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Raccoon-Eyed New Jersey Sick Chick Arrested For Going All Hellraiser And “Degloving” Her Suitor’s Scrotum

Worst First Date Ever: Raccoon-Eyed New Jersey Sick Chick Arrested For Going All Hellraiser And “Degloving” Her Suitor’s Scrotum

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SOURCE — A 47-year-old Jersey City woman is accused of assaulting a man she was having drinks with and damaging his genitals on Saturday. Meylin Rosario, a Virginia Avenue resident, is charged with scratching the man’s arms, chest, stomach, face and “degloving” his scrotum, the criminal complaint says. A degloving injury is one in which a section of skin is completely torn off. On Saturday, officers were dispatched to a Hague Street address on a report of a dispute and met the victim who said he and Rosario were in the bedroom having a few drinks when they began arguing, the complaint indicates. He said the argument escalated into a physical altercation. Police said they found a few drops of blood on the bedroom floor. Rosario was found sitting on an upper-floor staircase and taken into custody, according to the court document.

A cautionary tale for all men looking to get their wick wet. A guy goes to an apartment in. a crappy part of town, has a few drinks with the local ratchetry, and ends up getting his balls “degloved” after an argument. If those raccoon-eyes didn’t give away her potential for ratchet psychosis, I don’t know what would. It looks like she’s been up for four days running on alcohol and amphetamines.

So as the story goes, Ms. Meylin Rosario, 47, was drinking at a Jersey City apartment on Saturday night with a gentleman suitor. Somehow the drinking leads to an argument, and the argument turns physical. Somewhere between those two moments, this woman went batshit crazy. She literally went Hellraiser on him, “degloving” his scrotum and also leaving scratches all over his body.

I’m curious as to how she managed to accomplish this disgusting task. How did the victim find himself in such a vulnerable position that could lead to having his balls degloved, as the authorities put it. Don’t google degloving, just don’t do it. The results will haunt you for life.

A cursory check of the term will get you this: “A degloving injury is a type of avulsion in which an extensive section of skin is completely torn off the underlying tissue, severing its blood supply. It is named by analogy to the process of removing a glove.“

Well, that is the stuff of absolute nightmares.

This woman clearly has been watching too many horror movies leading into Halloween. Otherwise, a few slaps would have gotten the same point across as degloving a man’s tic tacs.  Something tells me we will never know, and that’s a good thing.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Ms. Rosario happened to have two open warrants at the time of this ratchet attack, both for simple assault with a total bail of $250. Rosario was charged with aggravated assault after making her first court appearance on the charge Monday in Criminal Justice Reform Court in Jersey City via video link from Hudson County jail in Kearny, New Jersey.

Despite the warrants and the gruesomeness of her current crime at hand, it’s surprising that the judge here released her with some conditions until her next court date on December 18. Of course a fine, upstanding lady like Meylin wouldn’t have any Google trophies. Never mind…

Booze seems to be the common denominator here with Ms. Meylin. Probably something she should stay away from now on.

In the meantime, steer clear of this one if you find yourself in the Jersey City area, which we here at Turtleboy hope you never do.

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  • Kevins 9 Iron
    kevi packs a mean 9 iron
    October 30, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    She can make him a little coin purse out of it for Christmas!

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