• Taunton Spankenstein Arrested For Assaulting Cops With Knife During Antifa Protest Says A Nazi Pepper Sprayed Him While He Was Singing Peace Songs And Playing Bongo Drums With BLM 

    Taunton Spankenstein Arrested For Assaulting Cops With Knife During Antifa Protest Says A Nazi Pepper Sprayed Him While He Was Singing Peace Songs And Playing Bongo Drums With BLM

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    Now that the Boston Police have released the names of all 33 assholes they arrested protesting against free speech, we’re gonna start highlighting some of our favorites. We’re so passionate about this topic because it directly affects what we do for a living. We wake up every day and exercise the right to free speech and free press. This is how we feed our families. So when we see it threatened, we defend the shit out of it. Because without free speech this country is nothing.

    And the problem lately is that people like Marty Walsh think they get to arbitrarily decide what speech is hateful and what is just something they disagree with. If you can’t see the dangers in that, then you’re a stupid person. There’s no other way around it. I hope our blogs offend you, because you deserve to be offended. You deserve to be hurt. You’re a weak, terrible human being who can be broken by words.

    With that said, check out this chud from Taunton:

    As you can see, Spankenstein’s face comes with it’s own door knocker attached to his nose, and you could play a game of beerpong using only his ears. Here’s what he was arrested for:

    Shaun Petty, 33, TAUNTON, Assault & Battery by Means of Dangerous Weapon (Knife), Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.

    Nice. Real nice. Attacking a cop and resisting arrest while carrying a knife. These are your “peaceful protesters.” Lots of peaceful protesters come to peaceful marches armed with knives.

    But according to him and his sister April, he dindu nuffin:

    So just to review, here’s what happened according to him:

    • A bunch of Nazis showed up in Boston at a rally against them, but they had left
    • Shaun Pettey then began to march with black lives matter protesters in the streets who were of course banging on bongo drums and singing about “peace”
    • Then all of a sudden a lone Nazi showed up and started pepper spraying this mob of BLM assholes who were too busy singing songs about peace and playing their bongo drums to notice him at first. Shaun Pettey was hit.
    • When the pepper spray wore off it was too late – 10 cops (someone counted) were on top of him, punching and kicking away
    • One of the cops tried to break his arm, but he was too strong and broke away from him
    • It was at this point that he was bashed in the head and began to bleed
    • As he languished in prison the BLM protesters he just met showed up with the $5K to bail his ass out
    • The cops are liars and the news is against him

    I thought he was kidding at first, but it turns out he’s all too serious. He wants to believe this. And they did:

    These are obviously VERY smart people. I mean, what part of this story wasn’t believable? A lone Nazi wanders into a crowd of 40,000 people who are there to oppose him, and he maces them all while they’re playing bongo drums and singing peace songs. Oh yea, that definitely happened. Definitely.

    Seriously, I figured this was satire at first. He didn’t even attempt to make the story sound slightly believable. But nevertheless he found an audience to believe it, starting with his sister:

    You think that chick is gonna be “fooled by the media?” Think again. She watches CSI. She knows what’s up.

    Doreen Pettey wasn’t gonna hoodwinked either:

    And obviously you can see from the spectacles that this cheesehog isn’t gonna let the cops take out their frustrations on her knife wielding, juiced up, pin cushion of a relative.

    Anthony James Louro says that the cops are targeting a lot of the “wrong people” lately. And quite frankly, I believe him. After all, he remembered 9/11:

    And I totally forgot about that shit!! So clearly his instincts are superior to mine.

    Teo Raposo believes that incidents like this are the reason people hate the cops, and was relieved to see this bongo playing hipster was bailed out by BLM. And as you can see, she means business!!

    You can smell the discarded Keno tickets and Parliament Lights from here.

    The sad part is that these people aren’t some fringe element. These are the idiots Marty Walsh encouraged to come to Boston to protest an imaginary bogeyman that wasn’t coming in the first place. These are your peaceful protesters.



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    1. They call me Ponch

      Sister is hawt.

      Want to touch the hiney

    2. Dick Dover

      I bet big man couldn’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag. Every last one of these kids needs their ass beaten by someone who knows what real adversity means toe to toe. He’s as soft as puppy shit guaranteed

      1. Shaun pettey

        I can fight just fine. I jist dont fight cops. In all my years of making mistakes…hitting a cop wasnt one of them. But you can run your cock washer like turtle boy here as if your silly ass was there. Theres no point in responding… Youre just another anonymous asshole bored with their own life talkin shit about shit you have no actual idea about. Enjoy that lol

        1. woodie

          Pulling your arm away was resisting arrest. Plus how could to you tell it was a lone nazi, was he goose stepping past you? Maybe by nazi you mean person with a trump shirt. The only nazis in boston were your friends.

          1. shaun pettey

            ok well i pulled my arm so they didnt snap it… what a criminal i am.

          2. shaun pettey

            and yes…everyone knew he was a nazi because he was spewing his degenerate rhetoric…i went to walk and say my piece about how white supremacy isn’t welcome …seeing as im bi racial myself. i shouldnt have to worry about getting my head punched because i couldnt move fast enough while blinded… ALSO note i was getting beat to shit before they even knew i had a knife….they took it off me when they searched me..

            1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

              Bi-racial. LOL. No you’re not. You’re just a beta pussy that likes to look at himself and fantasizes about the other narcissistic pajama boys in the gym, and whine on Fakebook when you got your puny brain bashed in while your mob buddies left you to get curb stomped.

              Why don’t you just bend over for me and take it like you did on Sunday, sonny boi? Make yourself useful for once in your life.

            2. Sclorf

              Why would you bring a knife to a peaceful protest? Why would anyone be carrying a knife, period? Someone looking for trouble, wanting to hurt someone, leaves home with a knife in their pocket.

        2. Dick Dover

          You fucking Irish nigger! Lol

    3. Dick Dover

      Enjoy your new felony fuckboy!

    4. Stan the man

      Do the tats,stupid shit in your ears or the nose piercing make you more employable or less employable?
      Asking for a friend.

    5. Shaun pettey

      Ok first off since youre so about facts maybe youshould get yours straight.. I didn’t say a nazi sprayed anyone… Maybe all that semen you collect in your retinas on the weekend truck stop visits messed up your vision. What i said was a lone nazi showed his face…and all hell broke loose. I was pepper sprayed by a police officer who was spraying the croud that lost their minds due to the white supremist who showed his face . i tried to escape the chaos but was attacked for not moving fast enough due to my eyesballs being on fire. I have found 3 videos on youtube with my hands in the air with my eyes closed…maybe you should do better research if youre gonna run a blog you windbag. And yes… I was beaten by police and i did have a knifethat i had taken off a friend so that she didnt get in trouble. Did not weild it in any way… So once again maybe you should do some more detective work…you may begin your bullshit rant trolling yet another person of whom which you have fragments of the story… Youre a pathetic parisite that feeds on talkin about others lives as if you were there….you were not. Anytime youd like to go into a boxing ring and tell me otherwhise id love to have a good clean bout. I dont attack police officers…but i wouldnt mind showing you what i can do in a fair fight with rules. Yea you can use that too seeing as you have no other ammo except your pathetic shreds of intangible evidence

      1. 48 Cedar Street

        Shawn Pettey, HA HA HA HA!!!! Your brains fell out those huge holes in your ears!

        1. Shaun pettey

          oh? So holes in my lobes affect cranial integrity? One, you guys can do better than talkin shit about my appearance…kinda juvenile…and two…read an anatomy book and see where normal peoples brains are compared to their ear lobes… Fuckin Neanderthal

      2. Bostone

        Shaun-Thank you for speaking clearly Please refrain from hyperbole, as it detracts from what you are trying to say. One point-you admot to carrying a knife to a “peace rally” that held all of the hallmarks of a riot. I nor ayone else cares how you acquired said deadly weapon; you were carrying it. crime get it?

        1. shaun pettey

          well…i dont care whether you or these botom feeding losers think about how i aquired a knife. it was in my pocket and wasnt being wielded…so that counts as assault an battery on a police officer? must have missed that memo

      3. coleviolet

        It amused me that you make comments about someone getting semen in the eye…when I happen to know for a FACT that you love the cock …because you used to suck my friends dick ..and then you got soooo mad when you came to my school in Dighton and realized I was there and knew who you were …so I mean…i could start naming names… But your whole family is a bunch of lying pieces of trash ..none of this news shocks me

      4. porta geese

        So you like to go to peace rallies to protest non-existent nazi’s and sing jovial songs with your blm thug buddies but you are quick to throw out homophobic slurs.
        I guess you are not such a beautiful person after all.

      5. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        Sack up, shut up, and stop being such a pussy. I’m sure you’ve been told that before – this is not your first rodeo. But now you’re permanently ensconced on the Interwebs as a lying, punk, felon bitch – guess you probably should have paid attention to those earlier life lessons, huh?

        Jeez – are there any millennials that use their brains at all, even a little bit? Can you imagine being in a foxhole with this fuckin Sally watching your back? I’d rather be black with a skinhead next to me than this POS beta.

      6. Stan the man

        You sound very knowledgible about weekend truck stop visits and what goes on there.

      7. Karl Hungus

        Have fun in prison

    6. Ashla Marie

      Lmfao funny how even your headline isn’t even true! He got sprayed by the cops as we were trying to walk away !they rushes us when I was trying to clean his face. Don’t talk about shit you know nothing about. You know nothing about his BEAUTIFUL family and clearly since you searched through his pictures to find so many to post I’m sensing some jealousy. You’re just an anonymous pussy who has waaaaayy to much time on his hands.

      1. 23 Scenic Dr, in the Woo

        Shut up, twat.

      2. Truth hurts

        Coming from the skank bitch that fucks his married ass

    7. Shaun pettey

      The silly stuff you guys come up with for insults and how limited your “facts” are shows how absolutely uninformed you are and how low your iq’s dip. Its sad someone who calls themselves a branch of media spits out horseshit they collect from random posts and garbled half truths from nobodys from nowhere. Maybe instead of being a pit stain on news maybe write a blog on some real issues that you collect real information for… You may not care due to the tapioca pudding in your head but you create more havoc on this little blog of yours than i ever have… Shame on you

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        Trying to sound intelligent just belies your lack of functioning grey matter. Stick to juicing, homoerotic workouts, and getting curb stomped by cops. Everyone has a calling and you seem ideally suited for yours. You should limit future dialogue to begging for more cock in your orifices.

      2. Too Tall Tim

        You have horribly fucked yourself up with ugly, disturbing, satanic/demonic shitty tattoos which shows every average, normal, person that you have some sort of psychiatric issue (antisocial). No sensible person is going to accept anything you say as serious. You are just a whack-job who might be dangerous to people, and should be avoided. You need psychiatric help for whatever mental disorders/ illness(s) that have triggered you to horribly disfigure yourself and caused you to have unreasonable issues with society. You WILL have problems in society. You WILL continue to have police interaction if you act out in public as if you are a possible danger to civilians. For your own wellbeing, and others, I urge you to seek psychological help, and when the time is right, the services of a dermatologist who removes tattoos, and reconstructs earlobes.
        Tim M.

        1. Too Tall Tim

          P.S. I’m not a total prude. I do have some 14 gauge piercings.

    8. Doreen Pettey

      Hey turdboy, this “cheesehog” happens to be his mother. My other family members and I believe him because we know him. You’re a fucking piece of shit.

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        Great parenting job, Mom. Looks like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

        1. Your worst nightmare

          As you’re hiding behind a keyboard…

    9. Troubled Nostrils

      That feller sure has clear eyes to have been pepper-sprayed earlier.

    10. Shookones

      Dude shut the fuck up, your freaking whining about the media and cops telling “half truths”, you are telling just as many if not more that anyone., trying to paint yourself as the innocent victim in all this. You don’t get charged with assault and battery with a knife, assault and battery on the police and resisting, AND freaking end up with the marks and cuts you had on you from STICKING your fucking arms in the air to be handcuffed for whatever dumb shit you got caught doing. You probably got told to leave and wanted to cause a problem, just so it could be videoed, put those THREE, heavily edited videos on YouTube to sue and make your self to be some fucking martyr. Your no fucking martyr so Quit being a whiny pussy, there’s more to the story, you know it. Maybe next time don’t go play stupid games, win stupid prizes and them whine about said prizes, because the only ones that are giving you the attention you so desperately want is other idiots like you.

    11. Rev. Alan Gordon

      “You can smell the discarded Keno tickets and Parliament Lights from here.”

      OMG these people are actually “practicing” worshipers of lucifer, and they it.
      I guess with followers like that on the devil’s side, Jesus really will always win. Jesus said we have to Save this guy, too, even, but he’s at the top of my list, mi breddren and sistren.

      And why is BLM bailing him out? I used to be a delivery driver, and I can tell you, I haven’t known many Black people to eagerly throw money at white dudes… you neither?

    12. hahahaohreally

      you know what police departments love doing?? denying medical attention to an asshole prisoner. HA! more like homeboy here thought he was tough and denied medical treatment and then lied to his family who picked him up. It’s all on tape in the station, dipshit. Do you really think the cops wouldn’t want the overtime and nice sweat job of babysitting you in the hospital? I mean they could have urine thrown at them instead working at the protest or sit in the hospital with cute nurses… PLEASE, if your dumb ass had asked to go to the hospital they would have jumped at it.

    13. Publius

      Shaun’s sexual preference is not relevant to this post. And it is 2017. This story is made up.

      1. Fake news, is stuff I disagree with

        The story is made up like he never got arrested made up, or doesn’t suck dude dick made up?

    14. The Vorlon

      Is it me, or does the photo of the top of his head look like his inner reptile was trying to hatch/escape?

    15. Maik

      Hello to every body, it’s my first go to see of this weblog; this website consists of awesome and in fact excellent stuff designed for readers.

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