• Somehow This Sketchy Sex Offender With An Insane Past Is Working At Community Centers, Acting In Westfield Plays, And Making Fake Craig’s List Job Listings

    Somehow This Sketchy Sex Offender With An Insane Past Is Working At Community Centers, Acting In Westfield Plays, And Making Fake Craig’s List Job Listings

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    Saw this story on Masslive and had to do a double take:

    Contrary to a recent posting on Craigslist, the Springfield Jewish Community Center is not looking for a new executive director, much less one with a GED and “incompetent decision-making skills.” The fake ad, posted on March 4, resulted in real consequences for Jeremy D. Thayer, who now faces two criminal charges in Springfield District Court. Thayer, 37, of Hadley, pleaded not guilty last week to identity fraud in connection with the fake job posting, plus failing to notify authorities that, as a Level 2 sex offender, he found new employment at the community center.

    Wait……what??? This guy is working at a community center with children, and he’s a level 2 sex offender? Did they like, forget to do a simple background search?

    Questioned by police, he admitted posting the fake ad on Craigslist, but denied responsibility for a bomb threat at the center the day before. A note discovered in the locker room forced evacuation of the Dickinson Street center on March 3 as police and fire investigators searched the building. Nothing was found during the search. The next day, the fake Craigslist post appeared, seeking candidates for the executive director’s job and saying all applications should be sent to Michael Paysnick, the center’s current director.

    As stated in the fake ad, the center would prefer candidates with some administrative experience, plus a “keen mind for saving money and cutting corners when necessary,” according to the police report. Mandatory requirements included incompetence in decision-making, a high school graduate equivalency degree and an ability to deal with “rising security problems,” the post noted. Thayer, a janitor at the center, emerged as a suspect as Springfield police investigated the bomb threat and fraudulent post. During the investigation, police discovered that Thayer was a Level 2 sex offender who must notify Hadley police whenever he changes jobs, according to the report, which said he failed to report taking a job at the JCC in Springfield.

    So somehow this guy miraculously gets a job scrubbing toilets in a place where kids come every day, despite his shady past and failure to register as a sex offender at work, and what does he do? Posts a hilarious prank ad on Craigs List. Way to keep a low profile dipshit.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.04 PM

    Anyway, why is this winner a level 2 sex offender anyway? Well according to a bunch of people who all messaged us about this guy and claim to be victimized by him, he is one bad hombre. Here’s what they tell us:

    • He taped himself masterbating on film then placed the dvds inside cars that had windows opened
    • I was personally victimized by this creep at 17 .. and was chased with an ax.. this guy is the real Ted Bundy. Nice guy with skeletons in his closet ready to be exposed
    • Hello, this guy Jeremy Thayer who is level 2 sex offender lives in adult day care and works at a theater with young adults, he got arrested for beating my cousin a few years back and they found child porn on his computer. Why is he allowed to work in theater with children? We notified the theater yet no response.. WESTFIELD THEATER!
    • This guy has a rap sheet … attempted murder, attempted murder by strangulation, kidnapping, assault and attempted murder on a female, class 2 sex offender…not to mention filming himself masturbating and putting it on a city official’s car. Just charged last week of some anti-semitic stuff, violation of probation. For the past two years he has lived at his parents business Thayercare, around a bunch of handicapped people , leaving the state as he chooses, acting in Westfield theatre group around kids. The state keeps “messing up” investigations conveniently as his parents keep a steady flow of cash going out. He has been caught with child porn more than once, has never registered his address nor jobs with his parole/ probation officer, and is known to go online to sex-talk males and females. 
    • He just finished a play. He has not told them that he’s a sex offender. I was a a victim of his. I knew him for a long time he never disclosed to me that he was a sex offender either. I didn’t find out till he tried to kill me. I have moved 5 times, he has 27 violations of restraining order. When I was with him he did work at a theater in Amherst. I remember doing a play The Wizard of Oz, they had a lot of children there, little kids mind you. I did not know he was a sex offender. He was abusive too. I was lucky to service but i fear for the people around this creep.

    So we looked up this guy on the Google machine and couldn’t find much. But we were sent the old school hard copy newspaper clippings from one of his various incidents, that shows that he threatened to kill his girlfriend, and choked and beat her with a dog leash while they were delivering newspapers:

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.54.53 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.55.05 PM

    Can’t make shit shit up.

    And we checked out his Facebook page, and it seems to confirm everything these alleged victims said about his association with the Westfield Theatre Group, since there’s pictures of him acting in various Westfield Theater Group productions all over it:



    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.10 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.58 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.28 PM

    Anyway, how the hell does this happen? How can a sex offender go under the radar like this and get a job around kids? Luckily for society he’s a nudnik of epic proportions and he blew his cover by pulling the ol’ “we’re looking for a director with a GED” trick on his boss, and he probably won’t be working there again any time soon. Hey here’s an idea – put this mother fucker in jail where he belongs.



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    1. NAMBLA Dude

      Hey! I know that dude!

    2. Wtf

      I sincerely hope that everyone that has factual information to send to TBS also calls the authorities. Over and over and over until someone pays attention. What the actual fuck?

      1. Titiho

        lol, Massachusetts law enforcement and courts see this guy as one of the protected class. Maura Healy has no interest in these people and would rather go after white Christian males with conservative values.

    3. Some Fuckin Guy

      Wow. This guy again. As a resident of the relative area I can say that I have heard stories about this bogtrotter over the years. Knew people that knew him. Zero of them have anything good to say about this individual.

    4. wabbitt

      “I’m a taxidermist – I’ll mount anything.”

      Funny under normal circumstances. Downright cringe inducing when you know he’s a diddler.

    5. True Reality Speaks

      Sounds like Old Balls from 40 years ago.

    6. Waste of Life

      And when he inevitably kidnaps/kills someone, everyone will wonder why
      nobody did anything. Stupid, weak, sexist laws. Where’s Warren and Healey
      on stuff on like this, being fanatical feminists?

    7. Timmy Bizz

      This sack of piss needs to be put in the kennel for life. As a public security safety professional, I look at scum like this and shake my head. One time while pulling a swing shift at a certain big west end hospital – you know the one – a diddling rodeo clown just like this guy was in to be seen for a broken leg. I deliberately stepped on his foot while the nurse wasn’t looking and said, “You desire to be an amphibian? Then leap, you fecal-covered creep.”

    8. Johnny Vegas

      What a waste of a human being, the world would of been better off if only his father would of shot him on his mother’s ass.

    9. Tim

      Time for Bridgewater.

    10. Anon

      I was in a show with him once. He was always incredibly creepy to me and the other young females in the cast and at the JCC. At first we thought it was sort of funny because he was just so weird, but it wasn’t until he was sitting on top of my car while I was trying to drive asking me for a ride that I knew something was not right. He made multiple comments about our physical appearance, especially because it was a dance show. I unfriended him on Facebook the second I read this because I knew he was bad, but no where near this bad.

    11. Joey Bones Polaroidman

      Back in my day, when the Democratic party and the unions protected all peoples equally, suckers like this poor clown were bundled away and/or buried under the nearest bridge before they could harm anyone. Damned Donald Trump and the religious neocon right have ruined this nation. I would bet my entire camera-company pension that this is some type of Republican scheme.

      1. Jankman84

        Wow, just wow, Joey Bones, you left wing asshat freak. If I could, I would kick your liberal clown @$$. You don’t respect the red, white and blue? You don’t love this country? You aren’t willing to put America first? Well I sure as hell am, str8 up and str8 out, and I’ll bash to bits any idiot who would do otherwise. You wanna disrespect the bald eagle and sashay around like a left wing fruit cake? Well go ahead but you best say your prayers, swallow your vitamins and do your training because I will be coming for your rank @$$, with left hooks and rear naked choke holds galore. Over my dead body.

        1. Giovanni Rocco

          What did he say that was un-American? Can you even read because you write likea 1st grader. You trumpsters are all sick in the head and no I’m not a Democrat either, I’m independent and save your keyboard warrior crap for idiots. You don’t scare me and you would be scared of me, I’m even putting my real name, now come with it, punk ass bitch.

    12. A

      Turtleboy sports decided to use a picture of me in this article without permission. This is not ok. Also some of this news is skewed. I have been a part of Westfield theater for many years…and most of the theater pictures are not from Westfield shows. Let’s not go around making others look bad as well as this theater company. This is bad news

      1. Michael

        haha this is great, I haven’t read fiction this good in years. I’ve known this guy for over 20 years. He’s been in minor trouble, but nothing like anything you’re talking about. Come on, talk about something that matters, something that will help the world instead of peddling crap. I get that sensationalism gets hits, but this is worse than the national enquirer. Oh and most of these comments are turtleboy people posing as others. Just so everyone else knows.

    13. Edmund

      shame on you, I know this man very well. Five years ago, he saved my daughter from being raped at a party. She had too much to drink and when she passed out a guy tried to take advantage of her. Not only did he confront the guy, but he carried my baby to his car and drove her home. It breaks my heart to see you post something like this and villainize someone who should be treated like a hero. He has been nothing but kind to everyone I know, and his family owns a business that helps the handicapped who have nowhere else to turn. The reason you can’t find any of this dirt on him on the internet, is because it is simply just made up. Please don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it.

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