Mass. child abuse deaths drop, but report shows social workers still… (Boston Globe, 3/21/16)
          • With Daughters ‘Kidnapped’ by DCF, Families Take to Streets of Hyannis in Protest (BostonBroadside dot com, 7/3/16)
          • More Dead Children in Massachusetts DCF Care (BostonBroadside dot com, 3/22/17)

        • Alma
          September 2, 2017 at 10:08 am

          No, that is not the case, I have no minor children, and DCF was not called on me.

        • Staffer
          September 3, 2017 at 3:39 pm

          Yup I know this girl has anyone thought to look deep into her background. You will find she grew up in the system. Try Hawkins House in Danielson CT.

    • State Mandate
      September 1, 2017 at 6:58 pm

      Ok, first off once a case is reported DCF has 3 day’s to decide if there is just cause to leave it open or close it. The process goes as follows. A call is made regarding a child or children. DCF contacts the parent’s via telephone to make them aware a complaint was made. DCF then contacts the Pediatrician, the school and neighbor’s. They don’t leave a case open because they “don’t like you. ” Especially not for year’s. If your child is 5 and DCF has been in their life for 4 year’s it’s usually drug related. Any other cases are usually closed in a year…longer for drug cases. You’re not being completely honest.

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