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Turtleboy Ratchet Madness Sweet 16: Chudstuffer Region

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Voting is done in the Sweet 16 matchups in the Trap Queen region, and here’s the two ratchets who will be competing for a slot in the Final 4:

The Fall River Trap Queens are on fire right now. Beating the Springfield Lickalotapuss immediately made them one of the favorites in this region. The West Warwcick Trash Princess is a formidable opponent though. Will be interesting to see who comes out of that one.

Onto the final bracket – the Chudstuffer Region:

The only question here is – can anyone challenge Didi Delgado? She’s such a favorite because of the hate factor. But she’s got some stiff competition coming up. As usual we will provide you with the ratchet resume rundown for each, as well as links to blogs about them so that you can make an informed decision.


1. Didi Delgado vs. 4. Slavemaster Steve

Didi Delgado

  • Forces cult of white women from all over the country to pay her reparations whenever she demands it
  • Doesn’t report any of this income to the IRS but still seems to never have money for rent (which is racist) and still gladly collects food stamps and other handouts from Uncle Sam
  • Takes elaborate vacations all around the world paid for by dumb white women who pay her reparations
  • Forces wypipo to write #DoneForDidi after donating to her so she can keep track of which wypipo have paid up
  • Raised $12,000 for a car, car seat, and $4K worth of car insurance that was delinquent
  • Often posts about who she is offering up some lady bits by saying things such as “everyone knows my pussy is gold”
  • Dresses like 120 pound woman, which is what she weighs on the moon
  • Said she would lead a Nat Turner-esque rebellion on any teacher who attempts to teach her daughter about the Pilgrims
  • Held Facebook Live show announcing identity of her child’s sperm donor
  • Sold tickets to show with strict “no refund” policy even though it was just her driving around in a car talking into her phone




Slavemaster Steve

  • Scared the town of Shrewsbury shitless after claiming to be victim of daytime home invasion at the hands of black and Hispanic guys
  • Forgot to mention that his house is called the “House of Many Cums” and he had a large following in the BDSM community
  • Targets girls who cut themselves, have psychological issues, and are younger than 25 because they are easier to manipulate
  • Has them sign contracts agreeing to be his full time sex slaves, many of whom also live in his suburban Shrewsbury home
  • Bragged about how one slave was a college freshman “away from home for the first time,” and her parents thought she was in her dorm room but in reality she was blindfolded and covered in sweat in his basement
  • Puts girls in cages meant for small dogs, urges them all to wear collars (even on the rare occasions when they leave the house without him), spanks them until they bleed, videotapes them using dildos on each other and giving him felatio
  • Single handedly keeps the pineapple industry afloat in Shrewsbury
  • Got a BDSM tattoo, all the while masquerading as Shrewsbury’s top realtor
  • Forces his slaves to refer to him as “Daddy” and/or “Sir”
  • Has strict rule on swallowing his many cums because it’s too valuable and gets 4 star reviews on Yelp
  • His slaves are not allowed to open doors, which basically makes them psychological slaves who can never leave
  • Posts bizarre “love” notes to his slaves in which he babbles on like a 5th grade girl
  • Slaves have posted about their devotion to him and their inability to adjust to life outside of the house
  • One slave claimed that she was triggered by the color red because of traumatic childhood prior to the House of Many Cums, but now likes it because she associates it with being his slave
  • Brought slave to Thanksgiving at sister’s house where she exhibited bizarre behavior, asking him for permission to eat, drink, and use the bathroom
  • Claimed he wanted to kill himself afterwards in a desperate plea for victim status prompting the police taking him from his house and sending him to the looney bin for a day
  • Uses slaves as ottomans and coffee tables
  • Is permanently banned from BDSM conventions after refusing to stop tying one of his slaves up during demonstration despite her using the safe word


6. Revere Stripper vs. 10. Moby Trick

Revere Stripper

  • Revere stripper who whose stripper names are Faith and Boston
  • Made video of herself counting money with a dildo, claiming “I make mad money and fuck myself, ain’t nobody gonna tell me shit, bitch!”
  • After allegedly beating up four rival strippers she posted ratchtastic video from strip club changing room saying things like, “you need to fuck mad n words to be where you need to be bitch,” said she’s a “real ass bitch who pops pussy, sells drugs and does what the fuck you can’t do n word,” told rival strippers that “I don’t even have a dick but I just fucked your throat n word,” and said “I got that sauce, I got that marinara.”
  • Came on Turtleboy Live in between lap dances in epic episode where she explained to turtle riders what the definition of pussy poppin was




Moby Trick

  • 400 pound (estimated) cheesehog originally spotted in Providence walking around tryig to sell weed to random people in cars while wearing underpants with fupa flowing from shirt that was 4 sizes too small
  • Migrated north to Worcester, wearing different navy blue panties, and was caught walking through Main South with random crackhead who had just purchased her services grabbing large honch of spare cellulite on posterior





You have 24 hours to vote…….

5 Comment(s)
  • They call me Ponch
    April 23, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    Moby Trick or Revere stripper……’s like a stanky onion that needs to be peeled under running water. Moby Trick is a scantily clad cliche as much as the Revere Stripper is. It could go either way.
    Didi and Steve both take advantage of vulnerables.
    She sucks as a human. He’s keeping the pimp hand strong. That one’s easier.
    I gotta get some sleep. Some fuckers actually work.

  • Sir Walter Piel Stubbenfire
    April 23, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    Any chick who can bounce their dildo a foot off the ground and pop pussy at the same time will forever get my vote. I do have to add, color coordinating her pants and that Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator ( w/ bluetooth) has to be the best strategy yet for capturing top turtle seed. Anyone who votes DiDi over my mad Nikka is crazy. I bet that Italiano pelt goes right up to her belly button too! Lea Marie is my fucking hero!

  • Haverhill Landlord
    Haverhill Landlord
    April 23, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Gotta vote for that fat ignorant fuck DiDi; SlaveMaster Steve is just a guy pursuing a hobby, just like someone into model trains, stamp collecting or kidnapping.

  • Stunt Penis
    April 23, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Gotta vote for Slavemaster Steve. That guy has a scam going even Bill Clinton would be proud of.

  • K
    April 23, 2018 at 12:58 am

    Did he has been crying about being oppressed her whole life. So now she pops out of white baby. Is she going to oppress that baby? Her character is screaming yes she’s going through. Very sad

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