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Rochester Scrote Slime Trains His Dog Using A Taser, Meanwhile Delusional Fiance Defends His Honor Because Animal Abuse Is Marriage Material

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A playful, bull-mastiff mix named Cario is happy in her new temporary home at the Rochester Vet Clinic in New Hampshire. It’s hard to believe this is a dog allegedly abused by her previous owner with a stun gun.

“It’s difficult,” said Veterinarian Thomas Moon. “In 42 years, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a dog that got tased.”

Last week, neighbors called police, reporting that Cario’s owner, Gage White, zapped her with a stun gun, twice.

“Animals don’t deserve anything like that,” said Gage’s neighbor Christopher Lemieux.

“I was really saddened,” said another neighbor Valerie Noreau. “He said to me it was because the dog is full grown and harder for him to train the dog.”

Police responded and took Cario away from White. The 22-year-old was later charged with animal cruelty and simple assault for allegedly threatening his neighbors with the same stun gun.

Michael Weeden manages the trailer park where White was staying and says he’s filing a restraining order to keep White out of the park.

“I don’t want that type of person in here,” Weeden said. “If he’s willing to do something like that to an innocent dog, then what else could he do if he was aggravated with someone else?”

Residents say Cario would cower when White was around, but now in the care of Dr. Moon, she’s quickly learning what it’s like to be treated right.

“She’s happy and healthy,” Dr. Moon said.

Cario will go to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society by the end of the week and will eventually be put up for adoption.

White was released of $1,500 bail and is scheduled for arraignment next month.

He didn’t respond to our requests for comment Wednesday. 

What. A. Jackass. It takes a special kind of ass scab to take a stun gun to a dog in the name of “training.” Or for any reason at all. This just screams sociopath.

Meet Gage White, dog trainer abuser extraordinaire. His profile is pretty locked down, but I’m sure it’s just as dooshtacular as he is. He even has the dog in his profile pic. Was that taken before or after shooting incapacitating volts of electricity through the poor creature’s body?

Of course, a scumbag like this might not comment to the media, but he’s certainly not adverse to a letting the Facebook universe know he doesn’t give a fuck.

Emma Davis is his new bae/fiance of a day. She’s spectacular and, as you’ll see, extremely well-spoken.

Pepole, stop running yo moufs, moarns!

Emma, who supposedly got engaged to dog abuser after being charged with animal cruelty, still thinks her man is life, 100 emoji 100 emoji!


Future sperm sponge alert!

This isn’t even his first incident of irrational violence. He was picked up in 2013 for pointing a loaded rifle at someone in the trailer park. I’m sensing a pattern here…

Please don’t reproduce. Please don’t reproduce. Please don’t reproduce.

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4 Comment(s)
  • October 27, 2017 at 10:38 am

    Someone shoot and kill them please.

  • Paul Casale
    October 26, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Emma Marie Davis sounds like she never made it beyond second grade. Is “ure” a word?

  • Fed Up With Parasites
    October 26, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    I hope he does jail time and everyone gets a turn. As for that FUGLY Ass female? Who is the fiancé please I will pay to spay and neuter them both. Hell Im sure the ASPCA would do it for free. Let’s get a go fund me page to donate to both of them being sterilized!

  • gfldgadfly
    October 26, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    Can we start a go fund me to have them spayed and neutered? I’ll donate.

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