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  • Police Didn’t Arrest Chunky Brewster For Stealing Caramel Kitty Because Her Cat Ran Away & She’s Ill, But She’s Been Arrested For Shoplifting A Million Times And She Put Her Cat Down

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    If you recall last week we helped identify Chunky Brewster, the woman who put a kitty cat in her purse at a Methuen adoption center and talked out of there with her husband.

    Because of the blog the Malden Police were able to down Cheryl Descavich at her home and Caramel the kitty was returned in less than 24 hours. They even gave us a shoutout at the press conference!

    Just another day at the office for the turtle.

    The police elected not to arrest Chunky Brewster because her cat apparently just disappeared, and she was mentally ill.

    Except according to people who have contacted us, she’s not mentally ill at all – she’s just a professional thief who has done this a billion times:

    Let’s start with she’s not mentally ill she’s a con artist thief and lied her way out of getting in trouble. Her husband is a pushover and was dragged into it but that’s neither here nor there. She’s not missing any cat she did have one but she put it down due to age last spring. It was legit it was old she wanted a new cat and decided to steal it. 

    And she’s got a cabinet full of Google trophies to prove it:

    She’s been stealing things her entire life. It never ends. God forbid a woman like this end up in jail.

    The bottom line we respect whatever decision the police ultimately make. But she conned them too. Her cat didn’t run away, she put it down. She’s not mentally ill, she’s just a thief. It’s the only thing she knows how to do. And she’s apparently pretty good at being a con artist because she sure as shit fooled the Malden PD.

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    1. vicxh

      She has to steal a lot. I would not even give her free facial cream.

    2. Blork

      I don’t understand the top “trophy.” It’s an engagement announcement.

      1. johnnyb

        It’s an algorithm TBS uses now…

    3. Egypt Delgado

      Please help me! My dad is a gay ex-convict and all my mother knows how to do is rip off stupid white liberal women, and she’s going to jail for tax evasion!!

      I’m going to be homeless!! Please help!! I’m too young to have been a fat ratchet scamming and thieving cheesehog!!! I’m innocent!!

      I ACTUALLY DESERVE A GOFUNDME!!! Heeeeeellllp!!!!!!!!

    4. Mike

      She has to steal for any material possessions she wants since clearly all her cash goes to stuffing her fat face and filling up both her fucking stomachs. Fuck this clepto heffalump

    5. Simple

      It would be a waste of resources to arrest and prosecute. They’ve already tried shaming her as evidenced by the google trophies. Besides, who pays for a cat anyway? Just put out cat food and you’ll have a pet cat.

      1. 2wEntEe

        Haha that’s what I did!
        She came in 2 years ago and wouldn’t leave so I let her stay. Hides when you open the door.

    6. Kat cafe

      Great job spending all your time and multiple blogs chasing down this person who got charged with NOTHING/ZILCH. What a loser

    7. Regal Beagle

      Where is the MSPCA police in all of this?

    8. Blah blah blah

      *Chunky Brewster* lmao!!!!!!!

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