• Transitioning Framingham Fudge Slinger Naked From Waist Down Poops On Jogging Trail, Spits On Jogger, New Favorite To Winy ESPY Courage Award

    Transitioning Framingham Fudge Slinger Naked From Waist Down Poops On Jogging Trail, Spits On Jogger, New Favorite To Winy ESPY Courage Award

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    Metro West: A Framingham man exposed himself to a runner on a popular nature trail in Sherborn and then spit in the runner’s face, authorities said. Police arrested David T. Blease, 31, after the July 2 incident at the Bay Circuit Trail at 11:49 a.m. He was released, but never showed up to court and Natick Police arrested him Sunday at 10:28 a.m. at the Natick Mall. According to a Sherborn Police report filed in Natick District Court on Monday, the runner called police after the incident.

    ″(The victim) observed the suspect in the middle of the trail naked from the waist down with his pants down around his ankles,” police wrote in the report. “As the victim ran by, the suspect slowly stood up while yelling and proceeded to spit on the victim.”

    The victim called police and they found Blease nearby. The victim identified Blease as the person they saw on the path. Police charged Blease, of 90 Cherry St., with assault and battery, disturbing the peace and open and gross lewdness.

    Blease, police wrote in the report, intentionally caused a disturbance by his behavior.

    “Blease’s actions of intentionally defecating in the middle of the path of a public trail during a high usage time of day was considered objectively as conduct which would tend to annoy all other people utilitizing the trail at the time.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Is the Metrowest Daily News serious right now? David? A Framingham MAN? Sounds pretty transphobic to me:

    Just sayin.

    Does this sound like a man to you?

    If you said yes, then congratulations – you are a bigot.

    And the award for most changed since freshman year goes to……

    The Framingham Fudgeslinger!!

    Obviously this young lady is just expressing herself. There comes a point during any normal transitioning period when an individual trying to figure out who they really are walks into the Sherborn forest, pulls his pants down, takes a shit, and then spits on the first jogger that runs by. This is how you win an ESPY award.

    Anyway, this guy seems really stable on his Facebook page. First of all, the Metrowest Daily News needs to get more woke, because calling someone David is misgendering when their real name is Devon:

    OK then.

    Devon likes to do other things besides defecate on people who are trying to get some exercise in the woods. Ya know, like have picnics on bicycles:

    Devon has mastered the art of having long conversations with himself:

    And is on  aquest to become the world’s most talented dancer who has ever lived:

    And his fashion game is on point:

    If that’s not courage and bravery then I don’t know what is. Almost as brave as taking a shit on a jogging trail and spitting in a stranger’s face. Almost.

    Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed yet this creature is clearly mentally unbalanced. It’s almost as if men who think they’re women are suffering from some sort of psychological disorder. Nah, that can’t be it. That’s hate speech. We should be encouraging and celebrating people like Devon. Because….tolerance.

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    1. The Executioner

      Definitely has some screws loose. Reminds me of the naked guy in NY that was delusional about some protest a couple years back and was on a rooftop. He maybe schizophrenic…feel sorry for the guy. Needs medical attention. Why isn’t he at Bridgewater for observation?

    2. They call me Ponch

      Will be seen panhandling on 290 on ramp in the Woo soon

    3. JoeMomma

      Celebrate Mental Illness!

    4. Lou P

      Where is this thing’s family? Why aren’t the family members stepping in to assist?

      1. Troubled Nostrils

        I bet his family members have “stepped in” already – as in, stepped in too many piles of his shit. They got tired of scrubbing dookie off their shoes and gave him the heave-ho (and I do mean “ho”).

    5. Lt Dan


    6. Mom's Basement

      It puts the lotion in the basket

    7. phong

      Since there were no gender neutral bathrooms around….

    8. DeusVult88

      Throw it in the oven.

      1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        FIRE UP THE OVENS!!!!!

    9. Lily White

      If your lower anatomy is that of a male, then you’re MALE. If your lower anatomy is that of a female, you are FEMALE. Why is this so hard to understand and accept? You can be a transgender male or female, no problem, no issues. Not a hater, but if your body says your male, you’re male. It’s not how you FEEL. I can FEEL like a pilot, but do you want me flying you to your next vacation destination? Therefore, Caitlin Jenner is male until he gets a vagina, and Chaz Bono is a female until she gets a penis. Sorry to disappoint folks.

      1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        THANK YOU for shaming these WORTHLESS TRANNIES!!!!! THEY DESERVE IT!!!!

    10. SympatheticStranger

      I didn’t realize that ostracizing and making fun of someone who clearly is suffering from mental illness is the hard-hitting media everyone yearns for. Why not leave it at the news story, going as far to investigate their Facebook, share their personal posts and photos is just sick. As I’m sure they have been in and out of the hospital because as you clearly do not know or understand, the healthcare system is messed up and as soon as someone acts somewhat “normal” they are released…clearly they need help. I can only hope you do not have to feel the suffering and pain that comes from having mentally ill family members.

      1. Katie

        You want to know why?! This is a mental illness affecting innocent kids that think it’s ok to be any gender! It’s a problem! This is more than a mental illness! Open your eyes! !! DOnt like reading it then don’t, that simple!

      2. SturmHund1488

        Faggots and trannies are degenerate and need to be removed from society. Articles like this help a lot because it lets right-thinking Americans know where they are and what they are doing so such removals can be more easily facilitated. Heck, some of them even end up self-removing!

        1. NotABigot

          I was reffering to the posts, and scrambled words. Clearly you are mentally challenged if you don’t understand that being trans/gay/bi is not a disease, but rather a personal choice/way of life.

        2. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

          Great post. Posts like this are HUGE contributors to tranny suicide. FIRE UP THE GRAVEYARD!!!!

    11. WOW!

      OMG i want that so bad!

    12. devon

      ya but the trails like 40 miles long and was 2 miles in and nobody else was on the trail. think u were tryin to get a look when u shouldnt have . try the internet instead perverts. homeless means ya gotta go somewhere ya kno



      1. North Country TB

        Should I bring my 9 iron or do you think a wedge?

    14. Deval Patrick

      Can’t believe doctors agreed to sex alteration surgery for a unstable mental patient who needs a bucket of medications. Why cant Bleise just be a normal dirty fag and hit the rest areas and P-town for unprotected fecal rimming with 20 or 30 other fags a night.

    15. wabbitt

      Judging by the facebook posts, I think dressing like a woman is the least of his issues.

    16. Me

      Another intern fail. We’re bigots if we think his voice sounds like a dude? Yet a few paragraphs down you said something about “HIS” fashion sense. Intern is clearly just trying to please everyone and has no opinions of their own.

    17. Paul Shanley


    18. Shane

      As much as it pains me to say this (as I’m a homosexual), this behaviour is seriously screwed up… At least pretend you’re trying to live somewhat by the norms in society!

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